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Black Wedding Dresses by alexey ,  Jun 8, 2013

Why wear a colored wedding dress? Click here to find out....

Black Wedding Dress – Why Not?

Brides today are craving something more untraditional than ever, and a black wedding dress seems to fit the bill. How can you rock a black wedding gown the right way?

Yes, tuxedos are black, and you'll almost certainly see an abundance of dark sport coats at any union, but black is traditionally a no-go color at weddings -- especially for women.

Black dresses connote mourning and death for many people, but there's a difference between showing up to your best friend's nuptials in funeral garb and wearing a sleek, little black number to an evening wedding. As long as the dress feels fun and light, regardless of how dark it is, you should be fine. Sequins usually work, as do black cocktail dresses for formal ceremonies. However, if there's even the slightest chance it could fit into a procession for the deceased, put it back on the rack and slip into something more colorful.

Nothing screams "look at me" like a skimpy outfit.

There's nothing wrong with showing off a little leg or décolleté every once in a while, but there's a time and place for such things, and weddings aren't one of them.

No, you're not exactly showing up the bride, but showing off your assets is a surefire way to take away from her big day, so don't do it.

Black wedding dresses aren't necessarily for everyone, but they can be a beautiful choice if you want a Gothic-themed wedding or a black and white color scheme. A black and white damask wedding cake, black and white bridesmaid dresses, and a white bouquet can be great finishing touches. While your guests are sure to be shocked at this wedding gown color, it can be suitable for brides who want a very unique look.
Black is another colour that is a traditional no-no for a wedding. Black was relatively uncommon as a wedding colour, but some women still wore the colour on their special day, especially if they had no brighter dresses. However, as time went on black came to symbolize despair and death. By the late Victorian age, a woman wearing a black wedding dress would show that she was unhappy and incredibly sad on her wedding day.

We’ll admit that Bridal Fashion Week is not quite as on our radar as the ready-to-wear fashion weeks. Not that we don’t appreciate a gorgeous wedding gown and the talent that goes into each one, but when you’ve seen one white ball gown…

That being said, when a bridal designer does something out of the ordinary–especially when that designer is VERA WANG, whose name cannot be mentioned without conjuring up images of gorgeous ivory gowns and the celebrities who have worn them–we take notice. Yesterday in New York, Vera Wang showed her Fall 2012 bridal collection, which included seven black gowns.

The idea of a black wedding dress might make some women cringe, but to an unconventional bride-to-be, a black wedding gown could be “the one.” Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be Goth to look and feel great in a darker dress on the big day – but it is easy to go overboard. Here are some great tips and suggestions on how to totally rock your black wedding dress without going over the top.

  • Mix it with white. The best way to incorporate black in a wedding dress is to pair it with a classic white or even ivory. You can have more black than white or vice versa, but this way you’ll look more “black tie” than Morticia Adams.
  • Nix the dark makeup. Sure, you want smoky eyes. Who doesn’t? If you’re looking into wearing a black wedding dress, however, dark eyeliner can make you look like something out of the graveyard. Go easy on the makeup for a fresh-faced, dewy look instead.
  • Avoid heavy fabrics. Black velvet simply screams Gothic teenager. If you’re going dark, go with thinly layered chiffon or light satin instead of thick, heavy garments.
  • Consider a tighter fit. Drenching yourself in layer upon layer of black fabric will only make you look like a Gothic prom queen in your black wedding dress. Look for something with a streamlined fit or a tighter bodice with a flowing skirt. Try going for a blend between cocktail dress and traditional wedding gown.
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