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Tesla Crashes by alexey ,  Mar 16, 2018

Person Buys Tesla, Person Immediately Crashes Tesla

Today's the big day. You're just bought a Tesla Model S. You've waited so long. Saved up all that money. You're going to be the hit of the board room. "So forward thinking, so progressive," they'll say about you. No one will notice your gray hairs now. Just ease it out of the lot. There we go.

Weird Tesla Crash Was Result Of Wrong Pedal Press, Witness SaysExpand

A completely bizarre accident yesterday, which saw a Tesla Model S veer straight into a sign at Tesla's Fremont factory and store, was the result of a driver slamming on the accelerator instead of the brake, according to a witness at the scene. And, weirdly enough, they'd had the car for a while

Accident Survivor Praises Safety Of The Tesla Model S


Electric cars have the potential to not only reduce consumption of fossil fuels and clean up the environment, but to quite literally save lives as well. The Tesla Model S is the safest car ever tested by the NHTSA, and a recent accident victim has stepped forward to describe how the electric luxury sedan allowed him to walk away without a scratch.

The headline-generating collision in West Hollywood on July 4 involving a stolen Model S sheds light on why no one has yet been killed in a Model S.

In the first incident, the Tesla Model S apparently split after striking a pole at the end of the chase early Friday, resulting in injuries to several people, according to Los Angeles police statements to KTLA-TV, which captured dramatic video of the event.

KTLA reported that the chase began after a Tesla dealership reported the car was being tampered with on its lot. Photographs of the scene appear to show the Tesla's rear end wedged between a wall at a synagogue, several dozen feet from the front half, which came to rest next to two other wrecked cars in the middle of the street. From the photograph, it appears the Tesla Model S split behind the front seats.

Another view showing what appears to be the front half of the Tesla. Police say several people were injured after a high-speed chase involving what was reported as a stolen Tesla. (
Tesla Model S After the Fire - Image: Progreso Hoy

Tesla Model S After the Fire – Image: Progreso Hoy

Vehicle: Tesla Model S

Image of Wall Model S Crashed Through - Photo:

Image of Wall Model S Crashed Through – Photo:

Location: Merida, Mexico in the northern area of the Yucatan Peninsula

Date: October 18

Time of incident: 4 AM

Cause of fire: Violent crash with low wall after vehicle jumped curb and went airborne.

Driver:  Observed driving at speeds in excess of the speed limit.  Fled the scene of the accident.  Injuries unknown.

Passengers:  If present, believed to have fled the scene, too.  Injuries and number of passengers unknown.

Additional information: Unknown at this time

UPDATE: Liz Jarvis-Shean, a Tesla spokeswoman, issued this statement on the crash:

Expensive Tesla Electric Vehicle Crashes in Murfreesboro, Driver Charged with DUI
Tesla Model S Almost Parks Inside Restaurant

Tesla Model S Almost Parks Inside Restaurant

Unintended acceleration?  We think not, but that’s what a 71-year-old Tesla Model S driver blames for the carnage seen here.

Last Friday, at approximately 11:11 AM (Okay, that’s not approximate. It’s exact) a Model S “jumped” the curb and crashed through a restaurant (Lure Fish House) in Ventura County, CA.

There are no details available for the crash, but, as you can see in the images, the vehicle shows signs of damage all-round. The Model S appears to have crashed through something, as its body panels are torn apart.

Tesla's stock was down over 7% to a low of $175.40 today, but pared some of its losses to close down 6.24% at$180.95.

It appears that shares began to tumble in the last half hour on reports that a Tesla Model S car caught fire on Washington State Route 167.

Some speculated that the video highlights problems with the car's battery. Though others rushed to

Tesla Model S Gains Entry Into Bank Through Brick Wall - Image Via Dr. Staten Medsker, Jr.

Tesla Model S Gains Entry Into Bank Through Brick Wall – Image Via Dr. Staten Medsker, Jr.

Not good: Tesla Roadster, Toyota Prius and VW Touareg meet with disastrous results

Ouch. A three-way crash between a Tesla Roadtser, Toyota Prius and a VW Touareg didn't leave a pretty scene behind, but it appears that at least the Tesla driver walked away with only minor bruises. We don't know what happened to the occupants of the other vehicles. According to Autopia, it seems that the Roadster was allegedly stopped when the Prius hit it from behind – going about 50 mph – and pushed the Tesla under the SUV (note the piece of the EV in the VW's rear end). We'll just say it again: Ouch.

A 67-year-old man is dead after the car he was driving crashed with a dump truck Monday night.

It happened just after 8:30 p.m. on Century Street near Wellington Avenue. The man’s car, a Tesla, was going westbound on Wellington when it was hit by the dump truck going northbound on Century, police said.


A man was rushed to hospital and later died after a crash on Century Street Monday night. (Cliff Simpson/CBC)

SHANGHAI/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Tesla removed the word "autopilot" and a Chinese term for "self-driving" from its China website after a driver in Beijing who crashed in "autopilot" mode complained that the car maker overplayed the function's capability and misled buyers.

The Tesla driver crashed earlier this month while on a Beijing commuter highway after the car failed to avoid a vehicle parked on the left side, partially in the roadway, damaging both cars but causing no injuries.

It was the first known such crash in China, though it follows a fatal accident in Florida earlier this year that put pressure on the auto executives and regulators to tighten rules for automated driving.