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Odessa Jokes by alexey ,  Feb 19, 2015
Odessa is a city located on the shore of the Black Sea and is famous by its unique style of humor.  There is a special category of jokes in the Russian culture: “Odessa jokes” in which people from Odessa are laughing at themselves.   Translating Odessa jokes into English is an unappreciated task, however, we will try to translate some selected jokes.  Enjoy! 

    - Madame Trachtenberg, is your little Sophie getting married?
    - Yes, step by step…

    - Are you going to Rabinovich’s funeral?
    - Why should I? Do you think he would come to mine?

    - Moishe, tell me, are you happy with your wife?
    - Do I look like having an option? 

    Rabinovich instructs his wife before the party:
    - Don’t lay silver spoons on the table!
    - Do you think the guests can steal them?
    - No, I’m afraid they can recognize them!

  - Rabbi, I have a problem: my son had gone to Christianity, was baptized.  What should I do?
  - Well, I have to consult with God, come tomorrow.
The next day he comes and asks what God said. Rabbi says:
  - God says he has the same problem.

    - What are reading?
    - It is a book bout history.
    - But it looks like a book about sex...
    - Sex is a history for me!