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How to Fix a Car by alexey ,  Mar 27, 2017

I am a girl who wants to learn how to fix cars...will this be hard?

Hi so im tired of mechanics taking advantage of me and i want to learn how to fix my own car or giving me make believe problems... im pretty smart and usually can do anything i am taught. is it hard to learn how to fix your own car? i been changing my tires and adding fluids since 15, now 23.

How does one with no experience learn to work on and fix up cars? Where to start?

I am a girl and I have been interested in fixing cars for a while. Quite a few guys at my school seem to know how to fix cars up, but they had to start somewhere, right? Often, I think peoples' fathers help them out, but my own father knows nothing about cars, nor shows any interest in helping me. If anyone has tips on where I could start, perhaps I could find a shop where people would help me? Or do any car co-ops exist? I know there is such a place for bicycles where I live. Any tips would be great! I am enthusiastic and have some background with fixing bicycles and doing wood and metal projects, so I'm not mechanically clueless. I am mostly interested in old cars, but anything to start would be alright. I have browsed Craigslist for cars and found a few I could afford. On that note, I have a teen's level of funding, so I could find something, but tips on making the best of my money when going about fixing up an old car would also be appreciated (especially considering the cost for parts and such). Any tips on where and how to start are what I am looking fore. Thank you!