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Creating A Bootable Pendrive by Priyanka ,  Aug 16, 2013

A common use of a bootable USB flash drive is to use it for booting into Windows. This can allow you to perform diagnostics on a computer that has hardware issues or can't boot into Windows. You can also use the flash drive to install Windows, instead of using the Windows installation CD.

This guide will outline making a bootable USB flash drive with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Before we begin, it's important to note that the computer you want to use your bootable USB drive in will need to have the capability of booting to a USB drive. Most recent computers built since Windows Vista was released are capable of booting to a USB device. Prior to the Windows Vista timeframe, it's hit or miss with motherboards.

Step 1 :

Plug-in your pen drive in Laptop.

Step 2 :

Go to Start  >> Type Cmd  (in search program and file)  [Press Enter]After pressing Enter command prompt will open.

On your Caps lock

Step 3 :

TypeDISKPART[Press Enter]

Step 4 :

Type  LIST  DISK[Press Enter]It will show all available disk in your system. Disk 0 is usually hard disk of your system. In my case Disk 1 is Usb pen drive (This can be different in your case so plz make sure )

Step 5 :

TypeSELECT  DISK  1[Press Enter]

Step 5 :

TypeSELECT  DISK  1[Press Enter]

Step 6 :

TypeCLEAN[Press Enter]

Step 7 :


Step 8 :

TypeSELECT  PARTITION  1 [Press Enter]

Step 9 :

TypeACTIVE[Press Enter]

Step 10 :

TypeFORMAT  FS=NTFS[Press Enter]Wait Until 100% complete.

Step 11 :

TypeASSIGN[Press Enter]

Step 12 :

Type EXIT[Press Enter]

Now bootable usb pen drive is ready to use. After making this copy and paste windows 7 or 8 in your pen drive. It is easiest way to install windows 7 or 8 in your  system.

When you want to install windows, plug-in bootable pen drive and restart the system and press boot function key as per different system (f1——-f12) .