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Jeans is a piece of clothing every person (it doesn’t matter if you dress according to fashion trends or not) should have in his/her closet. You can spice them up with some cool belts, badges, flower or other motives if they start to look old or worn out. You can breathe a completely new life into your jeans just by using a little imagination and your skillful or less skillful hands. After seeing these amazing jeans you will most certainly wish to have a pair of your own
History of Swimsuits by alexey Jun 22, 2015
Some people are of the mistaken opinion that prior to the twentieth century, women didn’t swim. In truth, female swimming was popular during the height of Greek and Roman influence. Artwork surviving from this time suggests that women of this era did swim, and sometimes in the nude. Some artwork also displays women wearing bathing costumes, including 2-piece ensembles that could be argued to resemble some bathing suits of today.
Choosing a backless wedding dress is a way to make your wedding can seem like a fairy tale. A backless wedding dress is clean and smooth lines can adjusts to different body shapes. When this design is combined with other accessories, like lace fabrics, sequins beading and other embellishment, the wedding dress will be of glamour compared with other. This design perfectly shows off your sculpted body when it adjusts to different body shapes. There are numerous backless types, like v-back, cross-back, and keyhole-back and draped-back. Backless wedding dresses always make woman so charming, the beautiful and perfect
The demure styles of the 40′s and 50′s were classic, ladylike and chic. Maybe it’s my love of contradiction, but contrasting my ballsy ideals with the purity of the past is a combination I adore. From the matching hats and frocks, the crinolines and underpinnings to the dainty shoes and perfectly coiffed victory rolls, the 40s and 50s were sandwiched right between WWII and the women’s liberation, when women tasted freedom and were on the verge of a revolution!
Exotic Hats by alexey Aug 2, 2013
A collection of 30+ exotic and unusual hats. Enjoy!
There's something to be said for the looks you can wear every day, but the skin-revealing cuts and leg-revealing slits coming down the runway at NYFW appeal to another styling sense altogether — inspiring the sexiest takes on Spring dressing. With that in mind, we're taking a look back at the most attention-getting dresses from our favorite New York shows — some done up with bombshell, curve-hugging fits, others made sultrier with a thigh-high slit.
Get ready for the spring. The Red Valentino girl, inversely, is the dreamy type. The slightly coquettish, unbridled sort. Nostalgia is her fuel. They also like to think that she does “everything in reverse”. Even the way she dresses herself. What feels right is what’s going out the door with her.
The German artist Iris Schieferstein, has worked with dead animals as raw material for her pieces of art for many years. She joins the fragments together to new creatures and thus gives a new face to death. No matter, if her arrangements follow paintings of the great masters of art or if the joined objects turn out to be whole words - her work always gives evidence of aesthetic intuition and her inclination to subtle entertainment. The earlier you die - the longer you are dead.
Exotic Shoes by alexey Dec 28, 2012
Embellishments, gorgeous colors and exotic prints aided the style of Alexander McQueen 2010 spring summer shoe collection. Truly one of a kind they already attracted the attention of celebrities who love to be unique like Lady Gaga and Daphne Guiness. If you are a daring woman who loves to look unique, Alexander McQueen's 2010 spring summer shoe collection can help you achieve the look you are seeking.
Exotic Purses by alexey Dec 27, 2012
It’s quite likely that most people have never owned an accessory made out of toad or frog leather, but there’s a first time for everything, and thanks to Australia’s Marino Leather Exports, the time is now. These coin purses are made from cane toad leather and come with or without frog legs attached, and the resilient leather only improves with age thanks to the oils on your hands that keep it supple and polished. If a toad skin coin purse is not your accessory of choice, you can choose from a range of cane toad keyrings and wallets.
Exotic Umbrellas by alexey Dec 27, 2012
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