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Best Vodka In The World by Priyanka ,  Aug 23, 2013
Vodka is a distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol, sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings. Vodka is made by the distillation of fermented substances such as grains, potatoes, or sometimes fruits or sugar.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is made by wheat and represents one of the best French Vodkas which is produced since 1997. Its taste is very smooth and you can use it while making any types of cocktails.
Crystal Head
Crystal Head is most famous for its mythological crystal skull design and its co founder been non other than Dan Ackroyd. But behind the unique bottle and celebrity connections Crystal Head’s distilling process produces an exceptionally smooth vodka. The vodka is quadruple-distilled, triple-filtered through charcoal and finally triple-filtered through Herkimer diamond crystals.


Represents one of the best traditional Finnish Vodkas (since 1970) which is relatively cheap but really distinguished by its mild taste and you can find several flavored versions of it in the market.


Absolut Vodka is the worlds largest international spirit, available in over 126 countries, they ship over 98 million litres a year. This due in part to their clean swedish branding, a huge variety of flavours and tons of limited edition bottles & sleeves from commissioned artists and in celebration of key events. Flavoured vodka often gets a bad rap, for being gimmicky and a little pointless and some of Absolut’s latest flavours do little to correct that opinion – ‘Berri Acai’ or ‘Wild Tea’ anyone? Didn’t think so. If you venture in the flavoured vodka realm with Absolut, stick to ‘Vanilla’ & ‘Citron’. Overall Absolut have a very solid product, a very clean vodka, with very little aftertaste and little to no burn.


It is one of the popular and awarded Russian Vodkas which is made by rye grain and wheat.  Stolichnaya Elit represents brand sub-category which is utterly popular all over the world.

42 Below Vodka

Call 42 Below "the vodka from Down Under." This New Zealand product tastes remarkably clean and smooth because it uses water from a top-rated deep spring. The name refers to both the location of the distillery — 42 degrees below the equator — and its alcoholic strength: 42 per cent (also called "degrees" in other countries) rather than the usual 40.


One of the worlds first super-premium vodkas, Belvedere is produced exclusively in the Polish town of Żyrardów. It is truly an exceptional vodka that echoes the strength of Polands 600 year history of vodka production. When we talked about flavoured vodkas before, we weren’t too enthusiastic, but thats because 90% of the flavoured vodka on the market is made by using oils and flavourings post production. Belvedere however use only real fruit and a proprietary process of maceration, that creates unique flavours deeply infused in the vodkas production.
Reyka comes from Iceland; so does Björk. We dig Björk, so of course we figured we'd best try Reyka. It's great vodka. Not The Sugarcubes' "Life's Too Good" great, but a damn sight better than Björk's soundtrack for "Dancer in the Dark." Clean and markedly smooth, Reyka is produced with glacial water that scientist types have declared "impurity free." That kind of clarity is most mixable, the key attribute of any vodka in this cocktail-crazy world in which we live.
Often seen as a gimmicky vodka, suitable only for halloween parties or novelty cocktails, Blavod is actually a solid vodka. Marketed as the worlds only true black vodka, it’s certainly unique. The distinct black colouring doesn’t come from tampering after the batch is made, but is part of the distilling process; Blavod uses ‘Catechu’ a herb extract from the root of Acacia trees – it has no effect on the flavour and doesn’t tamper with what is an exceptionally smooth vodka.

Kauffman Luxury Vintage

"Awesome," Christian Navarro, sommelier to the stars, says of Kauffman Luxury Vintage Vodka. "Great texture and flavor." The pricy stuff is stocked at Wally's, his West Los Angeles fine wine and spirits store. While vintage designations usually appear only on wine, Champagne and the occasional Armagnac, the Russian company behind Kauffman believes there’s enough variation in each year’s wheat crop to justify its use as they will only produce their vodka in superior years.