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About Us by Keeppy, Inc. ,  Oct 19, 2012

Our goal at Keeppy is to help people enjoy sharing and publishing information.  Publish your thoughts, ideas and stories to the world and have fun!

What is Keeppy?

Keeppy is a new social network for storytelling. It encourages people to capture, compile and share all types of information without the need of a traditional blog or complicated information-saving program. Our site incorporates the best of popular networking tools that help all users increase the reach of personal, professional and educational posts (A.K.A. Keeppies) they’ve created. Alternatively, people can use Keeppy to research multiple topics that others compile information about from resources across the Web; thus, simplifying the search process for those who want to learn quickly about topics they care about. At Keeppy we believe keeping information you find on the Web is good, but sharing it is so much better! 


Where did the Keeppy name come from?

The word “keep” captures the essence of what people do when they learn about or find a piece of valuable information. Whether they keep that piece of information in their memory or in a document, we felt the word makes sense. Since our platform and service encourages much more than keeping vital information, we wanted to give it something extra without losing the simplicity of the name - hence the extra “P.”


How Can I Get the Most Out of My Keeppy Account?

The best way to get the most out of Keeppy is to use it for creating “online documents” that compile information on a particular area of interest. Keeppy is easy to use and can be used for multiple purposes, be it personal and or professional. Keeppy can seem like a fun toy at first glance, but it has serious functionality for serious projects.


What can I do with Keeppy?

Once you’ve created a Keeppy account, here’s what you can do:

 - easily capture quotes, pictures, articles, blog posts and bookmarks from across the Internet;

 - organize and store captured information through creating one document, which is called a “Keeppy;”

 - edit documents/Keeppies in real-time by yourself or with a group of users;

 - easy share/publish Keeppies on major social networks and through the Keeppy website;

 - continue updating Keeppies after they are published;

 - research topics you care about and learn about them through other people’s Keeppies;

 - follow and connect with likeminded people, friends or others who share about topics of interest!

Keeppy, Inc. is an independent privately held corporation with headquarters in San Jose, CA


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