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Gothic makeup by Tanya ,  Feb 11, 2013

How to Apply Gothic Makeup

Face Prep: Wash & dry your face a few minutes before applying makeup, oily skin will make makeup look greasy and plastic as well as clog your pores and create pimples. It is equally important to not sleep in your makeup.

Morbid Pale Complexion: before you put on your makeup drape your shoulders with a towel to protect your clothing and dust your face with baby powder. It is transparent and will give you a very pale look without looking fake. Baby powder can also be applied to neck, shoulders, arms and cleavage but be careful not to get it on clothing. Remember to go lightly, only clowns overdo it.
Eyeliner: Both goth guys and goth girls apply black eyeliner. Most Goths apply eye liner around their bottom lid just inside or below the bottom lashes. Applying only to the bottom lid will make your eyes look smaller. Professionals warn against using eyeliner on the inside bottom lid because it causes clogged tear ducts and sometimes infection.

If your eyes are sensitive then stay outside of the lash line to prevent itchy, runny, watering irritated eyes. Popular mainstream gothic eyeliner looks include Dawn's three tears, the Egyptian look and the Eric Draven look from the movie "The Crow".

You'll want to look different and not like everyone else, so show in your creativity. Liquid black eyeliner lets you be really creative. Have a few wet Q-tips ready to use like precision erasers in case you make a mistake Tilt your head back with eyelids half closed and apply eyeliner. Don't open and close your eyes until the liner dries.

If you don't have a steady hand and find pencils easy to work with don't buy a cheap pencil they smear and smudge and just don't look right.

Hot Tip: Buy a separate pencil sharpener for your eyeliner pencil. Using a regular pencil sharpener that has pencil shavings only causes nasty eye problems.

Eye Shadow: Pressed powder is the easiest to work with. Dip or smudge your brush into the powder, then tap on the container or blow excess off the brush or it will sprinkle on your face. eye shadow creams and sticks are greasy, wear into the creases of your lids and smear very easily.

Mascara: is a must, the blacker the better. As a note, Gothic guys do wear mascara; it brings out more drama.

Lips: Blood red and black are the most common colors for Goths. Be unique - try blue, green or even purple to match your outfit. A suggestion is emphasize only one feature, so if your wearing lots of eye shadow down play the lipstick or vice versa. If you apply lipstick with a lip brush you will get a much better look. You can find really nice gothic makeup in true colors at your local theatrical supply shops. Quality products make a big difference but if you're on a budget then the corner drug store will do, but really look at the colors and how thick the pigment is. In winter if you have chapped lips try not to bite or lick them, apply lip balm to keep them soft and supple. You can also wear lip balm under lipstick.

Lip Liner: Usually applied first before lipstick helps define the lips shape and prevents the lipstick from feathering and adds a more finished look. Choose a lip liner that is the same color or is a shade or 2 darker thank your lipstick. For the Brandon Lee/Eric Draven look from "The Crow" extend color horizontally past your natural lips corners.

Blush: The purpose of blush is to put more color in your face. Goths do NOT wear blush!

Nails: The most popular nail color for girls and guys is black. Other gothic nails colors include deep dark blue, purple, green and blood red. You can also paint each nail a different color, but not like a rainbow, keep it dark. Nails must be short and preferably bitten back to be truly goth. I have never seen a goth with dragon lady nails.

Glitter: There are all kinds of glitter but pixy dust is the best. Craft stores sell very fine glitter and you can make your own body lotion, hair gel or just dust it on straight out of the bottle. Be warned though, this stuff is hard to get rid of and gets all over everything. Be careful not to get it into your eyes.

Touch-Ups: Shiny is bad, always carry a compact with powder to do touch-ups when your out to keep that matte look. You may also want to carry a few q-tips incase you have lots of eyeliner on.

Words from Misery

These are just tips and suggestions to experiment with. Don't wait till 15 minutes before you leave for a big night out to experiment with a new look. It's fun to play "dress up" and experiment when you're bored and have nothing better to do. That way you'll have plenty of time to relax and experiment. It's also fun to experiment with a group of friends; that way you can get immediate feedback!

Take a step back from the mirror and take a good look to make sure things are even. Things sometimes look a little different with perspective. Dressing up in front of a mirror is one thing, but going out in public is another.

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