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Best Smart Phone Cases by Priyanka ,  Sep 2, 2013

Afraid to take your smartphone anywhere because dropping it means a painful $500 bucks? Fear no more, here are many options for keeping your phone safe from drops, rain, dust, and the rigorous conditions faced by first responders, industrial workers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and even parents. In this post, we’re featuring a few good cases to safeguard your valuable investments.

Most of the manufacturers make cases for some of the hottest models, the iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPads, but don’t worry as a few also feature phones from HTC, Blackberry, LG, Sony and Motorola among others. Check out the sites for a protective case suited for the model you are carrying.

1. Tank by Case-Mate

The Tank is designed to meet or exceed the standards of the U.S. Military. Constructed with a rugged polycarbonate exterior and a soft, cushioning silicone interior, it features a retractable screen and a holster clip.

The case is tested to endure shocks, drops, vibrations, wind, rain, sand, and dust, which makes it ideal for environmental workers with extreme working conditions.

In Case-mate’s product testing video "Tank Takes a Beating", the company reported that 67% of iPhone failures are due to cracked screens.

Well, if you can’t even crack your phone by running it over with a car (seen in the video), you should be safe. The Tank study reported that the case was 2.5x more impact resistance when compared to the leading brand.

2. Otterbox Defender

Otterbox has a wide range of rugged cases for smartphones and tablets, in particular the ones from the Defender series.

This case for the iPhone comes in three parts: a polycarbonate outer casing, a silicone cushioning inside, and a thick, durable clip.

It includes covers for the phone ports and buttons, and the design of the case allows you to place the phone facing inside or outside: you can offer the screen of the phone extra protection in extreme conditions or turn it facing outward so you can see your calls, messages, and alerts.

In the video "Otterbox Defender Series 23 Floors Ultimate Drop Test" one man drops his phone 23 floors from his hotel room.

3. Tough Xtreme by Case-Mate

Case-Mate has plenty of rugged cases available; we look at this one in the Tough Xtreme series. There are cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 as well as the iPad Mini and pictuere here is one for the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia phone.

It features a snap-on frame to support the sides and front, as well as a multi-layer outer casing made of DuoFlex and PolyCore. The DuoFlex is designed to provide cushioning and a solid yet comfortable grip.

This layer also protects the phone's ports. The PolyCore layer is a hard inner shell which snugly holds the phone and provides durable protection.

4. G-Form Extreme

This XTREME iPhone 5 Case by G-Form raises the bar to a whole new level. This case features the company’s patented Reactive Protection Technology™ which "stiffens on impact in order to absorb over 90% of the force from an impact". Not bad.

The case offers two more layers of protection: the rigid outer polycarbonate shell plus an inner TPE insert for more shock absorption.

Shock-proof, pocket-friendly made possible by low-profile RPT ™ accents, the open frame allows full use of the touch screen. Raised edges on the front side gives extra protection to the screen.

When Felix Baumgartner set the record by jumping from 128,000 feet, G-Form was inspired to raise the testing its iPhone case to new heights. And tested it they did. The company dropped their Extreme iPhone Case from a balloon100,000 feet in the air.

5. Ballistic Hard Core

Designed with four protective layers, the Ballistic HC series feature an optional outer layer for use during your most rigorous activities, a screen protector, a soft silicone shock absorbent layer, and a clip-on attachment. Unlike many of the protective cases, this case only allows you to turn the phone facing inward, toward your body.

It is thicker than many selections, but does comprise four separate layers of protection. Check out the video of the "Uncut live footage of the new Ballistic HC Case for the iPhone 4" to see how this case performed when pushed to the limits.

10Rate reviewers and staff selected 10 of the best Smartphone and iPhone Cases for 2012, assigning each a numerical rating as well as awarding three brands that stood out for quality, value and budget. Consideration to these cell phone cases was given based on the following criteria:

1. A variety of styles, colors and materials 2. A wide selection of choices for all the major smartphone brands 3. High-quality, durable materials for long-term protection 4. Good customer service and fair prices 5. Open access to all smartphone buttons and ports 6. Easy-to-navigate websites

The annual Top 10 Best iPhone Cases 2012 awards list was headed by OtterBox, winning the Best Quality spot and a near perfect 9.5 out of 10 rating. The review noted several strengths of the smartphone cases as follows, “OtterBox’s cases are fairly indestructible themselves. Made of the toughest, thickest materials like silicone and polycarbonate, they’re much stronger than the typical rubbery case you can pick up for not much money.”

10rate's editors also gave the Best Value Smartphone and iPhone Case award to Incipio. With a rating of 8.5 out of 10, the Incipio Case Review boasted, “For a variety of colorful smartphone cases at reasonable prices, Incipio delivers. The California-based company offers dual case packages, so you can switch out two different color cases depending on your mood. There are plenty of styles and materials to choose from, including the feather case made of form-fitting polycarbonate and the Offgrid case, which powers your iPhone with a built-in battery.”

Additionally, the Best Budget award from the Best Smartphone Cases went to HiTech for which 10rate noted, “A major retailer of smartphone and laptop accessories, HiTech Closeout features products at surprisingly low prices. Whether you need a protective case, screen shield, armband or charger, you’ll find plenty of products to choose from.” The review went on to mention, “The company’s selection seems pretty comprehensive if not too varied—you won’t find many wild, uniquely designed cases. But if you just need something simple at a fair price, you’ll be pleased with what HiTech Closeout has to offer.”

The Comparison iPhone Case Ratings also covered Apple products, which of course only fit iPhones rather than just any smartphones. The review for Apple iPhone Cases had this to say of its 8.5 out of 10 rating: “Apple includes a wide collection of protective cases, from basic bumper cases of molded plastic to folio cases of genuine leather. Whether you want style, personalized touches, or protection for your iPhone, Apple has something in mind for you. We especially like the wallet clutch cases, which hold credit cards and cash along with the iPhone 4/4S.” conducts reviews in various product and services categories and publishes “Expert Top 10 Lists for Everything in your life.” The company's web site strives to “Make it Easy” to select from the hundreds of choices there are in the product and service market place. All products and services are thoroughly researched by the companies expert editors prior to receiving a rating on a 1-10 scale. In addition to product reviews the companies editors write guidelines, buying guides and articles on various topics surrounding each product or service category covered to help educate the consumer.

Even the most careful smartphone owner can get butter fingers. When an iPhone or other smartphone is dropped and hits the ground, the touch screen and case might become cracked or shattered. Thankfully, there are dozens of products on the market designed to keep cell phones safe even when they are dropped.

Cell phone cases are made from a wide variety of materials and each one has its own benefits and limitations. Whether you’re prone to dropping your phone or just looking to protect your device from normal wear and tear, the type of case you choose depends on your needs, taste and budget.

Here is an overview of some the best types of cases to protect your smartphone.

Polycarbonate Cases

Polycarbonate is type of tough, durable plastic used in some smartphone cases today. Polycarbonate is the same material used in bulletproof windows, so you can be assured it will offer maximum protection for your smartphone. Polycarbonate cases are lightweight while providing great strength against drops and other potential cell phone damage.

Plastic Cases

Plastic cases offer protection from bumps and scratches while allowing you to add style and personality to your phone. Plastic smartphone cases are available in many different colors and patterns so you can change the look of your phone on a regular basis. Plastic cases are a durable and inexpensive way to protect your phone from potential chips and cracks. Hard plastic cases can help save your phone from cracking or breaking by absorbing the shock of a fall.

Carbon Fiber Cases

Carbon fiber is a strong, lightweight material, so cell phone cases made from it offer a high level of protection against damage. Carbon fiber cases are ideal for protecting phones from falls on concrete or hard tile — falls which can result in cracked screens and other major damage. Carbon fiber offers greater protection than plastic cases and generally is more expensive than plastic.

Silicone Cases

Silicone is another popular material used for making smartphone cases. Silicone cases are flexible skins which offer great protection against low-impact drops by helping absorb the impact of a fall to reduce damage to your phone. These cases also offer protection from scratches and minor dings. Silicone cases come in a variety of colors and designs and are perfect for protecting your phone from life’s everyday bumps and damage.

Metal Cases

Metal smartphone cases, sometimes made of aluminum, are hard and sturdy. Metal cases offer protection from falls and daily scratches and chips to help preserve the appearance of your phone. Metal cell phone cases are available in different colors or even a beautiful brushed metal finish.

Leather Cases

Leather cases are a popular aesthetic choice for smartphone protection. Though leather cases can protect your phone from scratches and chips, they don’t provide the strongest protection when it comes to dropping your phone. A leather case may be right for you if you are only looking for minimal protection from daily wear.

Smartphone cases range in price, from a few dollars to over $100, but when it comes to protecting an expensive smartphone, the price of the case is well worth it. You never know when you might drop your phone so be sure to protect your smartphone with the perfect case.