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OCZ Technology 120 GB Vertex Plus Optimized Edition SATA II 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive OCZSSD2-1VTXPL120G by Review Summary ,  Oct 7, 2015

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OCZ Technology 120 GB Vertex Plus Optimized Edition SATA II 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive OCZSSD2-1VTXPL120G
Report Date: 10/10/2015
Based on 48 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 3.2
Returned or considering to return: 10.4%

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Individual Feature Rating
Firmware3.1   above average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"Tons of people are complaining on-line about their Vertex Plus SSD dieing in a short period of time due to faulty firmware."
"Gave it 4 starts instead of 5 due to the minor hassle I encountered to upgrade the firmware."
"(The firmware disc worked fine with a HDD installed, and the OSX 10.6 disc worked fine with the SSD installed, but the specific combo of SSD + Firmware disc would fail).Ultimately, I ended up needing to connect the drive to my Windows PC in order to upgrade the firmware, requiring a change to the BIOS to recognize it."
"Turns out the factory Firmware (3.5) was incompatible with the Intel chipset in many Mac products."
"Unfortunately, the firmware boot disc will freeze the machine when the Vertex Plus is connected."
"I flashed the firmware and formatted it on my new PC first - the updating process was very easy - burned the firmware to a CD and printed up the instructions."
"I did a hard drive speed test and I'm getting read and write speeds of about 126 MB s, compared to a spinning hard drive which gets about 75 MB s (at best).The moral of the story is to just update the firmware."
"All had the latest firmware updates done (easy with this drive, not so much with the other OCZ drives).What we saved by going with these over something like the Intel drives we've easily lost in hours restoring re-installing software on the machines with failed drives."
"Please update the firmware before installing the OS!"
"I used the Macbook for a week before updating to the newest 3.55 firmware that is supposed to take care of drive problems in older MacBooks (mine is a 2011 macbook so it didn't encounter any errors).Updating to the 3.55 firmware was a bit of a hassle because I had already replaced my SuperDrive with a 500GB Seagate Drive (using this caddy to replace the space that the cd dvd writer took: Hard Drive Caddy Tray for Apple Unibody MacBook MacBook Pro 13 15 17 SuperDrive (Replacement Only) )."

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