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Short Wedding Dresses by alexey ,  Mar 9, 2013

Reasons to Wear Short Wedding Dresses

One of the biggest reasons for choosing a short length bridal gown is that it can be worn both during and after the wedding ceremony. So many brides spend a fortune on an elaborate long gown with an equally long train for the church ceremony then realize it will be almost impossible to dance the night away in it at the post-wedding party. With a short wedding dress, it’s easy!

And there are other practical reasons too:

  • There is no need to worry about tripping down the aisle in a short frock.
  • Short gowns are perfect for weddings abroad or in hot climates and won’t get covered in sand if saying “I do” on the beach.
  • Save money by choosing a short colored wedding dress which can be worn again and again after the big day.
  • And colored dresses are easy to buy straight off the peg from prom dress stores or your local department store so are an ideal choice if getting married in a hurry.

The short wedding dress style is not for everybody. Not all brides can wear a short dress at the wedding and look both elegant and unique. This style is only for those who are bold enough to assume a sexier bridal look. One has to have or find the right attitude to wear a short wedding dress and this is perhaps the biggest inconvenient for many women in this regard.

Even if you would like to wear a short dress on your big day you won’t be able to pull the best look if you don’t have that sexy appeal in you. On the other hand, there are women who look at their best in short dress. Put them in floor-length designs and they will look completely unattractive and inappropriate.

But this design is also great for those who think they have beautiful legs and wish to wear something more flattering. For hot summer weddings planned outdoors – especially on the beach, the short look is ideal. Avoid getting grass on a large train if your wedding takes place in a garden or in a park.
The length of the dress is definitely one of the most important things to think of when making the big selection. The mini style is for bold sexy brides, the above the knees length is for youthful bridal looks, the knee length designs are for the mature brides and the tea length styles are more appropriate for the vintage-chic brides.
Every bride wants to look beautiful on the big day and sometime in despite of your wishes to wear short wedding dress, you succumb to the traditions and go for long wedding dress. Short wedding dress offers a great chance to put you in the spotlights and signify your individual taste, personality and a style statement. Short wedding dress can be the best option for brides, who are more modern than traditional as being the one, who you are and conveying your sophisticated style is the best thing you can do to yourself on your day. Take some tips before rush to buy your favorite short wedding dress.
many adventurous brides are bucking the trend and going for shorter, flirtier wedding gowns. Whether you're looking to show off your shoes with a tea-length gown or you want something cut above the knee, there's no right or wrong way to do a wedding. Many boutiques offer shorter dresses, which can be an especially practical choice for outdoor summer weddings.And if you're doing away with one tradition, why not do away with all of them? Go for colorful accents, like a pink sash, a green bow or purple detailing, or throw caution to the wind entirely and pick a wedding dress in a perfectly unexpected color, like blue, green or red. Why not? Your wedding is your day to shine - you should wear the dress you like the most.

Short Wedding Dresses

Short wedding dresses are at the height of their popularity. Whether looking for a dress for a traditional, city hall, or destination wedding, wearing a short wedding dress is a great option. They are also a great choice to wear at a bridal reception as they do not limit your movements as much as a ball gown does for dancing and celebrating. Justin Alexander's short styles are very popular with brides.

Short Wedding Dress Featured Bride: Lauren Wise

This Valentine's Day, we want to celebrate with Lauren Wise who wore the Beverlywood gown on her gorgeous winter wedding day! Dolly Couture is proud to share Valentine's Day with you and be a part of the most important day of your life. Thank you everyone for your support and love. Happy Valentine's Day! short wedding dress romance

Short Wedding Dress Featured Bride: Emily Ekle

With a Dolly Couture gown, she looks fabulous anywhere she goes in her short white wedding dress! Emily’s radiant smile in the perfect dress for her big day has brought people to share her happiness. Congratulation on a wonderful wedding Emily! white short wedding dress

Whimsical Spring tulle knee-length wedding dress by Ouma

Savanna Prairie gown with surplice neckline, in nylon chiffon.

I Love Short Wedding Dresses

Short wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular among those modern brides who are looking forward to a great wedding ceremony.
Short Wedding Dresses
The traditional wedding dresses with long trains and luxurious details may look stunning, the short wedding dresses look really great and chic.
Short wedding dressShort wedding dress

1. First of all, measure your height and make sure about length of your wedding dress. Even a very short wedding dress can spoil your sparkle and you will feel uncomfortable while dancing in reception area. You should buy a dress that falls no longer than the mid-calf.

2. Maintain your curves properly. A toned body with sexy curves can really put all the eyeballs rolling on you. Your wedding dress should empathize your best features should not expose your figure flows. Also, do some exercises so as to tone your arms and hips as usually, short wedding dresses are sleeve less and it should show off your hourglass figure.

3. Though, white and off white fabric is appreciated on a short wedding dresses but you can choose some other colors, if this is not your first wedding. Bride with striking features can go for short lavender wedding dress. Buy a dress that has pearls and beige studded on it, they give you a stunning look.

4. Though, short wedding dresses are less expensive than long ones because of costly silk but a thorough examination is necessary before you go for the one. Watch closely about all the intricate details on the dress and if possible, try on some sample dress.

5. The next step is to buy beautiful bridal accessories that complement your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is fancy, then add a glow to the overall look with a jeweled tiara and high-heeled shoes. In all, your wedding dress should put some spotlights on your shoes and other wedding accessories.