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Art of Sushi by alexey ,  Jan 20, 2013

One of the most interesting aspects of the diffusion of sushi into global popular culture is the emergence of “sushi art.”  Dozens, maybe hundreds, of spectacularly talented artists have begun to incorporate sushi into their work.  Mediums as varied as concrete sculpture, watercolors, and even discarded plastic have been used by these visionaries to evoke images of sashimi, maki, and more.

This upcoming series of blog entries will be an exploration of the use of sushi as an artistic theme, and will focus on how this artwork can be interpreted from an environmental perspective.  It is meant to provoke a discussion on these themes, so please, comment freely.

Obama Sushi – Our President Looks Delicious

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. The amazing piece of sushi below was recently featured on in an article called “すし業界の常識を「CHANGE!」した職人” which many found via Boing Boing: “Obama’s skin is Amis (small shrimp)… Hair is black sesame, fish paste teeth.” See the full dish inside.