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SADES MODEL: SA-901C Strong Bass LOL Cf Professional Gaming Computer Headphone with Mic Red by Review Summary ,  Sep 22, 2015

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SADES MODEL: SA-901C Strong Bass LOL Cf Professional Gaming Computer Headphone with Mic Red
Report Date: 09/22/2015
Based on 33 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 3.4
Returned or considering to return: 3.0%

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"Other headphones and speakers sound fine, so the headset is most definitely broken."
"Mediocre sound."
"I've had this headset for a few months and was very pleased with the sound."
"Pros:Feels very comfortable when wearing it Nice design Mic sounds so close to clear(almost (: ) Bass is just right Low priceCons: buttons are hard to find in the dark(even with the lights from the audio controller) Drivers from the website don't seem to work for my windows 8.1 computer(but it still worked without the drivers)Conclusion: these headphones are totally worth the price if you're on a budget and all you care about is mic quality, sound, comfortability, and designEDIT 3 10 15: the mic died,I tried every thing"
"Sound quality is great, and mic works as expected."
"we got these headphones as a way to get better listening experience to music, and the program adds a nice touch to the sound option, me myself is bass audiophile and these do the trick than just music, but also games, and videos, I tested these on the new windows 10 technical preview and I still managed to make the software work if you have the know hows."
"So far this headphone has great sound, a great microphone and it's really comfortable."

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