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How to Do Cat Eye Makeup Properly: The Step by Step Guide by Tanya ,  Feb 6, 2013
These steps will get you started. First, you’ll prep the eye area and then you’ll start applying colors. Once the colors have been applied, you’ll finish off your design with the liquid eyeliner.
1. Make sure that you’ve cleansed your eyelids to remove any old makeup and excess oil from your eyelids.
2. Use eye drops if you need them to give your eyes a clear bright look.

3. Prep the area with an eye makeup primer in either a light beige, ivory or white.

5. Apply one bright color like a yellow, gold or light bronze to the entire eyelid area.

6. If you want to use a second color then use it in the crease area, but remember to apply it lightly and only suggestive of a shadow.

7. Now apply the same color below your eyes. You should have the color completely surrounding your eyes, that means the area closet to your nose also.

8. Take your eyeliner product and do a thin line from the inner eye area next to your nose and extend it all the way to the outer corner.

    Important: Don’t extend too far at the outer corner, because you’re going to do a series of spots (dots) in that area rather than a fishtail eye line.

9. Now, take your eyeliner and do a a triangle of spots extending the end all the way up to your eyebrows on the upper lid.

10. On the undereye area only, apply the spots from the center of your eyes outward.

11. Top off your look with black mascara.


Remember to curl your eyelashes for this kind of makeup. Also, for your eye shadow, it is better to use a light layer as the shadow primer or an oil free foundation. It is better if you use the dotted technique while using this primer. Both these will help your colour from smudging and will hold it in place.

The color of the primer can be anything. But it is always best to use a neutral tone. This will not only complement your skin tone but will also not make your ways look way too dramatic. However, if you do want to intensify your looks then opt for colors like grey, brown, smoke or even shimmer.

Eye Pencil and Eye Liner

Another tip is when you are using your eye pencil. First, with one hand, pull your lid upward so that you are able to see the inner rim. Following this step, use a black eye pencil to line the inner rim of your eyes. It’s better if you use a waterproof pencil. Once the inner rim of the top lash is done then move onto the bottom one.

Once both the inner rims are done, use the pencil to line the skin just above your upper lash line. When done, blend the color inwards in the direction of your lashes with a brush.

If you are not an expert then it is possible that your hands will shake and you will make mistakes when using the pencil. So keep a Q-tip ready to erase off your mistakes.

Another handy tip is to use a liquid liner over the pencil liner. The reason for this is that, once the liquid liner dries, it helps to hold the first layer (made by the pencil) in place for a longer period of time.

In case if you are not a pro at using a liquid liner, then you could begin by either using dots or small dashes over the pencil liner. Once this is done, then connect the dots or the dashes together.

The starting point of creating the winged look is a dot. Use your middle finger to trace out the upper contour of your eye near your lashes, slowly moving outwards. The point where you can feel the bony part of your eye, mark that point with a dot. Use your liquid eyeliner to do this.

Once the dot is done, use this same eyeliner to trace out a line to the outer corner of your eye, thickening the line as you move outwards. How long you want your wings to be is totally up to you. It usually depends on the shape of your eyes and how much you can confidently carry off!

So that your wings are even, do the weaker side first. For example, if you are right handed then begin with your left eye and vice versa. Also, it is better to look down at the mirror when doing your cat eye makeup.

This will help to keep your eyes almost in the closed form. Just in case if you want a softer look, then instead of using an eye pencil you could use a dark eye shadow instead.

Eye shadow

Once the liquid eyeliner has dried up begin with your eye shadow. For this use a light colored shadow first. If you are using a cream based shadow then use two of your fingers to dab onto your lid and then blend it in.