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Great Landscape Gardening Ideas and Designs by Sagittarius ,  Feb 22, 2013

Garden is a part of the home that needs a touch of design as well as the interior. There are plenty of ways of bringing your style outdoors. Whether your garden is small or big you can make it cozy, stylish, and bright by adding accessories to it, creating the living plant statues and bringing color in flowers to it.

The first of the landscape and gardening ideas is to do a site analysis. Look over your property and list what are its strengths and weaknesses. What do you like about your property? What do you not like? How can you correct or improve the things you don’t like? If you begin this way with your landscape and gardening, ideas will come to you.

Now make a sketch of your property. Make the sketch large enough for you to stay as close to scale as possible. Be sure to include your house and any other buildings, including details like doors and windows. Also include trees and any other plants you want to incorporate into your landscape and gardening ideas. Be sure to mark the compass points. Walk around your property at different times of day with your sketch on a clipboard and mark which areas are sunny and shady at given times. This will help you when it comes time to decide what plants should go where. It will also be useful if you are going to plant shade trees. You might also want to make note of prevailing winds in case you should want to build or plant a windbreak.

Good landscape and gardening ideas will come to you if you observe your property from a variety of vantage points and make notes of the good views and the bad views. Can neighbours see into your yard? If you build a raised deck will you be able to see into your neighbour’s yard?

Now make notes on slope and drainage. Do you have high ground you can take advantage of? Is there a low spot where water pools? Whatever design you decide on, it is important that water drains away from your house, not toward it. A good idea is to go outside during a rainstorm and see which way the water runs.

Take note of any interesting features your property might have: rocks, proximity to a stream or other body of water, or a special view of a natural feature or a dramatic urban skyline. How can you best work them into your design?

Go inside your house and note what you can see from various windows. What aspects of your landscape and garden would you like to see from your kitchen, bedroom or living room?

Now that you have done your sketch and made your notes, you will have some good landscape and gardening ideas.

If you’ve decided to use raised garden beds in your garden landscape, you may be wondering about how to decorate with them. Just because a raised bed is a garden in a box doesn’t mean it can’t be an attractive part of your outdoor landscaping plan.

Here are some creative ideas for using raised garden beds:

  • Use raised beds as a border along the front walk or paths in your yard. Fill the beds with flowers or edible landscape.
  • Raised beds don’t need to be square. Try circles, hexagons or oval shapes to add unique visual elements to your yard.
  • Place raised beds to create paths on an open lawn.
  • Use bricks to prop up a series of raised beds so they can follow the slope of a hill like stairs.
  • Surround a deck with raised beds that match the wood and stain of the deck.
  • Use L-shaped raised beds at the corners of your yard.
  • Use colorful bricks or stones for the borders of your raised bed. Match the color and materials of your home’s exterior, if desired.

Raised garden beds are not purely utilitarian, although they do provide numerous advantages over growing directly in native soil. Be creative and have fun using raised beds to improve your yard!