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Well, kids should definitely wear sunglasses while they are outside, says Dr Michael Jones, paediatric eye specialist at the Children's Hospital at Westmead and the Sydney Eye Hospital, NSW. In fact, wearing sunglasses as a youngster can help protect against the most common eye conditions that develop later in life. We tend to forget that a lot of our sun exposure happens when we are children, when we spend a lot of time outdoors in direct sunlight, Jones says. UV light from the sun is a form of radiation and it can damage cells in the eye. There's no firm evidence that children's eyes are more susceptible to UV light than adults'. But we do know the longer eyes are exposed without protection the more damage they accumulate from these harmful rays.
Girls in the Military by alexey Feb 6, 2015
Female soldiers show off ‘military assets’. New recruits disciplined for uploading racy photos to Facebook; latest in series of incidents involving social media
How to Find a Spouse by alexey Jun 4, 2013
Results indicate that more than one-third of marriages in America now begin on-line. In addition, marriages that began on-line, when compared with those that began through traditional off-line venues, were slightly less likely to result in a marital break-up (separation or divorce) and were associated with slightly higher marital satisfaction among those respondents who remained married.
Learning How to Smile by alexey Apr 25, 2013
“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, and honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo F. Buscaglia
Dental hygiene is the utmost requirement because mouth is the gateway to body. To take care of it a good dentist is required and collecting the information about it is quite mind storming exercise. Always depend on most reliable and suitable resources to collect information and do not ever compromise with the quality.
Ohio Health Insurance by alexey Feb 22, 2013
The place for Individual Health Insurance Trying to find Affordable Individual Health Insurance for yourself or family can be so confusing & overwhelming! Do you live in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan or anywhere across the United States? Why try and do all this by yourself? At Truth Benefits we specialize in finding people an Individual Health Insurance plan that is both affordable and can provide great benefits. We will help you navigate through all the copays, deductibles, fees, etc... and ultimately get the best health insurance plan for your money. By the way - The rates are the same whether you work through us or go directly to the insurance company. Why not let us do all the dirty work with researching plans, so you can do what’s more important to you. Our sincere goal is to see that you get the best plan available at the lowest price. We look forward to talking with you soon and starting the process to find you affordable health insurance. Call or e-mail us anytime.
By Liz Szabo USA TODAY(USA TODAY) - Coffee lovers are a loyal crowd. Most pour out their morning cup of java for the flavor, the aroma, and the accompanying jolt of energy, rather than the health perks. So they may not mind if doctors debate new research suggesting that coffee lovers live longer.
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