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Denon AH-C120MA Studio Quality In-Ear Headphones with 1-Button Smartphone Remote by Review Summary ,  Sep 13, 2015

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Denon AH-C120MA Studio Quality In-Ear Headphones with 1-Button Smartphone Remote
Report Date: 09/13/2015
Based on 9 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.0
Returned or considering to return: 0.0%

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Individual Feature Rating
Sound4.5   average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"I own over ear higher end Sennheiser headphones which I use at home with their own amp., but for casual mobile listening or even movie viewing via laptop or tablet, I find these Denons the perfect compromise and their sound clear, broad and balanced."
"The last few years I'd experimented with high end Shure buds costing north of $500, which rendered a very true, sonically correct sound, but the cables were thick, ear pieces uncomfortable, and are usually overkill for compressed mp3 soundtracks and streaming."
"Earphones have varying degrees of brightness, bass, sound isolation, comfort, and sound field."
"Flat sound implies pretty good response patterns over the 100 Hz- 15K Hz range."
"These don't seem like they'll fall apart like some candy named headphones, and you will get great sound quality if you are wanting to listen to music."
"- Sound is clear, bright, and has a good range for a variety of music genres."

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