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Corsair Accelerator Series 30GB (3Gb-s) SATA 2 SF2200 controller Asynchronous SSD (CSSD-C30GB) by Review Summary ,  Oct 7, 2015

You are considering to buy this product but can not go over hundreds and thousands of reviews? This is just because there are too many of them. Would you like to have review summary with all positives and negatives presented on a single page? Here you are! We have developed a unique algorithm summarizing thousands of user reviews and presenting you with a product report. We hope this report will be useful in your decision. Enjoy!

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Corsair Accelerator Series 30GB (3Gb/s) SATA 2 SF2200 controller Asynchronous SSD (CSSD-C30GB)
Report Date: 10/10/2015
Based on 34 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 3.3
Returned or considering to return: 8.8%

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Individual Feature Rating
Windows1.6   mediocre

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"However, the software required to use the drive is not compatible with windows 8 yet, if you have windows 7 installed, be sure to uninstall the dataplex software BEFORE upgrading windows 8. the software boots up before the OS therefore it will cause problems when upgrading to windows 8.Final word:Windows 7: BUYWindows 8: Wait for the software to be updated (ill try to update this review) and then buy"
"I finally get to the point of starting Windows and am advised to let Windows fix the reboot problems."
"When i saw this and the product reviews about i told my self it's just a $55 product, wouldn't hurt to test it, but it turned out it was the best $55 i ever spent on my old PC, Windows 7 used to load in about 1:20+ from the time i push the power button until fully loaded desktop icons, but now it's only 43 seconds, my programs, games, applications, and my bloated music video folders open lightening fast now, i'd recommend this product."
"After doing that Windows is able to boot."
"Pro: Win 7 boot up is very fast(see con), Loading programs is very fast(see con), Works with existing Windows 7 computers(no need in reinstall), Easy to install & setup."
"This made Windows pretty much unbotable."
"You can use the Windows DiskPart command line as well."

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