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Best toys for kids for Christmas 2014 by Sagittarius ,  Dec 19, 2014

1. Tomy Pic 'N Pop

Age: 18 months +
Price: $29.95

Parents of toddlers - does your child love being in the middle of the action? Do their hands seem to be everywhere at once? If so, then this new toy may be the answer to your prayers. This action station shoots out balls at the touch of a button then, there's no need to get out of your chair, your toddler will love collecting them simply by wheeling the toy over each ball. This is great for developing their hand/eye coordination and focus.

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2. Lego Dino T-Rex Hunter

Age: 7-12
Price: $99.99

Has your child caught dino-fever? The prehistoric world has always been popular with boys and now Lego has come to the party with its new dinosaur collection. Kids can now chase down the terrifying T-Rex with their awesome dino-helicopter while their friends escape in their cross-country jeep. Can you hear the adrenalin pumping? This Christmas there's a whole new world for kids to explore with their favourite tiny Lego people.

3. Disney Fairies Sky High Tink

Age: 5+
Price: $24.99

Finally, a fairy that can fly on her own - well, almost. This Tinkerbell doll is about as close to the 'real' thing as your little girl will get, as far as we know. To make Tink fly, pop her into the flower, pull the dragonfly which is attached to its base and the gorgeous fairy will fly and spin up to an incredible three metres in the air then flutter back to earth.  She will make the fairy stories come alive with her very own active fairy friends. Awwww.

4. Twister Dance

Age: 8+
Price: $55

Move over karaoke, here comes the latest in high tech fun. Compared to the cost of some real-life party entertainers, this one is as cheap as chips. Twister Dance is like the arcade games where people dance their hearts out while staring at the screen in front of them. In this game, the spots on the Twister board light up as the game choreographs different dances to conquer. You can even plug in your own music and it will work out a routine just for you and your kids. How fun is that?

5. Quicksmart Scramble Bug

Age: 1-3  (or 20kg)
Price: $49

If your little one loves to move, this cute ride-on toy is sure to give them a feeling of freedom without the danger that bigger bikes may pose to them. This mover and shaker is very toddler friendly with four stable legs and, most importantly, it comes in a range of funky colours that will set their imagination on fire. Every small child will love the feeling of steering for themselves and chasing those ever-inviting parental toes across the living room.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man Motorised Web-Shooting Spider-Man

Age: 4+
Price: $49

Spider-Man never seems to lose his coolness factor with boys and if your young man is obsessed with the man in red and blue, he's sure to have this toy on his Christmas list. This toy is based on the new and apparently improved super-hero from the latest movie, The Amazing Spider-Man and as such, it seeks to impress young fans. This figure can shoot webs out of its wrist, then drag it back into place, while making all kinds of realistic sounds to make him seem like the real deal … in miniature-form of course.

7. Geleez Assorted Activity Packs

Age: 5+
Price: $22.95 Give a girl a paintbrush, a pretty picture and some glitter and generally you've got the afternoon off. They just love craft and this is one of the latest fads that is sweeping through toy aisles and onto the craft tables of nearly every pink or purple room. They are basically stickers that are decorated with special pens and once they look amazing, girls get to decorate their walls or even windows with their own designs. They come in lots of different sizes and patterns which will make the girls come back for more!

8. Nintendo 3DS XL

Age: 7+
Price: $229

Nintendo has just released its super-sized version of the 3DS with a screen that is about 90 percent bigger and with more memory to save those precious games that the kids just can't seem to put down. For parents, it means that there's more space to store 3D photos and videos which is a bonus. It still has all the same functions as the older version, it's just bigger and better and what kid would say "no" to that?

9. Razor Pink Powerwing

Age: 5+
Price: $98

Some of the best presents are those that get the kids outdoors, enjoying some quality family time together. This pretty scooter will inspire your girl to take to the tracks with all those other kids on her super-cool hot pink machine. This scooter may look a bit unusual but it actually means less work and more fun for your child as there's no pushing required. All she has to do is hop on and move her body from side to side and enjoy the ride. Pretty cool isn't it?

10. Micro Chargers Loop Track

Age: 6+
Price: $24.95

Small gentlemen start your engines! This adrenalin pumping car racing pack will get your little rev heads doing a victory lap. There are two tracks which have a cool 'loop-the-loop' section and, believe it or not, these little cars can reach speeds up to 960km/hr. Christmas may have to be cancelled after they open this present because you know where your little boy will be - on the floor with his new race track!

11. SONY PlayStation®Vita

Age: 7+
Price: WIFI $349.95, 3G/WIFI  $419.95

If your kids love playing video games (and what kid doesn't?) then they're going to go crazy for this new portable device from Sony. It's got the latest games, a quality screen, cameras - the lot. But the thing that makes this the coolest toy on the block is its 3G compatibility, which allows players to text message each other while they're playing and easily connect with other players worldwide. It's all about choice which means you can control the action with a pause feature that is sure to please parents and kids alike.

12. Smiggle dome speakers

Age: 8+
Price: $39.95

How fun are these space-age speakers? Kids go nuts for Smiggle products because they're so colourful and funky and these awesome speakers take the cake for coolness because they've got to do with iPods, which are hip and happening. Also they're shaped like a piece of modern art (who would have thought it?) These make the perfect Christmas present for funky tweens who are just discovering music and their low volume means there won't be any burst eardrums.

13. EzyRoller

Age: 3+
Price: $159.98

It's a luge, it's a go-cart -  no, wait, it's an EzyRoller! This cool new mode of transport will inspire your kids to spend more time outside exploring their world and less time in front of the TV. They will love reclining in the funky seat and all they have to do to move is pop their feet on the bar and start moving them side-to-side, just like a snake. It's smooth, it's fun and any kids would love to open this up on Christmas morning and take it for a spin in their pyjamas.

14. Squinkies Zoo Day Surpise

Price: $11

These tiny characters are so popular with boys and girls at the moment. They love collecting, swapping and squashing their funny little bodies. Squinkies have extended their range from a few characters into full sets like this lovely zoo-themed pack with a fun treehouse, all types of tiny animals and even a plunge pool for the miniscule polar bear. Too cute. The best part about Squinkies for parents is that they don't take up too much space, which means there's always room for more Squinkies!

15. Air Hogs Hover Assault

Age: 8+
Price: $74.99

It flies, it drives, it goes fast and flies high, it's the Air Hogs Hover Assault (and how cool is that name by the way?). Combine a helicopter with a grunty car, connect it to a remote control and you've got yourself the perfect present for a boy. And, let's face it, dad will be begging his son to let him have a go before too long because isn't it every boy's dream to fly… in a car?

16. Filly Princess Ponies

There's something about ponies that girls simply love. They also generally love tiny toys that they can collect, set up and spend hours playing with. These new little ponies are sure to be the next big thing in collectable toys for girls. There's something irresistible about princesses as well and the combination is sure to be a hit with any little girl.

17. Ben10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch

Age: 4+
Price: $50

Ben10 has been around for quite a while now but it is still as popular today as ever. If you have a Ben10 fan in your world, this high tech gadget is a perfect Christmas present for them. When they put the figures on their specially designed watch they will actually be able to hear and see their favourite characters talking. This will bring the amazing world of Ben10 to life, sparking their imaginations and giving them hours of fun with their new friends.

18. Winx Club Fairies

Age: 4+
Price: $33

Have you heard of these colourful characters? They're actually based on characters from an animated TV show called Winx Club. These funky fashionistas can be transformed from a fairy into an ordinary girl just by tucking the wings away in a special place. Each doll comes with a membership card, which means that girls can access more Winx secrets on their website, opening up a whole new world of fun for a girl and her doll.

19. Nerf Vortex Pyragon

Age: 8+
Price: $79.99

Say 'Nerf' around a group of young fellas and you're sure to get their attention. The latest offering from Nerf is a powerful blaster that shoots out really cute miniature frisbees or 'rapid-fire discs' to those in the know. These little circles of cuteness can fly a really long way, giving your boy the advantage over his Nerf nemeses. They are also brightly coloured which helps in the retrieval phase of battle. You cannot go wrong with boys and Nerf guns, so if you're wondering what to get him for Christmas, this has to be it.

20. Razor Ripstick

Age: 8+
Price: $49

There's no cooler present than a skateboard and this one is especially cool because it is smooth, fast and original. It twists, it turns and it goes where no other skateboard can go and it looks pretty good too. There are different levels of Ripsticks available depending on experience levels but if you have a child that has done the skateboard thing and is looking for something new and funky, and loves getting outdoors and feeling free, this has to be the perfect Christmas present.