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Exotic Pianos by alexey ,  Jan 15, 2014

Music is one thing that turns on my senses but at the same time any or every musical instrument cannot touch my inner self. Likewise, I feel thrilled listening to the notes produced from the piano but its bulky look with multiple corners and presence with dull edges kills me. I am sure many of you would share the commonality with me. Three cheers to Professor Luigi Colani, who made efforts and has discovered a workable solution to the painful situation.

K 208 Pegasus Oval Piano

The German designer and aerodynamics have inked with popular German piano maker, Schimmel Pianos to design the K 208 Pegasus – an oval piano. This creation with a sophisticated touch on behalf of master designer is being welcomed by all. It goes beyond in terms of its offerings, thereby breaking the monotony of installing ordinary piano structure. The K 208 Pegasus comes packed with built-in piano stool and electricity driven lift apparatus that mutely elevates or lowers the top.

K 208 Pegasus Oval Piano

It is equipped with an ergonomically curved keyboard, around 200 strings under a total tension of 176,520 newtons along with a key assembly comprising of 10,000 pieces. This grand piano includes a Sostenuto pedal (middle pedal), a fully-adjustable incorporated black leather upholstered stool allowing expandable dimensions and distance to the keyboard. The abode of this piano in your living reason doesn’t need a reason to celebrate but the instrument is itself is an excuse to drink, wine and dine. Those who are looking for alternatives can eye compiano, walden wood art case piano and Roland’s FR2V accordion.

Baldwin Custom House has created a new line of hand-built, limited edition designs some of which will be displayed at the Gibson Guitar booth at CES. Each piano has a distinctive custom paint job that ranges from the elegantly beautiful to Liberace-style glitz to well, whatever the "Feelin' Groovy" model is above. The gallery below shows the wide variety of pianos available (some of the are actually quite attractive) and of course, if one of these doesn't suit your fancy, further customization is always available.

Just a Ferrari Red Rolls-Royce Piano

For those of you who just love unique luxury items, check out this Rolls Royce piano with a bright Ferrari red finish! I do not know if it inspires me to slip into a red Ferrari rental or a classy Rolls Royce rental! It seems Lamborghini is not the only brand trying to steal Ferrari’s thunder!

Rolls Royce Piano

Rolls Royce Piano in Ferrari Red

Rolls Royce Piano in Ferrari Red

Most pianos are designed to be ornate, but not to steal the show from the player. The Rolls Royce piano steals the show, and perhaps runs the risk of muting the musical stylings of anyone on its lavish bench! I think it would be fabulous at a Ferrari unveiling.