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Stylish Wedding Assessories by Priyanka ,  Sep 4, 2013
You know the rhyme: "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue," but do you know what it means? Even more important, do you know how you'll incorporate your something blue on the big day?

Wedding lore says that the color blue has been associated with weddings since ancient Rome when it implied fidelity and modesty. For the modern bride, blue is associated with purity of heart (think "true blue") and is often incorporated as a fun pop of color.

Here are some exciting new ways to wear your something blue for an unforgettable look:

For a playful approach to tradition, add a pair of blue wedding shoes beneath your bridal gown. Depending on the length of your dress, they could be the life of the ensemble or your little secret.

Transform your wedding dress from simply chic to splendidly you with a colorful sash. The options are endless: organza and satin ribbons, beautiful beading and floral embellishments. 

Why not add a little sparkle to your wedding tradition with blue jewelry? Whether you choose earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet, your something blue will be the perfect dazzling complement to your bridal gown.

If you're looking for a more subtle way to incorporate the colorful hue, check out blue garters. Wear one under your gown or go for a set that includes a toss garter for your reception. 

Tuck some forget-me-nots into your wedding bouquet for a sweet sentimental hint of blue. Or wrap your flowers in a blue ribbon or blue personalized bouquet wrap - there are lots of pretty options, from blue monograms to rhinestones!
Beyond the dream dress, the right accessories for walking down the aisle play a pivotal supporting role to your look. On the threshold of wedded bliss, you want to look stunning, highlighting your best features with accessories that can carry you and your dress from the ceremony to dance floor.

Looking stunning and ravishing is the dream of every woman on her wedding day. Choosing correct accessories enhance your beauty and make your special day perfect. Selecting wedding dress, should always be first thing and choose what looks great on you, it brings out the best in completing your best assets.

The first and foremost step is to figure out your body shape. This will help you decide the fabric of the dress that you should go and styles. You can choose from a wide range of materials such as chiffon, silk, satin and brocade still heavy. The Embroidered fabrics and patterns are current trends which is high in demand used for wedding dresses.

There is huge range of options for would – be – bride to buy a wedding dress couture wedding dress shops, department stores, chain stores across the country or wedding dress designers course. Stores usually have the choice of a home seamstress to make your dress custom fit. When you approach a designer, you can certainly put in your own ideas and learn from bridal magazines and designer boutiques. It is necessary to investigate and evaluate all options before making a final decision. If you plan to buy a dress in a store, be sure to try it before you bring it home. However, these stores would probably exclusive brands at prices everyone can afford. You can even make your own wedding dress if you have relaxing budget.

Wedding Hair Accessories: If you want to dress for your special day spring so why not add some hair accessories to outfit like ribbons, barrettes, and hair clips.

Well, they say accessories make the outfit look amazing and enhance your beauty on the special day, so why not add some flower hair accessories to your outfit .There are many flower hair accessories theme to choose from! Choose from headbands, barrettes, hair clips, and much more! They come in many styles, colors and sizes. You can find accessories designed for all ages.

Buy hair accessories to match specific outfits. You can even find matching accessories which suits well with your dress. From headbands to hair clips, you can wear accessories with flowers and even the style of your hair anyway you want! Buy one or two accessories or make a whole series! Whatever hair accessories you choose, will bring you to the season in style! Enjoy wearing hair accessories with flowers you choose your outfits for your wedding.

Wedding is big day of your life so decision for choosing dresses or outfit with matching accessories add great happiness in celebrating your great day!

What can tie together a look for the entire wedding party? Jewelry, of course. A theme to jewelry can keep everyone looking complimentary - or just complete the individual looks so that the entire bridal party looks their best. Whether you wish to complement each outfit, keep the bridal party matching, or have pieces that convey and express each woman's personality, stylish accessories can complete the look for the entire bridal party.

A power piece for the bride sets her apart from the rest of the bridal party, to rightly stand out as the focal point of the ceremony. The Classic Crystal Pave Necklace is an elegant choice for traditional brides who wish to invoke a regal feel. This timelessly styled necklace has a center of a brilliant round crystal surrounded by a pave crystal setting. A short chain of crystals branches out from the pendant before becoming a thinner sterling silver plated chain. This elegant design looks like a family heirloom or a celebrity favorite - and it's sure to become a favorite of yours as well!

Fashion forward brides who are looking to make a statement with their bridal looks will love the Large Crystal Stone Statement Necklace. This trendy necklace is styled after the fashionable bib necklaces, but brought to a grander scale. The center of the necklace features seven larger oval crystals, graduated in size, which are surrounded by smaller crystals. From the main five crystals dangle five more crystals to complete the bib shape. A chain of crystals forms the remainder of this glamorous necklace.

Bridesmaids often wear matching sets of jewelry for a completely coordinated look, usually a necklace and earring set. A simple, yet elegant look is a pearl and rhinestone set, which features a small round rhinestone above the pearl on both the necklace and the stud earrings. This is a timeless look which does not distract from the bridesmaid's dresses or the wedding day in general. Better yet, this classic look is a style that is sure to be worn again and again by any member of your bridal party.

A more modern pearl set is the Pearl Zig Zag Necklace and Earring Set.  The necklace features multiple sizes of pearls that spiral around the collar in the front before meeting a small chain that comprises the rest of the necklace. The earrings spiral similarly to frame the face in a delicate fashion.  Pearls are always timeless and thus can be paired with nearly anything. However, this look is a bit trendier and adds an extra bit of style. This set would pair nicely with a simply styled bridesmaid's dress to add a special look to it. Another option would be to honor your maid of honor with a necklace that matches the bridal party's pearl necklaces, yet sets her apart.

There are many elegant pieces that are suitable for both the bride and the bridal party. The Crystal Bracelet with a Zig-Zag Edge is one of these pieces. This bold and elegant bracelet features large crystals in silver-tone forming four rows, with the outside edge displaying an alternating zig-zag pattern. This bracelet is bold enough to be worn on its own, yet classic enough to be paired with other sophisticated accessories. With a traditional and classic design, the Classic Pearl Hand-Knotted Bracelet is a piece that adds style without subtracting from any outfit. 6mm glass pearls are hand knotted in between each pearl for a flawless and practical design - traditionally pearl strands were knotted in between so that if the strand broke, only one pearl would be lost. A sterling silver plated lobster clasp closes the bracelet simply and elegantly for a design that can coordinate with any outfit. For a complete look, a coordinating necklace could be worn, and finished with pearl stud earrings.

Don't forget hair accessories! Bridal parties who prefer pearls will love the pearl hairpins that can secure all of their updos. These silver hairpins are finished with pearl held flush to the hairpin on one half. Similar hairpins are available with a crystal topper, held into the hairpin by prongs to secure your hair's bejewelment. Floral shaped hairpins featuring either six round crystals or six white pearls in a flower shape are great for brides who are keeping to a floral theme.

To take your bridal party to the next level, pull together every ensemble with stylish accessories that add depth, glamour and an extra punch of style. Not only will every member of the bridal party have a memento to remember the day by, but every member of the bridal party can look her best as well. Accentuate the outfits of each woman with stylish jewelry that completes the look.