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Easy to Carry Fashion Trends by Priyanka ,  Jul 24, 2013
Every fashion trend may not suit your body and comfort level. But there are certain trends that are less risky and easy to pull-off. Here's the list

1. Peter pan collar: Although it's named after a male, it's quite a dainty trend. From lace to studded to leather to plaid, you will find various varieties. You just need to decide on the type that suits you best. Just put on the collar and transform your plain tee into a signature one!

2. Peplum: Though not many are open to experimenting with this trend, it is one of the most versatile trends. It hides your tummy bulges and creates great curves. It's a fabulous trend that makes you feel instantly sexy.

3. Loafers: If you you think loafers are something your dad or grandfather would love to sport, you are absolutely wrong. Loafers give a fresh approach to a basic flat. Casual in appearance, they look very stylish on a pair of hot shorts or chic pants. These days loafers are available in every possible pattern, finish and colour.

4. Statement pants: Choose from a variety of printed, metallic, colour-blocked, striped, or embellished pair of pants. This trend isn't very difficult to pull-off if you know to choose something that suits you well. Moreover, if you wish to draw attention to your lower body, these pants do it quite well for you. Metallics, striped and floral pants are in this season.

5. Gloves: Gloves are a simple way to finish your outfit. Leather, suede, fur, bow details, lace frills... there is no end to varieties of gloves you can choose from. It can be worn by anyone and everyone. Just make sure to pick the one that matches your outfit and style.

Activewear always possesses a tremendous attraction to men; and that is one of the promising trends in 2013.

Right from the first day of New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2013 , the assumption of this trend emerging on the fashion world is not just lightly a prediction. It is seen everywhere on the catwalk. In fact, activewear already have had a place in the fashion world for a long time; but the way that the designers can make it become a fresh trend in 2013 is just pure innovative. Of course, you don’t have to dress like a real sport athlete in order to keep up with this trend which is inspired by the beauty of  a fresh, healthy, active citizen in this 21 century. It’s easy, just select your Varsity jacket,  a pair of sweatpants and you are done. In addition, accessories such as  a baseball cap or a cool backpack will also be of great help for this style. 

Athletic A Baseball Jacket

Unisex Striped Jacket

What you should avoid with this trend is to overstyle it with too many activewear items or mix it with so many different styles since it will defeat the purpose of appearing fresh and “outdoor”, you know. The point is you can have comfort with a flair of fashion; and you can feel graceful and confident in your very own activewear theme. 

Hooded Lapel Zippered Jacket

Paillette Sequined Shirt Dress

From the very first moment you see this outfit, you will see a different side of a professional tennis player - elegant, and delicate. You are not losing either one of the image you are portraying here (flexible vs trendy). On the contrary, the maximum is punctuated, and, of course, will resonate with a fresh sharp outlook and twists to the entire outfit.

Twisted Waist Surplice Dress

In addition, you shouldn’t put too much effort to complicatedly “mix-and-match” this trend, because the beauty of the activewear fashion trend is derived from the simple yet refined. It portrays a powerful character of its own. “What you see is what you get” is what this trend is all about!

Faux Leatherette Hot Pants

Cuff Ankled Athletic Sportwear

Side Mesh Sleeveless Suede Parka

Faux Leather Double Buckled Cropped Jacket

First, it’s advisable to always keep it loose. Wearing loose clothing doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy or fashionable. To have comfortable fashion styles, if you’re a lady, a loose peasant style blouse with an open back, or a nice flowing summer dress, are both stylish and supremely comfortable. For you guys out there: Don’t be afraid to rock a t-shirt. The trick to wearing a t-shirt fashionably is to pair it with a nice (cotton!) blazer. Stay away from stiff fabrics like corduroy or polyester. You want to appear casual, but not sloppy.

Shoes are another great way to stay comfortable day in and day out. Always opt for shoes with a cushioned sole, or buy some insoles on your own to create the effect of walking on air. If you walk a lot during the day and are a fairly active person, don’t be afraid to invest in some tennis shoes. Tennis shoes provide stability when you walk and will keep your ankles, legs, and back from getting sore. Look for sneakers with comfortable soles and a snug, but not overly tight, fit around the main portion of your foot. Unfortunately, your flip flops will not provide the support your feet need to function properly and carry you through your day. However, they can be a great slide-on option for when you need to run a quick errand. The great thing about flip flops is you don’t have to mess with tying your shoes, or (heaven forbid) putting on socks. That is why flip flops remain some of the most comfortable fashion styles for your feet. Make sure to toss on your tennis shoes for those longer treks and for your time at the gym!

Models walking on the ramps represent the current fashion scenario. Fashion designers set trends with their couture skills. Fashion trend is all about carrying whatever you are wearing with elegance and style. Find out what is in vogue and know those five must haves during this season right away.

Tunics Tunics are always on the mind of fashion conscious people. Tunic tops paired with leggings are enough to give you extremely glamorous look. An outing with friends, a date with your sweetheart or a regular college lecture, no matter what the occasion, tunic tops will make you look ravishing. Tunic tops are the best deals as they are the hot fashion of the season.

Harem pantsKareena Kapoor wore them in Jab we met, and they became a fad overnight. Harem pants are utterly feminine and chic. Harem pants give you volume at the bottom and thus are comfortable and stylish. You must have spotted college going girls wearing their harem pants in various colours and textures. Black harem pant are must to complete your collection to be in sync with the current trend. Buy a pair of harem pants if you do not possess one.

Jeans with narrow bottoms Tight fitting jeans are back with a bang. A pair of tight jeans with narrow bottoms is in fashion now. Pair your skinny jeans with black or pink tee and you are ready to attract immediate attention. Other trendy look is to pair your jeans with white or black shirt. Tunics too go well with jeans. A pair of jeans is what you need to look smart as well as graceful.

Leggings Lycra leggings in fancy prints are an essential in your closet. Leggings with strings and fine net at the end look great. You can opt for full length leggings or 3/4th leggings. A little black dress with a pair of black leggings will be a perfect outfit to wear for a party. Leggings can also be paired with a short skirt and a top. If you are not finding a suitable outfit for your first date, leggings will come to your rescue.

Knee length caprisKnee length capri pants mostly made of denim are totally in. These capris are meant to be paired with trendy t-shirts. Get some fabric colours and come up with your own t-shirt quotes that define your attitude. Team up your tee with your knee length skinny denim and flaunt your style.

In-between the shouts of ramps and bollywood queens, there is enough baffling of whether to wear what they wear, how will it look? Will it be acceptable? Will it be in my budget? To make it simple, Let’s Expresso brings 5 fashion trends that are easy to wear and good on pocket. Every trend may not suit each body type and may make the wearer land from Mars. So here’s a list of easy to carry 5 fashion trends.

  1. Peplum. A fabulous trend that can uplift your outfit instantly and make you look extremely stylish. Peplums look great when attached with the waistline of your blouse, skirt or jacket. It can hide your bulges and elevate your curves. Very stylish and makes one stand out of the crowd.
  2. Loafers. The trick is pairing them right. Wear loafers under chic pants or hot shorts and see the result. Available in all shades, patterns and prints, loafers give a stylish look to the basic flats. Walk in style and carry your attitude.
  3. Wide hem pants. They always stay in fashion whether in the form of palazzos, parallels or simple wide hems. One can choose from a variety of colours, prints, embellishments, shades and styles. They instantly draw attention to the lower body and one can sway freely in them. Ombre shades, animal prints and stripes are in this season.
  4. Skirts. Walk in style, walk in elan, walk chic in your favourite skirt this season. Long skirts with fitted blouses or short skirts with loose T-shirts are just perfect to talk in style. A fashion trend that never fades out and can make you look jumping right out of the cover of a magazine.
  5. Scarves. Accessorise any of your outfit with a scarf and see the magic. Choose from infinity loops or tie your scarves in different styles to become the talk of the town. Scarves and you, an online platform offers scarves in different styles, shades and lengths to suit every occasion and need. This is one fashion trend that simply stays.