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How to Make a Fabric-Covered Canvas and Ideas by Tanya ,  Jan 27, 2013
Ideas for Canvas Wall Art Wall art has a great demand and canvas wall art, being cheap and attractive, is the most popular used item in the decoration of a house. One should choose such an art piece which matches with the color of the wall. The walls art also needs to be placed appropriately. For example, in the entrance/foyer area, bigger frames look good. In rooms that are designed in Middle Eastern style, wall art with minimal color usage should be placed.

mini-TUTORIAL: Letter Canvas Art

What you will need: Pre-stretched canvas, scissors, cute fabric, staple gunglue gun of course-embellishments galore!
mini-INSTRUCTIONS: Lay fabric out with canvas on top. Cut fabric to fit all the way around the edge of the canvas and staple to the back. Make sure you pull tight!

Bathroom Fabric Covered Canvas Wall Art