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Pro Flight Instrument Panel by Review Summary ,  Sep 15, 2015

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Pro Flight Instrument Panel
Report Date: 12/16/2015
Based on 73 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.1
Returned or considering to return: 1.4%

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Individual Feature Rating
Display3.2   below average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"But one big problem with them when you are not running FSX they display advertisments for their products."
"I was terribly disappointed because this Primary Flight Display was the main reason I bought this Pro Flight Instrument Panel."
"The sixth one, described as Primary Flight Display, is missing."
"END NOTEOne complaint that I've seen is that it displays ads for Saitek stuff like yokes, throttles, and peddles."
"Pros:- Easily configurable off-the-shelf or with third-party displays- Easily Stackable with each-other or other Saitek hardware- Great Packaging- Six buttons of the left side that can do just about anything in FSXCons:- Non-existent Saitek (now Mad Catz) support- Software (SaiFlightSimX."
"Wait...- You should see all the FIPs come alive with the Saitek Product Slideshow- Reboot computer a few times to try to get the slideshow (power down the hub before, then power up after boot)- If you don't you may have a dead FIP, repeat these steps until all show the slideshow and device manager shows no errorsNext...- If using FSX, install FSX Plug-in, start it up, no need to 'Fly Now' at this time- Try to change display on a single FIP, if it changes, all is good- If not, keep trying the reboot procedure until you can change all the display- At this point and the FIP refuses to come alive, you MAY have a bad USB port or bad FIPGood Luck"
"This product brings the numbers right up to you in a bright visible and easy to read display."
"The FIP provides an additional display for games that support it, as well as buttons that can be custom mapped by the game."
"I do like the 12 different instruments they display they are very sharp and accurate."

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