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Akg Pro Audio K167 Tiesto Dj Headphones by Review Summary ,  Jul 21, 2015

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Akg Pro Audio K167 Tiesto Dj Headphones
Report Date: 12/30/2015
Based on 38 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 3.7
Returned or considering to return: 7.9%

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Individual Feature Rating
Sound4.2   average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"However, even if you check the Pioneer HDJ 1500 reviews - it doesn't sound good about the durability of the unit."
"Pros -AccurateDetailed trebleGood instrument separationCons -Sounds weak and thinWeak bass coupled with pronounced highs made it harsh on my earsI would not recommend these for electronic music, at all."
"I think that mids are missing and the sound stage is not as good."
"In sum, as compared with 550 167 sound somewhat sterile like something is missing."
"Wow, where to start... Well I was very excited to try on these headphones to see how they would sound but when I did I was very disappointed ."
"Sound quality is great."
"The sound stage is pretty decent."
"To my opinion , this ones are way better than the Beats, the sound quality is flawless, crystal clear, and the bass is something i have not hear on any other headphones, if you plan to buy headphones to listen to music as i should be listened, buy doubt"
"Great sound for music but poor on movies"
"Very good quality and excellent sound."

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