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Mistakes in the Original Titanic Movie by Priyanka ,  Apr 8, 2013
Titanic was actually a great movie.

However, James Cameron's classic flick is far from perfect. Like every movie, this film is riddled with goofs: Cameras visible in scenes, props appearing and disappearing right before our eyes, facial features mysteriously moving around an actor's face, etc.

In fact, just this week, Cameron himself admitted to making a mistake in the movie, when an astronomer pointed out that, after the ship sinks, the stars above Jack and Rose are in the wrong position. (Don't worry, they have been correctly altered for the 3D version.)

Anyway, here are the worst mistakes in the original Titanic movie.
Just as Titanic breaks apart, the compass platform (seen in front of the third funnel when the lights were still on) suddenly disappears. The water isn't even high enough to have reached its aft-most legs. The white projection on the deck that held the chandelier in the lounge is also gone, and the ventilator that sits on it is flush with the deck.
When Rose and Jack run through the dining room with Cal shooting them, notice that the floor is tilted to reflect the ship sinking. In the next scene when they run down the stairs, the floor is now perfectly level. There is no tilt to the floor. Notice how the water tumbles out of the door - it falls on a flat surface and disperses evenly with no angle to it.