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Organazing kids closets by Sagittarius ,  Dec 1, 2012
How adorable is this little girl’s closet?  Bins and small pull out shelves create a pretty arrangement for storing all those sweet cardigans and stripped leggings.
If your kid’s room lacks a , consider adding shelving to your children’s closets to store toys. Large baskets can contain smaller items and are easily moved from room to room when playtime begins.

Growing kids are no match for elfa! Shelves and drawers can be rearranged at whim to create a space that will grow with your child. This solution offers room for short-hanging clothes and smooth-gliding drawers for folded items. The fine weave of the mesh and closed corners of the drawers prevent smaller items from falling through. Ventilated Shelves and Shelf Baskets offer additional storage. This solution is designed for a 6' closet. If this won't work for your space, please contact us so we can design the perfect solution for you with our free service!

  • Horizontal Top Track is the only piece mounted to the wall
  • Exceptionally durable epoxy-bonded steel construction
  • Drawer Frames feature integrated wheels for easy operation; built-in stops
Let’s face it; there isn’t anyone who doesn’t need to add more time into their day. If your kids didn’t have to sift through a closet full of unmatched clothes or you didn’t have to search through mountain loads of clean laundry you could get onto your life much quicker. Start by decluttering your closets throughout your home. Remove old clothes that are out of style, don’t fit or just will never get worn. Help your children sort through old clothes, toys and talk out with them what can be give to charity, a church or even handed down to a younger sibling. This step will help you get organized before you even start the organization! After you complete this step it is time to organize your closet.
Sometimes, trying to keep your wardrobe organized children can be a big problem trying to organize their own needs. They grow on things so quickly that sometimes tries to keep only what size, they can be a problem. So what solutions are there to wardrobe confusion of a child?

For young children who still need help to dress, wear clothes outside their scope is probably the best choice. They can not get out of drawers or clothes hangers and make a mess with them or ruin. Will they be independent age when they dress and wear their own clothes, can help a few simple things like socks in a location accessible to want more independence. Appropriate to select their choice of clothing may also help.

If your children can dress, with a dresser and a wardrobe around what they can access help yourself, you save time in the morning and can help to greater independence. Just make sure that all the clothes they have access to good size and the appropriate season.

Get rid of things that your child is not able or willing to bear. It is a good exercise to go through the wardrobe with your child and get rid of things that do not match or they do not want to wear. Let your child help you put items in bags and take them to be given or sold. This helps them learn to get rid of things in their closet and show them what we can do with old clothes.