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Guns Don’t Kill People, but People Do by Priyanka ,  Feb 3, 2013

Guns don't kill people, people kill people

Bumper-sticker slogan of NRA supporters, which makes the obvious point that guns normally don't go off without some kind of human intervention, and that the real solution to violence is not in making any certain potentially lethal device unavailable, but in changing basic human nature from violent to peaceful.
Gun control is not the answer to school shootings either, the criminals will find ways to get guns, or other ways to kill children if that is their goal. The Oklahoma bombing (killing children in a daycare) was done using fertilizer!
States enforcing gun control in the U.S.A have higher murder rates than states that allow people to freely own firearms.

Gun control has not significantly reduced the murder rate in states that use it.

Guns are needed for self defense

Compared with other developed nations you are three times more likely to be murdered in the U.S.A. and 27 times more likely to be shot to death. Clearly people are finding it difficult to defend themselves against guns. Either armed civilians are not a sufficient deterrent for criminals, or the positive aspects of being able to better defend yourself are outweighed by the increased risks of living in a gun-saturated society. Indeed, criminals will arm themselves to succeed against an armed populace, cancelling out defensive benefits. This arms race may actually reduce your defensive capacity; after all, how do you defend yourself with a gun pointed at you? You can't pull your own gun without being shot.