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Pearl Wedding Dresses by alexey ,  Jan 3, 2013

Why wear a colored wedding dress? Click here to find out....

The bride herself should have the largest and best pearls for her wedding day. Her necklace should reflect her personal style as well as her wedding.

The size of the pearls should be relative to her frame. The starting pearl size is in the six to seven millimeter range for an average sized bride–at approximately 5’5″ tall and weighing about 130 pounds. Then, size up or down depending on the wearer. Also, take into account the bride’s age. As a woman matures, larger pearls are more appropriate.

The length of her necklace should fall at least one inch above or two inches below the neckline of her dress. The average length is about 16 to 18 inches for above the collar and 22+ inches for below.

The bride has several choices for color. For traditional weddings, white is most appropriate. However, if the bride so chooses, she can wear any color she desires. Also, if there are pearls on her dress, the color should match the jewelry as well.

Malaysia Supermodel Amber Chai Marries Wearing Wedding Dress Decorated with 999 Pearls

Popular Malaysian supermodel Amber Chai married Adrian Wong on Sunday, March 25th in an elegant affair with many pearls on her wedding dress

Posted: April 01, 2010 

Popular Malaysian supermodel Amber Chai married in Dress with 999 pearlsAdrian Wong on Sunday, March 25th in an elegant affair. states Chai wore a wedding dress with 999 pearls. Her wedding dress was custom created by designer Keith Kee and the pearls were from Rafflesia the Pearl Centre.

Chai’s wedding was a celebration of both fashion and love as she wore not only her wedding dress with 999 pearls but four couture gowns by Alvin Tay and three others by Keith Kay (designer of her wedding dress). Groom Wong’s fashionable and lightweight Spring linen suit and parent’s outfits were designed by Kee.

A wedding dress with 999 pearls can only be described as a jaw-dropping stunning look. The bride chose a wedding dress she’ll always treasure and remember for being completely unique. Not every bride walks down the aisle wearing a dress complimented with so many lovely pearls. It is easy to see that Chai’s delicate features would glow and look radiant next to so many lustrous pearls.

Chai’s wedding was an exciting event. The supermodel admits she originally began her wedding plans with a guest list of 2,000 names. Finally she and her beloved groom chose to have an exotic destination wedding in beautiful Bali with forty of their closest family members and friends. Bali is a location known for rich and lush natural beauty. It is easy to see that Bali would be a very romantic choice for a wedding. But how difficult is it to make any destination romantic when your beautiful bride is wearing a wedding dress of 999 pearls?