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Tesla Crashes by alexey Mar 15, 2018
Today's the big day. You're just bought a Tesla Model S. You've waited so long. Saved up all that money. You're going to be the hit of the board room. "So forward thinking, so progressive," they'll say about you. No one will notice your gray hairs now. Just ease it out of the lot. There we go.
Winter is coming here in the US and other countries that share the northern hemisphere. This frigid season can be harsh, but when the snow begins to fall, the beautiful sights produced can make us forget about the cold temperatures. Photographers that are willing to brave the winter weather are often rewarded with stunning results. Here we’ve collected some beautiful examples of winter photography that demonstrate this. Enjoy !
Sunset views, saucy cuisine, seductive wine lists: let the sparks fly at America’s most romantic restaurants. You know the clichés: long-stemmed roses, soft lighting, strolling violinists.Well, forget all that. Real romantic restaurants have cut the fluff. Instead, they've focused on what’s really important: great food and wine, excellent service, and an authentic ambiance
What is KRAC? Explaining in simple terms. KRACK is a recently discovered Wi-Fi vulnerability allowing an intruder to compromise an encrypted Wi-Fi traffic.
B&W Winter by alexey Dec 10, 2017
Winter is a wondrous season for photographers, with its own unique challenges and triumphs. For many of us, the landscape changes shape and character entirely, covered in a blanket of Mother Nature’s finest frozen concoction. While there are certainly fleeting moments of inspiring color, winter, it seems, is a season well suited to monochrome imagery!
When it is time to start decorating the outside of your home for Christmas, the best place to start is at your front poor and door. Outdoor Christmas decorating ideaare pretty easy to find images of online so if you need a visual picture to help you pick out the perfect idea, use them.
How to Fix a Car by alexey Mar 27, 2017
I am a girl and I have been interested in fixing cars for a while. Quite a few guys at my school seem to know how to fix cars up, but they had to start somewhere, right? Often, I think peoples' fathers help them out, but my own father knows nothing about cars, nor shows any interest in helping me. If anyone has tips on where I could start, perhaps I could find a shop where people would help me? Or do any car co-ops exist? I know there is such a place for bicycles where I live. Any tips would be great! I am enthusiastic and have some background with fixing bicycles and doing wood and metal projects, so I'm not mechanically clueless. I am mostly interested in old cars, but anything to start would be alright. I have browsed Craigslist for cars and found a few I could afford. On that note, I have a teen's level of funding, so I could find something, but tips on making the best of my money when going about fixing up an old car would also be appreciated (especially considering the cost for parts and such)
First computer drawing, made in 1959, found the journalist Benjamin Edwards. The image of a semi-Nude woman created by one of employees of the SAGE - part of the air defense system of the United States. In SAGE included several lamp computers, occupying an area up to 2 thousand square meters and worth about $ 300 million each.The devices were located on the West coast of the United States in order to monitor possible attacks from the air. Every day by the computers were created image of coastline. It is possible, during free time from work, the program for the energy of the pen SAGE took advantage of the soldiers who survived the on-screen image of half-naked girls. The sample was taken photos of the girls from the magazine Esquire.Photo of the first computer drawing made in 1959 private Lorenz Tipton, who were subsequently shot in the Museum of the computer technology. For military figure has not only aesthetic value, but also practical - with him operators lamp computer in a long time experienced the state.
Merry Christmas! by alexey Dec 20, 2016
May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace. The gladness of Christmas give you hope. AND The warmth of Christmas grant you love. Happy Christmas!
Fidel Castro's message to President Johnson (February 12, 1964): "If the president feels it is necessary during the campaign to make bellicose statements about Cuba or even to take some hostile action - if he inform me, unofficially, that a specific action is required because of domestic political considerations, I shall understand and not take any serious retaliatory actions." "Tell the President, I realize fully the need of absolute secrecy... I revealed nothing at that time ... I have revealed nothing since... I would reveal nothing now"
The popular Macy’s parade, attended by more than 3 million people and watched by 50 million on TV, included such giant balloons as Elf on a Shelf and Papa Smurf, a new version of Hello Kitty, Buzz Lightyear, Sailor Mickey Mouse and the Pillsbury Doughboy. Real-life stars included singer Carly Rae Jepsen and Rachel Crow of “The X Factor”.
Best options for family Thanksgiving vacation with babies .
Exotic Wedding Dresses by alexey Oct 23, 2016
There is certainly absolutely nothing wrong in picking out this sort of wedding gown on your wedding, so long as you might be pleased and that's what you know would truly show off your beauty then go ahead and wear it, wedding take place as soon as in a lifetime of a girl, could possibly also celebrate it to the fullest. The only boundary you need to believe off would be who you are going to marry as you must be sure that the person you might marry may be the individual you seriously desire to be with and like probably the most. Exotic Wedding Dresses don't necessarily mean flashy, rocky or extravagant. Some options are very simple however the cut looks distinctive than the typical lengthy trail and beaded settings, the taste could be regarded as exotic as the cut is sexier than the usual wedding gowns readily available. There is absolutely nothing wrong wearing sexy wedding gowns just ensure that you may carry it really well. The color could vary as well, it is actually essentially the bride herself could de
Witches by alexey Oct 19, 2016
How can you spot a witch? Usually you can't. A working witch can be a pagan, a Christian, Jewish or have no religion at all. Being a witch does not mean giving up the God/dess you worship. This is going to be a guide to all the questions you might have. So if one isn't answered please ask. Also, this will be a place to shop too, since I know how busy folks are today. Also, it is meant for magical folk and pagans of all levels. So if something seems above your head wait until you've trained a bit longer or ask your elder. Going solo? Just tap me to put in an explanation. Remember we all learn things at different times, so there is no shame in admitting you've never done something.
Document Classification A classifier is an algorithm that distinguishes between a fixed set of classes, such as "spam" vs. "non-spam", based on labeled training examples.
Moscow under Water by alexey Aug 16, 2016
the Russian capital is soaked in an unprecedented rainfall.
Jeans is a piece of clothing every person (it doesn’t matter if you dress according to fashion trends or not) should have in his/her closet. You can spice them up with some cool belts, badges, flower or other motives if they start to look old or worn out. You can breathe a completely new life into your jeans just by using a little imagination and your skillful or less skillful hands. After seeing these amazing jeans you will most certainly wish to have a pair of your own
Recipe by alexey,michael Jan 19, 2016
How to Cook Pheasant in a Slow Cooker Pheasant can be a unique addition to your dinner plate. It has a gamier taste than chicken or turkey, but the tiny size of the pheasants makes these ideal for small families or couples. If you want a carefree method to cook pheasant to get tender, delicious results, use your slow cooker. You simply prepare the pheasant in the morning add it to the slow cooker before you go to work. When you get home, your pheasant dinner will be waiting for you.InstructionsThings You'll NeedSlow cooker (also known by the brand name: Crock Pot)Slow cooker liner (optional)1 zip top gallon sized bag1/4 cup flour1 tbsp. seasoned salt or spiced salt blend such as Old Bay or Tony Chachere's2 pheasants, boned and cut into pieces2 cans of condensed cream soup (any flavor or combination) (See tip)2 soup cans of water1 package dry onion soup mixPut the cut pheasant into the zip top bag.Add the flour and salt seasoning to the bag with the pheasant. Seal the bag and shake to coat the pheasant.Put the
Раиса Павловна - это моя двоюродная бабушка. А вот ссылка на историю о моем дедушке Сергее Павловиче Кутепове... Коллекция фотографий и материалов о Генерале Кутепове
Kutepov by alexey Jan 18, 2016
Кутепов Александр Павлович, 1882 – 1930, генерал, военный деятель Это - дядя моей мамы, а вот ссылка на историю о моем дедушке Сергее Павловиче Кутепове...Его сестра - моя двоюродная бабушка - Раиса Павловна Митусова (Кутепова) Кумиром молодого Саши Кутепова был герой Шипки и Плевны генерал Скобелев. После военного училища Кутепов уходит в действующую армию на русско-японскую войну и служит в разведке. Три ордена – это оценка тогдашних его заслуг. Но главная награда – перевод в знаменитый лейб-гвардии Преображенский полк, где к 1911 году он стал штабс-капитаном. Ему доверяют воспитание молодых унтер-офицеров полка, с чем он блестяще справляется. В годы Первой мировой Кутепов уже полковник гвардии, командир батальона преображенцев, а затем и всего полка. В боях получил три ранения, имел несколько наград. По словам современников, "имя Кутепова стало нарицательным. Оно означает верность долгу, спокойную решительность, напряжённый жертвенный порыв, холодную, подчас жестокую волю и… чистые руки — и всё это принесё
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