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More keeppies by alexey
Obama by alexey ,  Aug 4, 2014

PUTIN:  "...not shure if it is politicaly correct, but the caviar is black!"

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“BAMA” Oil Painting: 16 x 20

“This piece is inspired by the masking or make-up of politics. To always show a person of leadership joyous and heroic is unrealistic. I aim to show a man leading a nation divided by various ideologies. The intense color of the background makes the lone president monumental as is his responsibility.”

~ Oneil Maitland of Ragamuffin Arts…

Find 10 differences.  
Left:     Nikolai Ezhov, the HEAD of KGB in 1936-1939
Right:   Barak Obama

Obama Sushi – Our President Looks Delicious

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. The amazing piece of sushi below was recently featured on in an article called “すし業界の常識を「CHANGE!」した職人” which many found via Boing Boing: “Obama’s skin is Amis (small shrimp)… Hair is black sesame, fish paste teeth.” See the full dish inside.