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Fashion Tips to look Slimmer by Priyanka ,  Jul 10, 2013
Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that there was a way to appear slimmer by styling your hair and makeup? Well you are in luck. There are many different hair styling and makeup techniques that can help your face, and in turn your body, appear slimmer than it really is. The tips and techniques have been used by thousands of woman and you may be surprised at how easily you can knock off a few pounds without having to do any exercise.
The simplest technique for slenderizing a chubby face: Play up the eyes. This tip comes from celebrity makeup artist Trish McEvoy, also on deck for my transformative salon day. First, McEvoy lined the top and bottom outer rims with eyeliner, but only halfway, from the mid-lid to the outer corner. Then she lacquered my lashes with mascara. My eyes looked as big as half-dollars. To downplay my double chin, she showed me how to use a fluffy brush to apply bronzer along the jawline. (Careful — too much and you'll look like you have a 5 o'clock shadow.) Once you get comfortable with the technique, apply a darker tone underneath the chin, blending into the neck. The illusion of depth and definition can subtract a good 10 pounds from your face.
7 Makeup Techniques to Make You Look Slim
Makeup can be a powerful tool in helping you look slim. Just look at any celebrity. Most do not look like they do on their own. Their makeup and hair really change how their faces look and draw attention to their best features. You can use some of the same tricks to make your face appear thinner. Try some of the following techniques next time you apply makeup and watch the magic happen.

I. Choose the right brow shape

Your brows can actually play a big part in how slim or heavy your face looks. Your eyebrows should be substantial, but not thick, and have a defined arch in the middle. Arched brows help lift the face and make your face look slimmer. Color in your brows with a shade of makeup slightly darker than your natural brow to help them stand out.

II. Cover eye circles

Eye circles can have a weighty effect on how you look. Cover under eye circles with concealer to hide them and blend your eyelids into the rest of your face. You can also add a white eye shadow or highlighter to the outside and inside corners of your eyes to help them stand out. When your eyes stand out in a good way, rather than stand out because of dark circles, your face automatically looks slimmer.

III. Experiment with blush placement

Most people should use a blush with a slight brown undertone for best results. Blushes with red undertones can actually make the face look heavier than it is. Apply your blush just under the cheekbone and sweep it from bone to the middle of each ear. Apply lightly, to avoid looking like a clown.

IV. Play up eyes

The more you play up your eyes, the slimmer your face will look. It is true, that when the eye is distracted by beautiful eyes, it does not pay attention to body issues. Use eyeliner and mascara that make your eyes appear larger, and use eye shadow that works well with your skin tone and eye color. Blue eyes look great with gold or pink shadows. Green eyes stand out with copper or plum shades. Brown eyes pop with blue, teal, and purple.

V. Apply bronzer correctly

One trick to using makeup to look slimmer is to use bronzer correctly to lift weight off of your face. Apply a light layer of bronzer on the jaw line to slightly darken the area. Blend the bronzer into your makeup so you do not look like you are growing a beard. Apply a slightly darker layer of bronzer under your jaw. This will draw the eye away from any weight that you carry under the neck and can actually help you look about 10 pounds lighter.

VI. Try highlighter

Add a touch of light highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones, the center of your nose, and your forehead. This will help elongate the face and make your entire body look lifted and lighter.

VII. Pink lips

Dark lips can actually cause you to look heavier. A light pink lip is one of the best colors for making a face look light and lips look full. Nude colors tend to make the lips look thin. A pink lip color that works with your skin tone is one of the best makeup tools you can have to help you look slim

If you follow all of these steps, you will create a makeup routine that will leave you feeling confident, slim, and beautiful. In just a few minutes, you can go from looking blah to fabulous with just a few sweeps of a makeup brush. .

Hair Styling Tips To Look Slimmer

You may have notice that most big girls tend to have long hair. They feel that short hair makes them look much heavier than they actually are and takes away from their best features. The truth is that this is very true. Short hair can add on pounds and make a woman appear larger than she actually is.

However, the key to looking slimmer is not using your hair to hide your curves, but soft layers that will highlight your bone structure. Make sure that the longest layer falls below your shoulders and that the layers are not too choppy. Keeping them soft will show off your beautiful features.

Another great hair styling tip is to add a lot of volume to your hair. If your hair falls flat and against your body, it will no longer be a focal point, but will actually draw attention to your imperfections. Add some volume with curls, waves or just pump up your hair with some volumizing spray. The full waves will flatter your full figure.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can also help a hairstyle stand out and make you appear slimmer. Placement is the secret when it comes to using hair accessories to your advantage. If you place the hair accessories near the base of an updo or as close to the crown of your head as possible, you will achieve a more elongated look.

If you are starting to be a little scared about what you see in the mirror perhaps you need to spend some time rearranging your wardrobe. Learning how to dress skinny can be accomplished with just a few small tweaks to your wardrobe. If you want to hide a few of those pounds that have crept up on you, have no fear it can be done. Take these suggestions and have everyone asking "how much weight have you lost?" Here are my 5 ideas for how to dress skinny.

Don't Wear Baggy Clothing When learning how to dress skinny it is important to remember that baggy clothing can actually add 15 pounds. Even though you are a little more comfortable in those over sized shirts and pants don't do it. In order to look slimmer you need to wear clothes that are the right size.

Don't Wear Clothing that is to Tight While wearing baggy clothing can make you look heavier, wearing clothing that is too tight can accent parts of your body that you may not care to have highlighted. In order to look your best you need to wear clothes that are just the right size.

Wear Black When learning how to dress skinny you need to go with the darker colors found in your ward robe. Darker colors tend to hide those unwanted pounds much better than lighter colored clothes. When looking for darker clothes make sure and look for smaller prints and patterns that aren't to busy. Clothing that is too busy to the eyes will make people look at you more and that is a big no no when trying to hide those pounds.

Wear Vertical Stripes The worst thing a person can do when needing to dress skinny is wear horizontal stripes that accentuate a persons width. Wearing vertical stripes hides a persons width and accentuates their height. This trick tends to work better if you are a little taller, but if you tend to be on the short side the worst thing you can do to hide your weight is wear horizontal stripes. It is always to go with length over width when trying to figure out how to dress skinny.

Highlight the Positive If you are trying to hide those 10 pounds that have been added to your rear end the worst thing you can do is wear a pair of tight fitting jeans. When wanting to draw attention away from a particular part of your body it is best to draw their attention elsewhere. A shirt that highlights your chest or shoulders will go a long way towards keeping people from looking at your rear end. Consequently if you have gained those pounds in the belly but your booty is still doing fine it is ok to draw people's attention to your posterior.

12 Tricks on How to Look Slimmer

Every woman wants to look perfect without too much effort. If you are not into restrictive diets, you should know that there are a few tips and tricks that might help you look slimmer without having to follow different torturing diets. If your silhouette is important to you, start applying some of these tips and you’ll be able to show off a beautiful body.

If you learn how to choose the right clothes and apply your makeup correctly, you can certainly look slimmer than you really are. However, in order to achieve this, you need to follow a few tips and tricks and pay attention to some important details that emphasize your qualities and hide your flaws. Black, vertical stripes, high heels or different makeup tricks, they are all essential elements and your allies in order to achieve the look you are searching for.

Makeup. Makeup is one of the elements that can do wonders. Use eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara in order to pop out those eyes. The bigger your eyes, the slimmer your face features will look. In order to slim down your face, you have to avoid applying blush on the apples of your cheekbones, and apply it starting from the back of the cheekbones and going up to the temples.

Bronze. Natural or artificial, a tanned, olive skin can hide a few pounds. If you want to use a self-tanning lotion, apply more on the cheekbones as this will help you elongate your face, and therefore you’ll look slimmer.

Leg makeup. Even if it sounds a bit strange, you should know that this trick really works. Apply a line along your legs using oil, right in the center, so that the tibia to shine. The glowing effect will make your legs look longer.

Hair volume. A tousled, messy and rebellious hair will only help your face by making it look smaller and offering an elongated shape. Try a back comb hairstyle, adding extra volume for a stylish, sexy look. Also, choose the right haircut for your face shape, one that instantly elongates your face.

Avoid too bright colors. Wearing clothes in too bright and vivid colors draws all the attention on the areas you want to camouflage. Black and navy blue are your best friends and life savers in case you want to “drop” a few pounds. If you want to mix different colors, make sure you choose them in similar tones.

Vertical lines and small prints. This is one trick that always works. Clothes with vertical stripes are the best option when you want to hide a few pounds and look taller and slimmer. Wear striped skirts, pants, blouses, t-shirts and even dresses. As for prints, small and discrete ones can help you obtain a more structured outfit.

High-waist and belts. High-waisted pants or skirts are perfect if you have generous curves, as they camouflage a big stomach and unaesthetic love handles. Even if you might be a little reticent when it comes to accentuating your waist, you should know that a fine belt can really have a magic effect.

Skirts. If you love skirts, avoid the extremes, and stay away from too short or too long. The short ones will make your legs look thicker, while longer ones will only add volume and therefore extra pounds. A midi skirt is the perfect choice for a skinny and chic appearance.

Blazers and cardigans. A blazer in a dark color has to be a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. It flatters every body shape as it accentuates the waist and it ends on the hips. Wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt. Also, a cardigan can have the same slimming effect, if you choose one with a longer cut.

Posture. You shouldn’t forget about this crucial element. A bad posture is not elegant and feminine at all and it certainly doesn’t help you in your attempt of looking slimmer. Moreover it reflects a feeling of insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Therefore, stand up straight if you want to look slimmer and stylish.

High heels. High-heeled shoes and sandals are a mandatory item for every woman who wants to look slimmer. If you feel rather uncomfortable wearing high-heeled shoes, try a pair of wedges or platform sandals.

Accessories. Play with accessories if you want to draw the attention on your best features and draw it away from the parts you feel insecure about. Therefore, chunky jewelry, scarves, belts, hats or any other accessory you find relevant and useful can help you emphasize your qualities and hide flaws.