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Begin your search for your prom dress early. You may not have a date yet, but you will want to start looking at fashion magazines and stores as early as three to four months before your prom.
The Apple For Apples, it's important to define your waist and flaunt your killer gams. A tailored blazer keeps things nipped in and structured on top while a beautiful, flowing midi skirt balances out your upper half while skimming your hips and showing off your legs. The Pear For ladies with a bodacious lower-half, clothes that skim your curves without suffocating them make your top look tiny and your legs look longer. Tea dresses with a full skirt and wide-legged, high-waisted pants lengthen your figure and flaunt that booty. Hourglass You've got boobs and a butt and an itty-bitty waist congrats! Now, let the world know what you're working with by showing off all your assets in a longer-length pencil skirt and a scoop-neck top. The Rectangle You are a rectangle if you are well proportioned, have relatively lean limbs and a straight waist. You're one of the lucky few who can rock slim-fit trousers! Choose a shift dress in a simple, essentially straight-cut, shape.
Britney Spears went from being an innocent girl in 'The Mickey Mouse Club' to a controversy stirring pop sensation in her teens. Unfortunately, her adult life has been dominated by personal and public turmoil and we have had a front row seat to all of the drama.
All of the Victoria’s Secret are all definitely the most hottest and beautiful women in the world. We can totally bet that none of us has ever seen an average looking model representing Victoria’s Secret.
While the fantasy of springtime’s ethereal pastels is still far away, we choose to moon over ruby reds and smoky blacks to appease our midwinter moods. Blame it on a secret wish to keep the dream of Edward Cullen alive or the last episode of The Vampire Diaries … OR maybe just until Beautiful Creatures hits theaters. It’s ho-hum January weather and we can’t stop obsessing over crimson knits and all things faux leather. Going a little vamp does amp up a sleepy wardrobe.
Accessories are an essential part of any outfit, the accessories you wear sets you apart from other women and is often times the element that adds that uniqueness to your fit. Accessories are perfect for adding a twist to your overall look or transforming your daytime look into a nighttime look with just the addition or subtraction of one accessory piece. As women, there are some accessories, we must have that defines us as women. Bear in mind, I am not telling you to run and buy what you can't afford, but these accessories are essential pieces most women have or should have in their accessories collection.
Take a second look at any vintage jewelry you may own or run across in a thrift store. Vintage junk jewelry is a gold mine for jewelry makers, who can take the bits and pieces of these rhinestones in the rough and create all new pieces that combine the best of the new and the old.
Suri Cruise was just named as the “most stylish celebrity child” by a poll conducted in the United Kingdom. I’m grossed out for a couple of reasons – first, I really do hate the way the media is trying to pit children in competition with one another, whether or not the children are aware of it or not. Second point – Zahara Jolie-Pitt got robbed! Third point – Violet Affleck, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban and Honor Alba-Warren got robbed too! Although, I think the fact that this poll was conducted in the UK might have had something to do with it – Princess Tiaamii Andre (Katie Price’s daughter) made the list, after all.
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