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Posing Guide by michael ,  Nov 11, 2013



It is always a good idea to prepare before the photo shoot. Just one more peace of advice – involve your subject in the process! He will feel more confident knowing the plan, what he has to “do” and what kind of outcome is expected. Showing this kind of posing cheat sheet to your model is indeed a very good way to prepare your subject for a photo shoot and make him feel more relaxed and confident at the same time.

So, let’s look at some sample poses for men.

1. Very simple pose for a man’s portrait: An upper body shot with crossed arms. Two things to take care of: Shoulders should be pulled back a little, stomach muscles kept in check.


2. Crossed arms works very well in full height shots as well. In addition, ask him to cross one leg in front of the other. But make sure the body weight is not supported equal on both legs, otherwise that would look just awkward!


3. A recurring question from your subject might be “Where shall I put my hands?” The solutions is actually quite simple. There are four places to keep in mind (mixed in any combination utilizing both hands). #1. Loosely by the side. #2. On the hips. #3. In the pockets. #4. Both hands crossed on the chest. And in addition – hands should always be relaxed, which means no muscle pressure, except you are photographing a bodybuilder :)


4. A casual pose for an uprightly standing man. Men indeed have a problem with placing their hands, by keeping them fully or partly in the side pockets, you have a sure way to achieve natural and relaxed pose.


5. Just a slight variation to the previous pose. Some piece of clothing over the shoulder, merely a thumb in the pocket, and legs crossed work very well.


6. For a sitting pose, putting the ankle of one leg onto the knee of the other looks relaxed and natural. Shoot slightly from above.


7. Leaning against a wall is just another variant for upright posing.


8. The sideways way of leaning against the same wall. Works very well for both casual and formal shots.


9. Very simple pose for a formal portrait. Items held in the hand (e.g. a laptop, books, or even tools) can work as insignia that point at the subject’s occupation.


10. Against common belief, it is absolutely fine to make shots of a man sitting partly on a desk. For formal portraits such a pose might counteract rigidness.


11. Very simple pose for a portrait with a man sitting at a desk. To reveal the subject’s profession place work related items on the desk that can function as insignia.


12. A slight variation of the previous pose. Very appropriate for formal portraits.


13. To show the work environment while removing the distance created by a foreground object like a desk, take your shot from the back side. The result will be formal but inviting at the same time.


14. A man supporting himself on a desk with arms crossed. Again you could place work related items on the desk to point to the subject’s profession.


15. Using a chair as a prop can make a portrait more engaging and interesting. Very suitable when introducing creative people in their work environment.


16. Sitting comfortably in a chair usually works for a corporate and formal portraits.


17. Easy and natural pose with a man sitting on the ground. Try different shooting directions and angles.


18. Another variant of a man’s pose while sitting on the ground. Suitable for outdoor locations.


19. An easy and relaxed looking pose for a sitting man.


20. Informal pose. The man is sitting on the ground resting his back against the wall or some object.


21. Finally, let your subject be the protagonist of your picture. Never be afraid to crop tightly around the model’s face.


That should be at least something to use as a starting point. Again, remember that there are no absolutes, each sample pose might and should be adjusted depending on your shooting environment and scenario. There is no need to overdo anything. Actually, all you need for good people portraits is simplicity. Simple backgrounds, simple clothing, simple poses and natural expressions.

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Kaspars Grinvalds is a photographer working and living in Riga, Latvia. He is the author of Posing App where more poses and tips about people photography are available.



The poses in this article are selected as initial reference. I would advise to look at the poses together with your subject, especially if she’s inexperienced. During a photo shoot don’t hesitate to discuss with the subject which pose is or isn’t working in any particular situation. It’s usually very productive and you both will feel more confident in what you are doing.

OK, let’s start, one by one.


1. Very simple portrait pose to start with. Have the model look over her shoulder. Note how unusual and interesting a portrait might look, if shot simply from a different angle.


2. In portrait photography, hands are usually not visible or at least not dominant. However, you might get creative by asking the model to play around with her hands trying different positions around her head or face. Keep in mind, though: No flat palms, and the hands should only show their sides!


3. You might be familiar with composition rules like the rule of thirds. In a similar way, pleasing effects can be created by using diagonals. Also remember that you don’t need to always hold your camera on a perfectly even level. Don’t be afraid to tilt it, you might achieve some interesting and unusual perspectives.


4. A really nice and lovely pose with a model sitting. The knees have to touch each other. Shoot slightly from above.


5. Another open and inviting pose with the model lying on the ground. Get down and take your shot nearly from the ground level.


6. Just a variation for a pose with the model lying on the ground. Both hands might as well be resting on the ground. Works very well outdoors, on the grass or in a wild flower meadow, for example.


7. A basic easy pose, yet looks absolutely stunning. Get down and shoot nearly from a ground level. Then try to move gradually around the model while making shots. Also ask your model to change head and hand positions.


8. Another easy yet gorgeous pose for all body types. Try different hand and leg positioning. And remember to focus on the model’s eyes!


9. A really lovely pose. Works well in different surface settings: The model, for example, might lie on a bed, on the ground, in the grass, or on a sandy beach. Shoot from a very low angle and focus on the eyes.


10. Gorgeous and easy pose for a model sitting on the ground.


11. Another simple and friendly pose for a model sitting on the ground. Try different directions and angles.


12. A wonderful way to demonstrate the beauty of a model’s physique. Works very well as a silhouette when shooting against a bright background.


13. A simple and casual looking pose. Lots of variations are possible. Ask the model to twist her body, experiment with hand positioning and try different head turns.


14. Another very simple and elegant pose. The model is turned slightly to the side, hands in back pockets.posing-photographing-female-models15.png 15. Leaning slightly forward can be a very attractive gesture. It is a subtle way to emphasize upper body shapes.


16. A sensual pose. By holding the hands above the head body curves are emphasized. Works with fit body types.


17. Endless variations are possible for posing in full height. This pose is just the starting point. Ask the model to slightly turn her body, change hand positioning, change head and eye directions etc.

posing-photographing-female-models18.png 18. A relaxed pose with the model standing upright and supporting her back against a wall. Remember that the model may use a wall not only to support her back, but also to put her hands on, or resting a leg against it.


19. Note that full height settings are very demanding and work well only with slim to athletic body types. Posing guidelines are simple: The body should be arched in an S shape, hands should be relaxed, while the weight finds support on just one leg.


20. An exquisite pose for slim to athletic models. Many variations are possible. In order to find the best posture, tell the model to slowly move her hands and twist her body constantly. When you see a good variant, ask your model to hold still and take some pictures. Repeat for a full set.


21. An absolutely romantic and delicate pose. Any kind of cloth (even a curtain) can be used. Note that the back doesn’t need to be completely bare. Sometimes as little as a bare shoulder could work pretty well.

So, there’s something for you to start with. Hope you will find at least couple of poses to work with in different shooting scenarios! Keep in mind that each of the initial sample poses is meant to be only a starting point. Each pose has endless variations! Just be creative and adjust the pose as needed (for example, try different shooting angles and ask your subject to change hand, head and leg positioning etc.)

21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Women – Part II


This article is a sequel to the previous article about posing women. If you haven’t read it, I would kindly recommend you to start with 21 Sample Poses for Photographing Women – Part I, as basic principles why and how to use these samples remains the same.

OK, let’s continue.


1. Good starting pose. And very nice way to make the model slimmer. The model should push her chin forward and tilt it slightly down while at the same time the shoulder up, but not too much! There should definitely be a little gap between chin and shoulder.


2. Most often the best poses are the simplest ones. For female models supporting body on just one leg and curving the body in an S shape is a simple starting rule.


3. Very beautiful way to utilize a wall or some object for a portrait pose. Model should gently touch a vertical surface with her hands.


4. If your model has long falling hair, try showing them in motion. Ask her to quickly spin her head to a desired position allowing the hair to continue the movement. You might want to experiment with different shutter speeds to either capture or avoid a motion blur. These are usually very positive and rewarding shots.


5. Suitable for sitting on a couch or in bed. In order to add some thematic depth, the model could hold a coffee cup in her hands, maybe implying that she is warming her fingers.


6. A nice and cozy pose, very suitable for indoors with the model sitting on a couch.


7. Another variation for a model sitting on a couch.


8. Very nice looking casual pose for a model sitting on the ground. Try different shooting angles, for example, move gradually around the model or change the shooting point’s height.


9. Sitting positions are not limited to casual shots. Don’t be afraid to try some sitting poses also for more formal shots.


10. According to some popular and commonly exploited body language rules, crossing arms and legs means putting up some barriers etc. Even if such beliefs are widespread, it doesn’t mean they are correct. In pictures crossed arms on the chest don’t send any subconscious signs or warnings at all! Crossing arms and legs in all different ways is absolutely fine for people photography.


11. Not always your model needs to “place” hands somewhere specifically. It is absolutely fine to leave them loosely by the sides. The same goes for legs, no exaggerations – one leg supports the weight, that’s the only rule you need.


12. Just another sample for a full height shot you can use as a starting point. Thumbs or hands partly in side pockets also work fine.


13. A very nice pose for summertime. Let her lose her shoes and ask her to walk slowly. Walk and take your shots slightly from behind.


14. Hands behind the back, unusual but very open gesture. She might as well stand and support herself against a wall.


15. Very easy and beautiful pose for a formal portrait. Model should turn a little bit sideways, head turned slightly down and towards the camera.


16. Placing both hands on the waist is also a very photogenic pose. Works well both for half and full height shots.


17. If available, some higher furniture or interior object might be helpful to place an arm on and slightly support the body. This will create a formal but at the same time an open and positive posture.


18. Partly sitting on some object is another very nice pose. Works well indoors as well outdoors in a city.


19. An example of a feminine and fashionable pose for a full height picture.

posing-guide-photographing-women-20.jpg 20. Demanding pose, because indicating model’s movement is not easy. However, if done right, very rewarding for trendy fashion or very elegant full height shots.posing-guide-photographing-women-21.jpg

21. Lovely looking pose for the appropriate settings – the model is supporting herself against some fence or bridge railing or some similar object. Shooting from a side with a large aperture provides good opportunities for a shallow depth of field with a nicely blurred background.

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However dealing with kids sometimes can be quite challenging. You have to be ready that they often have their own thoughts on their mind and you need to be very patient and adapt to their natural behavior. Don’t assume that they will listen carefully and follow your instructions exactly. That’s why you most probably won’t be able to use these samples as posing cheat sheet. Use them rather as a reference for ideas and different scenarios for you photo shoot.

1. When photographing children, remember to shoot from their eye level! Concerning poses, though, let them be “as they are” and try to capture their natural expressions, emotions and behavior.


2. A sweet pose for kids. Get your subject to lie down on the ground and shoot from a very low angle.


3. Just another variant if your subject is lying on the ground.


4. Very sweet pose for photographing babies. Place the baby in a bed and cover it with a blanket. For best results, make sure that the colors of all the bedclothes go well together. White works well.


5. To make kids more relaxed, try to get them hug or play with their favorite teddy bear or any other toy of their choice.


6. Try taking pictures of kids in their everyday environment, for example, playing their favorite games, doing homework or as in this example, painting with watercolors. Keeping them busy in a familiar setting is a good way to get them to cooperate and to make those special poses you want.


7. It really is a good idea to set everything up so that the kid is busy with his own “things” and not even noticing your actions. Looking at a favorite picture book is just one example of how to keep them “posing” for you.


8. Be attentive and don’t miss the kids heavy laughing or loud shouting. Such situations always produce very emotional and thus rewarding shots! But, please, no staged cheese smiles! Avoid fake emotions at all costs.


9. Use some delicious food items as props. You might be able to capture very interesting moments photographing children eating some sweets, ice-cream, fruits etc.


10. Soap bubbles are simply a must-have accessory for children photography. First of all, children just love them and are really happy to blow some bubbles. Secondly, you can work creatively and find an accurate lighting settings to get beautifully illuminated bubbles as an outstanding visual hook in your photos.


11. When photographing outdoors, you can involve your subject in a hiding (actually reappearing) game. Get her to hide behind some object – a big tree for instance – and ask her to peek out of the hide-out. This is a nice moment to take a picture.


12. Playing in the sand is a very nice setting for photographing children. They can play and keep themselves busy while you just observe and take your shots while not disturbing them even one bit.


13. Try some action shots. Give your subjects a ball to play with. Then aim for an interesting perspective: Shoot from ground level while introducing the ball as a dominant foreground object.


14. When shooting children and family photos, never forget that pets are also family members. Involve them into your shots and you will notice how much joy and emotions that will create.


15. Children’s playground is a very good place for some outdoor shots, it provides endless variations for action shots.


16. If a boy or a girl is into some sports (basketball, football, tennis etc.) you can take a very special portrait of him or her with the corresponding props.


17. A very nice mother and baby pose. Mother laying on the ground with a kid on the chest. Alternatively, if the kid is still a toddler, she could hold him or her in both hands above her. And just a remark on this one and the following samples with a mother – in all of these samples the parent might as well be a father, a gender used here is only for an illustration purposes. And, of course, do involve both parents in a photo shoot, in any sample here one or both parents are more than welcome to “join into” the composition.


18. Very simple and natural pose: Mother holding her kid on the hip. Try different head positions.


19. A really touching pose. Just ask the child to hug its mother. Capture their natural emotions for a priceless photo.


20. An engaging, fun and easy pose, which is nevertheless rather uncommon and original. Ask the mother to lie down on the ground, then make the kid to sit on and hold on to the mother’s back.


21. This setting is absolutely beautiful for family portraits. Might be arranged indoors in a bed as well outdoors on the ground. Works very well in different combinations and with different numbers of subjects, adults or kids.


And on a final note, first and foremost thing to keep in mind – kids move around very fast! It’s not only the physical movement in space, but also the head, eye direction and face expressions – everything changes constantly and instantly! That means you have to choose fast enough shutter speeds in order to avoid motion blurred images. Consider forcing one or two ISO stops above “normal” to gain faster shutter speeds. And always shoot in continuous shooting mode, taking several frames in a row. The blink of an eye just takes the blink of an eye. Secure the moments before and after, too. In the age of digital cameras this costs nothing, but it can be critical for securing the best shots.

Groups of People.                                                    

Previously in the posing guide series articles we looked at posing female subjects, posing male subjects, posing children and posing couples. It is now time for posing groups of people.

There are usually three kinds of group shots. First are just formal shots with a large number of people. Second are more informal shots with a group of friends. And finally, photographing a group or family members. In this order, let’s look at some sample poses and posing ideas.

1. When working with a large group of people you won’t be able to control each individual’s pose or expression. This is fine as long as you pay attention to the overall composition. Imagine the whole group to be a single object. Principally, make sure that all people in the group are visible.


2. When photographing large groups, quite often the only possible composition in order to get everyone into the frame will be to compose in full height. These kind of shots are usually formal and documentary so again, your primary objective here would be to get everyone in the group clearly visible.


3. If possible, search for ways to shoot from an elevated angle. Using a balcony or climbing on a car to get a higher viewpoint could work perfectly. It will definitely be worth the effort, because instead of an ordinary and common group shot you will get more interesting and inviting perspective.


4. There are occasions when standing separately for the members of a group will be more appropriate than “keeping heads together”. Maybe it’s not the best way to take a “friendly group”, but might work very well for a small team shot, e.g. music band or co-workers in a project. If a group has a known leader, put him or her in front for even stronger composition.


5. This is pretty much a standard way to photograph a group of friends. Yes, it’s easy, ordinary and common way to pose for snapshots, but it really works, so – why not?


6. This is a fun composition which comes across as a quite friendly pose. Ask everyone to stand very close together. Then make them lean their heads slightly closer to each other and towards the camera.


7. Ask the group to form a circle while lying in the grass outdoors or on the ground indoors while you shoot from above.


8. Very fun and rewarding way to set up a small group of people. Choose a “group leader” and put him or her in front. The others should then join one by one. Each of them is supposed to stand behind the previous person peeking towards the camera over the shoulder etc. Supporting themselves a little on the person directly in front adds to the cordiality of the composition.


9. A slight variation of the previous one. Put a “group leader” in front and the others to appear behind each other. Take shots with different aperture settings and choose later if you prefer only the first one or all of the group members to be in focus.


10. Very fun way for informal picture of group of friends. For the best results, ask a group to make a jump after a short run.


11. Very rewarding and interesting composition is to shoot group of people in a row. Check that everybody is clearly visible and shoot from a close distance with a wide aperture and focus on the first person. Yes, people farther away will be blurred, but they will still agree that a result is a very interesting and unusual looking group shot.


12. Now, let’s look at some family samples. The most common way to photograph all the family members is sitting on a couch in the living room. It is not the most creative way for a family shot, but it can be done quite fine. The easiest way to improve these standard compositions is simply to crop real tight. Don’t include that lovely couch and room’s furniture in the shot. Fill the frame with and only with all the family members.


13. Another good idea for family shots is to simply get outside. Sitting in the lawn, in a local park or on a beach – all of these are excellent places to take some family shots. Just remember – when subjects are sitting, don’t remain standing – get low and shoot from your subjects’ eye level.


14. A family lying close together on the ground. Make them lift their upper bodies a bit by using their arms as supports. Shoot from a low angle.


15. A beautiful composition for a family shot. Might be done outdoors on the ground or indoors in a bed. Works absolutely fine with any number of kids.


16. Cozy pose with a family sitting comfortably on their favorite couch.


17. For an unusual and interesting family picture, turn the traditional couch photo setting around. Simply take your shots from the back side and see what a huge difference it can make.


18. Just a slight variation when taking a picture from the couch’s back side.


19. Absolutely beautiful way to make shots of a group of family members. Just ask the kids to hang onto the adults’ backs.


20. Very easy pose for a full height shot. As you can imagine, works well with any number of persons.


21. Take shots with the family walking hand in hand. Shoot in continuous mode and select the photos with the best leg movement and positioning. Keep in mind to control a focus, while subjects are approaching from a distance.


And finally, be creative and come up with different variants on your own. Think of ways you can transform the corresponding pose for your particular shooting scenario and subjects. Use these initial sample poses as a source for your own creativity!

Glamour Photography


No doubt, today’s media and advertising industry heavily exploits “fashion” and “sexy” themes (sometimes indeed too much). Over time public perception of what is acceptable has also broadened. This trend drives the demand and naturally glamour photography is increasing in popularity. Specialized glamour photo studios are opening with photographers working together with professional hair and makeup artists in order to provide a kind of “fashion model” experience for their clients.

Increasing popularity of this genre of photography is not surprising, many women like the whole experience – dressing up, trying on different ideas and accessories, creating different moods. And glamour is the perfect match for that. But there are several factors each of which can mean all the difference for the final result – hair and makeup, clothing and accessories, lights and posing. Of course, each of these are a broad subjects and in this article we will only touch the surface of the posing part.

So here follow sample poses that you can use as the starting point for your glamour portraits or simply as an idea for a shot.

Posing guide glamour 01

1. Good starting pose for an intimate glamour. Works well in different surface settings: the model, for example, might lie on a bed, on the ground, in the grass, or on a sandy beach.

Posing guide glamour 02

2. Just a different variant for the model lying down. Works very well with all body types.

Posing guide glamour 03

3. Really nice and lovely pose. Shoot from a low angle. Ask the model to keep her upper body slightly lifted, but the head – slightly tilted down. Toes should always be pointed.

Posing guide glamour 04

4. A demanding pose. A few things need to be checked: Supporting hand must be turned away from the body, stomach muscles should be controlled, and feet need to be stretched. Works only with slim to athletic body types.

Posing guide glamour 05

5. Another challenging pose. Not so easy to pose and very demanding for a photographer. In order to shoot this pose successfully you have to pay attention and scan all body parts – hands, head, waist (avoid skin creases!), hips and finally legs.

Posing guide glamour 06

6. Beautiful pose for an outdoor shooting. Ask your model to lay down, curve her back and stretch her feet.

Posing guide glamour 07

7. Beautiful pose for the model lying on the ground. Upper body should be slightly lifted and the model looking back over her shoulder. Works well with all body types. Try different angles and look for the best position by moving gradually around the model.

Posing guide glamour 08

8. Easy and simple pose to emphasize a feminine shape. Works also well as a silhouette against a bright background.

Posing guide glamour 09

9. Variant for fine arts nude photography. Variations are endless with different hand, leg and head positioning.

Posing guide glamour 10

10. Easy and gentle pose. A model should sit on both of her legs and feet, but it shouldn’t be too heavy. Eyes looking over her shoulder.

Posing guide glamour 11

11. Easy yet gorgeous pose. Works well in different settings, both indoors and outdoors. Also suitable for a silhouette shot against a bright background.

Posing guide glamour 12

12. An absolutely gorgeous pose if done properly. Correct limb positioning is crucial. Works exceptionally well with all body types. Also note that you should make your shots from a slightly elevated angle.

Posing guide glamour 13

13. Very challenging pose, leg positioning being the decisive factor for good results. Carefully guide your model to the intended postures. High heel shoes are a must.

Posing guide glamour 14

14. Simple and dignified pose. Make sure that model’s face is not partly covered by her hand or shoulder. Eyes looking down to her body creates particularly romantic mood. The raised elbow should be pointing away from the camera.

Posing guide glamour 15

15. Very feminine and delicate pose. Remember that glamour and nude photography doesn’t exclude using some props. Sometimes a single piece of clothing might be a superb addition to a shot. Thus, the model might partly cover her body.

Posing guide glamour 16

16. Very helpful aid for creating different poses is utilizing a wall (or any other object of a kind). Wall can be used as a place to put hands on, support a body, back, legs etc.

Posing guide glamour 17

17. Full height at the wall shot. Again, endless variation and shooting angles are possible.

Posing guide glamour 18

18. Following from the previous, for example, change you angle and shoot as well from the back.

Posing guide glamour 19

19. An exquisite pose for slim to athletic models. Many variations are possible. Ask the model to curve a body in S shape, twist her hips and change hand positions. Let her turn her head in different directions.

Posing guide glamour 20

20. Using a sheer textile as a prop creates endless possibilities for the model and photographer to create very rewarding and outstanding results. Especially marvelous looks can be made in windy weather conditions outdoors.

Posing guide glamour 21

21. Another good idea for a creative glamour photography is to shoot in vast open fields, for example, some cornfield or wildflowers meadow or even in a deserted landscape. As previously mentioned some textile or other piece of clothing is very helpful for the model to come up with some interesting and graceful postures.

As a final note I will say once again – each of these initial sample poses is only a starting point. Each pose has endless variations. First of all, the model can always try different face expressions, smiles, head turns, hand and leg placements, body turns and twists etc. Only slight variations can make a completely different pose (and a better one!). Moreover, always remember to take a shot from different angles (up and down, right and left), try changing your distance to subject, try different crops and compositions of your shots. After all, posing is trial and error effort. The more variations you will try, the better results you will get.

Finally, you may want to look at Posing Women Part I and Posing Women Part II articles in this series for additional ideas on posing your models.

And I would really like to hear your experience with these posing samples. Please feel free to leave a comment.



A Guest Post by Kaspars Grinvalds from Posing App.

In the previous articles in this posing guide series we looked individually at posing female subjects, posing male subjects and posing children (there are links to the full series of posing guides below). In those individual person portraits the main subject was a single person and her or his personality. In comparison, couple photography is more about connection, interaction and above all – feelings between two people. And most probably those are very deep and passionate feelings, which makes couple photography so delightful and positive.

Generally a couple should be easy to engage in a photo shoot. If they are initially a bit shy or feeling uncomfortable, just ask them to show you how they felt and looked when they met for the first time. You will invoke them on an emotional level, providing you with natural and loving expressions in their portraits

1. Easy starting pose standing face to face (but looking to the camera) and her holding an arm on his chest. Take both close-up as well as vertical shots.


2. Ask the couple to stand very close to each other to catch intimate close-up portraits. Don’t be afraid to zoom in and crop real tight!


3. Very easy and cordial pose with him holding her from behind. The couple may look straight into the camera or at each other. They might even kiss for a more emotive shot.couple03.gif

4. Fun and loving pose with her holding onto his back and shoulders. Pay attention to hand positioning: It should be simple and natural.


5. Just a variant with her holding him from behind. Remember that the couple doesn’t necessarily have to look in the camera. For better results, make them interact with each other by talking, flirtatious looks, laughing etc.couple05.gif

6. Creates a very romantic mood. Works best outdoors with some open space in the background. Shoot only slightly from a back. Remember that you have to be far enough to the couples side to be able to capture each person’s closest eye, otherwise you will create an impersonal, “empty” shot.


7. Find some elevation and shoot your subjects from above. A common pose shot from an unusual angle is always creative and will often reward you with surprisingly good results.


8. Another romantic pose. Works best outdoors with some open space in the background. Works also very well as a silhouette against a bright background, in front of a sunset, for example.


9. Easy to realize pose for a full height shot. Creates a calm and affectionate mood.


10. A fun pose. Don’t presume this to be appropriate only with younger people. If an older couple feels fine with it, this pose will work absolutely superb with them as well. Try different framings, take full height shots, half height ones and close-ups.


11. Very nice way to show the affection when meeting each other. Works very well in crowded places, such as a famous meeting point in a city, trains or metro stations etc.


12. A pose with a little bit of fun. The crucial part is her leg positioning, each leg should be bent in different angles. While he is still lifting her, take a close-up portrait shot as well.


13. Take shots of the couple walking hand in hand approaching from a distance. Shoot in burst mode only! However, the majority of your shots will look awkward because of the leg movement. Therefore, the second part of your job is to select the photos with the best leg movement and positioning afterwards.


14. Another variant with a walking couple. This time couple walks close together and holds onto each other. Again, take several shots and choose those with the most elegant leg positioning.


15. Never forget that there often are good opportunities simply shooting from the back.


16. A couple lying close together on the ground. Make them lift their upper bodies a bit by using their arms as supports. He might embrace her gently. Shoot from a very low angle.


17. Another variant with a couple lying on the ground. This time with a little interspace.


18. A good example to show that two persons can very well be positioned asymmetrically.


19. Informal and fun way to pose for a couple lying on their backs.


20. A cordial pose, ask the couple to sit comfortably on their favorite sofa.


21. Sometimes shooting a couple may mean maternity photography. Some poses from this couples series work also pretty well for such an occasion. Simply adjust a posing accordingly to show the couple’s feelings about and interactions with the unborn new life.


Allow me to repeat the previously stated – look at these sample poses as a starting point only. That’s the reason why they are rough sketches instead of real photos. You can’t and should not repeat the pose exactly, instead adjust the pose creatively according to your shooting environment and scenario.



Previously in this posing guide series we took a look to posing women, posing men, posing children, posing couples and posing groups of people. In this article let’s address a popular photographic event – wedding.

I would like to state from the very beginning, that weddings in general are a major commercial industry to many professional photographers. Shooting wedding photography professionally is a much, much bigger topic than just 21 sample poses. The aim of this article is only to provide you with some initial guidance and ideas to take some nice bride and groom pictures.

1. The wedding veil is a superb accessory for a bride’s close-up portrait. You may want to use manual zoom to focus on the eyes, otherwise the auto mode will focus on the veil’s texture.


2. A very good opportunity for a great picture is photographing the bride or both newlyweds in the wedding car.


3. The romantic and passionate kiss is another must-have shot from the event. Definitely try to capture both faces including the eyes. Without that you will probably produce a dull shot.


4. Very easy and kind pose. The newlyweds simply and naturally embrace while bringing their cheeks together. Take care that the bridal bouquet is nicely placed and turned towards the camera.


5. Another beautiful pose with the groom embracing the bride from the back. The newlyweds may look romantically at each other or straight to the camera. Or they might kiss for an even more affectionate pose.


6. Just a slight variation of the previous ones, keep the newlyweds close together, but find a way to get a shot from an elevated angle.


7. In weddings you can’t really go wrong by asking the newly weds to kiss for a shot whenever there is an appropriate moment. They won’t complain anyway!


8. If possible, arrange an outdoor shot, take some pictures of the couple from a distance and use some open space in a background.


9. Absolutely easy and a bit more formal pose, creates a calm and intimate mood.


10. The groom holding the bride in arms, easy to pose, however be careful choosing the right shooting angle – both faces should be visible.


11. A pose with the groom holding the bride works not only from a distance, but makes a very nice pose for a close-up as well.


12. Certainly a staged pose – the bride falling into the groom’s hands. But if the newly weds are responsive, poses like that could work out extremely well.


13. Weddings don’t need to be and sometimes really aren’t at all that serious. Don’t be afraid to make some fun, ask the newly weds to loose their shoes and just run around a bit and snap some frames.


14. Never forget that there often are good opportunities shooting from the back.


15. A fun pose with the newlyweds kissing passionately. Pay attention to the wedding dress: It shall look free-falling and natural, as opposed to stuck and creased under the groom’s leg.


16. A gorgeous pose for a bride’s portrait. The bride should sit on the ground (or a very low stool) with the wedding dress nicely arranged around her. Shoot from above with the bride looking slightly upwards.


17. Fun and simple pose, the newlyweds clinking champagne glasses. For a more creative shot you could get real close and focus on the glasses, leaving the portraits blurred.


18. Another creative way to play with a shallow depth of field. Use the widest possible aperture and keep the groom in a distance from the bride. Focus on the bride, leaving him slightly out of focus.


19. The newlyweds dancing is just another must-have shot. Take pictures with the bride and groom facing towards the camera, making both faces clearly visible. They may look to the camera or at each other.


20. For some creative results, don’t concentrate only on bride and groom. There are many interesting corresponding objects to shoot, and these photos especially will make the event’s photo album far more engaging. Thus, take separate shots with single objects. Examples are the wedding bouquet, jewelery, clothing details, champagne glasses, wedding rings, wedding car elements etc.


21. The final point isn’t about posing proper, rather just an idea for a post production. Most probably you will have a bunch of photos from the event, so use them to make a small collage (or several ones). Pick only some objects or crops from other pictures and combine them into a balanced composition. Use some unified filter effects or simply convert them to black-and-white in order to achieve outstanding results. Such collages indeed are pure pleasure to an eye!


And furthermore take a look also at the other articles in posing series, particularly posing couples. Many of those couple poses can be used perfectly for bride and groom. And, of course, take a look to articles on posing female subjects and posing men. You may find there some appropriate poses for individual portraits.

техник позирования для съемки непрофессиональных моделей.

Не все фотографы работают с профессиональными моделями. Часто работа связана со съемкой обычных людей, но на фотографии любой человек хочет получиться хорошо и быть похожим на модель.

Как работать с людьми, не имеющими опыта в позировании для создания модельного образа? 7 советов от Бена Типса.

1. Поработайте над волосами

Многие считают, что волосы сложно контролировать, но на самом деле вы можете это сделать! Если на снимке волосы лежат некрасиво, это первое, что заметят на вашей фотографии, особенно если волосы длинные. У каждого человека внешность индивидуальна и как лучше убрать волосы будет зависеть от конкретного случая.

Предположим, вы снимаете портрет человека без участия стилиста и визажиста. Первое, что важно помнить — волосы, лежащие на плечах, выглядят ужасно.


Варианты для волос

5 способов убрать волосы:

  1. Волосы рассыпанные по плечам
  2. Волосы за плечами
  3. Волосы перед плечами
  4. На одной стороне
  5. На другой стороне
  6. Собрать волосы

Варианта номер 1 лучше избегать. Какой из способов выбрать, зависит от модели и от образа, который вы хотите получить. Часто на снимке волосы на одной стороне будут смотреться лучше, чем на другой, обратите на это внимание.

Собранные волосы подходят для съемки лица крупным планом, это не отвлекает внимания и очень хорошо выглядит на портретах.

2. Вытяните  уши  вперед

Звучит странно, не правда ли?

Когда человек находится в своей обычном расслабленном положении или даже выпрямляется для красивой позы, подбородок часто  выглядит вяло. Но если вы скажите вытянуть  его вперед, то человек направит его прямо в камеру и немного приподнимет голову вверх, что закончится съемкой ноздрей модели.  Это выглядит весьма непривлекательно.  Лучше посоветуйте потянуть вперед уши. В попытке выполнить это указание, человек более правильно вытянет шею, не задирая нос кверху.

До и после указания потянуть уши вперед.

До и после указания потянуть уши вперед.

То же самое со стороны

То же самое со стороны

Это, конечно, немного неудобно, но результаты стоят того.

Пример при съемке мужчины. Спортивный парень в отличной форме, но его естественная поза не очень фотогенична.

Пример при съемке мужчины. Спортивный парень в отличной форме, но его естественная поза не очень фотогенична.

3. Поднимите руку

Даже если человек стоит прямо с опущенными вниз руками, может появиться несколько проблем. Во-первых, чувство неловкости, а во-вторых, это расслабляет мышцы, и руки кажутся больше, чем на самом деле.


Не прижимайте руку к телу

Можно исправить положение, если поднять руку вверх на пару сантиметров, и она будет «парить», а не выглядеть прижатой. Кроме того можно сменить положение, например, положить на бедро. На фотографии красной линией показана ширина руки, когда она прижата к телу, эта же линия перенесена на снимок с правильной позой. Таким образом, понятно насколько это важно.

4. Оставьте визуальное пространство за талией

Каждый хочет выглядеть стройным на фотографии. Лучшее, что вы можете сделать — это показать их «естественную» талию.


покажите естественный изгиб талии

На первой фотографии модель поставила руки на бедра, отсутствие пространства и ее правая рука визуально расширяет середину тела. На второй фотографии напротив – правая рука подана вперед, что оставило свободное место за талией и подчеркнуло ее стройность.

5. Поверните плечи

Очень простой совет, но достаточно важный. Направленные прямо в объектив плечи, визуально увеличивают тело. Может и неплохой вариант, если вы фотографируете директора крупной компании или футболиста, но не для съемки обычного портрета. Если же повернуть плечи, фигура выглядит стройнее.


поверните плечи

Красная линия показывает ширину тела модели. На первой фотографии — фигура визуально расширена, на второй – плечи повернуты, создается более стройный профиль.

6. Не показывайте белки глаз

Если вы хотите запечатлеть мечтательный взгляд или взгляд, направленный не в камеру, лучшим решением будет попросить модель посмотреть на какой-нибудь объект позади вас, а не просто куда-то в сторону.

Сначала я попросил модель посмотреть на дверь рядом с нами, снимок не очень удачен. Второй вариант модель смотрит на окно рядом с дверью, более привлекательный портрет, мы видим ее глаза, а не белки глаз.


Не показывайте белки глаз

7. Следите за носом

Фотографируя лицо в  неполный профиль, так что мы видим оба глаза в кадре, при сильном повороте головы может создаться эффект нарушения пропорций, нос будет казаться длиннее и как бы ломать линию лица. Если модель немного повернет лицо к вам, так что бы осталось пространство между кончиком носа и щекой, профиль будет красивым, пропорции сохранятся.


Следите за носом



применяем все в комплексе

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  • Сильная линия подбородка
  • Рука приподнята
  • Не увеличивайте визуально талию
  • Поверните плечи
  • Мы видим глаза, а не белки глаз.
  • Нос не ломает линию лица.