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My Keeppy by JackPonting ,  Apr 12, 2018
Welcome to Keeppy!

Keeppy is the only tool you need  as you surf the web.  Use it to collect, organize and edit the information that you find.  With Keeppy, you can also add your own content and share your discoveries!  Here are the basics of Keeppy to help you get started. 

What is a Snippet

A Snippet is one piece of information, a building block of a Keeppy.   When you use Keeppy’s internet browser plugin tool to select information from a webpage, Keeppy creates a new Snippet for that information.  You can also create a new Snippet for your own original content and fill it with any text or pictures that you can imagine!  (This information is also a snippet.)

What is a Keeppy?

As you collect, create, and edit your Snippets, you can organize them into a document, which is called a Keeppy.  You can decide the best way to display all your Snippets in your Keeppy, and there are a lot of options to help you with this.  You can create, edit, and delete Snippets in your Keeppy.  You can move a Snippet around inside your Keeppy, or you can move a Snippet to a completely different Keeppy.  If you would like, you can share a Snippet or a Keeppy with friends and even get their help with it.  And when you are ready, you can publish the Snippet or the Keeppy for anyone to see!

Here how it works. Click on a Snippet to work with it. 
  • Ctrl with Up, Down, Left and Right will move a Snippet around and 
  • Double Click on the Snippet will open it for editing.
Right column is a column of operations. There you can find also details about snippet and keeppy you are working with.
Share menu of the top will allow you to publish your Keeppy or Snippet in social networks or begin share editing.

Good luck! Tell a story to the world. We look forward to your stories!

Feel free to delete this snippet any time. You can find this information in the Help menu.

English Assignment, Essay, Coursework Help Service UK

English Assignment Help, Essay, Coursework Help &  Writing Service UK

Are you worried about how to write your English Assignments? You can now stop worrying about your English assignment or essay writing, we are here to offer best quality English assignment help to our students who need help with English assignment writing.

English is an internationally acknowledged language and each student who learns English has to get a good grade on this academic subject. Our highly knowledgeable English assignment & essay writers are accessible online to help you. Our experienced and highly qualified English writers and tutors offer the best help for your English assignments and coursework.We have a vast pool of language professors, scholars, and tutors who work round-the-clock to handle English assignments. Our writers are exceptionally knowledgeable in the literature, language, and grammar and provide exceptional english assignment & essay writing service assistance which are free from grammatical and other errors. Our expert writers make use of grammatical and literary resources to back up their writing on an English assignment.

With comprehensive academic and assignment writing services from us, we make sure students avail their coveted marks. We are most trusted and leading english assignment and English essay help provider. . We help students with all sorts of academic English assignment writing help and guide them to meet their academic goals.

We make sure that you get high-quality writing services at reasonable pricing. We charge less and offer competitive pricing compared to other writing companies in the industry. Furthermore, ‘Quality Dissertation’ ensures that deadlines are being followed and our experts also send papers much before the deadlines so that students have time to ask for any changes.

One can simply contact us to book our services. No matter where ever you are based in UK be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford etc. You can simply contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist with our expert English assignment / English essay writing  service.

english assignment Help

Why Hire Our English Assignment Help Or English Essay Help Service  ?

English is the language which is spoken by more than 50% of the world’s population. Are you of the view that just because students know English, it would tend to make a student eligible to write outstanding English assignments? In that case, almost all students might have received an ‘A’ while learning the most famous language of the world. But, it seems that English is one of the difficult languages to get a good grade or to score a high mark. You could read below about why hiring ‘Quality Dissertation Assignment’ would enhance your chances of getting high scores or good scores in English assignments.  

Assignments from highly qualified and experienced English writers

Each one of the Ph.D. and Post-graduation qualified experts in the team of ‘Quality Dissertation’ is an experienced writer who understands the academic rules of writing English assignments. Our writers go through a stringent hiring process before becoming a part of our team. They have received credentials from leading universities and have received a huge number of positive reviews from students vouching for their skills.

Assignments are completed within deadline

Our English Assignment Help Service experts strive to serve with assignment or essay service on time. Also, assignments would be completed a few days before the deadline, so that students can take feedbacks and come for any further assistance if needed which will be free of any cost! Our English Assignment Help Service provides complete support solutions to students having even the stringent deadlines.

All levels of educational covered and a minimum A-Pass guarantee

We, at ‘Quality Dissertation’, are capable of assisting with all types of English assignments and for all types of educational levels. Hence, irrespective of whether you need English assignment help for Post-Doctoral thesis or for middle school assignments, we can do it all. We guarantee a minimum of A-Pass on all your assignments.

Formatting based on requirements

We comprehend that various institutions have diverse norms of formatting. What’s more, in a majority of the cases, students neglect to understand the elements of formatting and institutional requirements together. We recommend that students seek help from our experts and get help with formatting. Our writers will effectively format all your English assignments.

Plagiarism-free assignments

We have a strict policy of providing plagiarism free assignments to students. Even assignments having stringent deadlines do not have traces of plagiarism. For those students who want to make sure that their assignments are free from plagiarism, we offer them free plagiarism reports. Hence, students can be free from their worries about plagiarism in their assignments.

Reasonable rates and instalment pay options

We offer reasonable pricing for our English assignment help services. We have multiple secure payment options where you also benefit from buyer protection and instalment payment options by which students could make payments in instalments. 

Customer support

Do you have an inquiry in the middle of the night which needs an immediate solution? ‘Quality Dissertation’ can help you with resolving your query. Our online support for English assignment help is accessible 24×7 so that students can contact us when required. You could get in touch with us through phone calls, emails, and live chats.

Simply contact us now to book our high effective and very affordable English university or college assignment help service!

Note : Instalment Payment Option available



  • Our English Assignment writing help service comes with a NO PLAGIARISM guarantee
  • Assignment will be well structured and formatted and done as per the guidelines in the brief
  • Guaranteed Pass. Most of our clients have passed with top grades.
  • Proper Harvard or other preferred referencing in the assignment


  • Good quality and plagiarism free assignment. Free plagiarism check report.
  • Properly formatted and well structured Assignment.
  • Appendix and other relevant sections included with the reference list.
  • Money Back Guarantee if we couldn’t deliver what we promise to.

Biology Assignment, Essay, Coursework Help Service UK

Biology Assignment Help, Biology Essay, Coursework Help &  Writing Service UK

Are you trying to find guidance or help for your biology assignments? We have an expert team of Biology writers who are able to help with any biology assignment or biology essay. With us at ‘Quality Dissertation Assignment‘  you get assignment writing assistance which is well researched and free from plagiarism. As one of the leading biology essay help service provider, we make sure our customers get proper assistance from experts to help score good in their assignment or coursework.

According to a definition on biology, the subject is considered to be a natural science which is focused on a study of living matter or of life in all of its processes and forms inclusive of distribution, evolution, origin, growth, function and structure. In case a student has been asked to create a biology assignment, one can take online biology assignment help from us for attaining a profound comprehension on the subject. Our biology assignment help is a great assistance for students who need to complete their assignments and in the meantime need to study something important. We offer biology assignment and essay help from school, college to university level. Our tutors and writers are available to support at anytime of the day.

Are you anxious to have an understanding about the reasons for providing you with biology assignments which are flawless? Are you worried as to who would be the writers doing your biology assignments? Want to have an understanding about the several writers who work at ‘Quality Dissertation’? Whenever you require help on biology assignments, it is the large pool of our experienced and PhD or post-graduate qualified writers to whom one could be thankful to. It might have been difficult for our company to offer students with such high quality biology assignments in case our writers were not with us. Our writers can very thoroughly deal with the complexities of all types of biology assignments and carefully assist with all essay requirements.

One can simply contact us to book our biology essay / assignment writing services. No matter where ever you are based in UK be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford etc. You can simply contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist with our expert Biology assignment / Biology essay writing  service.

Chemistry Assignment, Essay, Coursework Help Service UK

Chemistry Assignment Help, Chemistry Essay, Coursework Help &  Writing Service UK

Are you thinking that chemistry assignments are complex and are difficult? Are you confronting difficulties in remembering formulae, equations, and reactions? Chemistry is in fact a subject which is demanding. Each subject in the field of science needs a good understanding of chemistry. This is likewise the reason that whatever is being studied in chemistry, one has to comprehend it well so that with expanding level, your earlier concept does not tend to get murkier.

The chemistry assignment help services provided by us at ‘Quality Dissertation’ take care of any question or problem on any topic in the field of chemistry. Regardless of whether it is only an equation or it is a single numerical, ‘Quality Dissertation’ would offer you chemistry assignment help according to your need. We provide professional help with a chemistry assignment that would enable you to attain the best marks or grades.

Those looking for online chemistry assignment help can take the services of our writers to give them the best guidance. Our experienced and highly qualified PhD and post-graduate chemistry assignment writers will assist you with any level of complexity involved in your chemistry assignments. Our expert writers have experience and broad knowledge in handling chemistry assignments of various types, hence it does not make a difference as to how much difficult the task is or what it is regarding. You could rely on our support to get high quality chemistry assignment help which you greatly require!

‘Quality Dissertation’ deals with all types of chemistry assignments from high school to Ph.D. levels. Our online chemistry assignment writing help service has a large base of clients who are satisfied students. We offer chemistry assignment writing assistance which is world-class and which is punctual and reliable. We provide you chemistry assignments within your deadlines and at an exceptionally reasonable cost.  Submit your assignment requirements with us and get your much-coveted degree or grades with our Chemistry expert’s help

One can simply contact us to book our chemistry essay, assignment writing services. No matter where ever you are based in UK be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford etc. You can simply contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist .

chemistry assignment Help

Why Prefer ‘Quality Dissertation Assignment’ for Chemistry Assignment or Essay Help

The difficult part of chemistry assignments is that they are usually very specialised and tedious and they consume a considerably longer time and need detailed learning. It is no big surprise as to why several students face problems in writing chemistry assignments. However, now you can be relaxed that there is one single place for you to have high quality chemistry assignment writing assistance and one single company with highly skilled and experienced writers to get you professional assistance.As ‘Quality Dissertation’ guarantees the students to handle their chemistry assignments having any level of complexity, these below given added advantages would state as to why we are the most well known among students from across United Kingdom.

Qualified and experienced chemistry writers

Our chemistry assignment help services have been made successful and effective by our committed and highly qualified PhD or post-graduate writers. ‘Quality Dissertation’ has a large team of experienced professionals, professors and tutors in the field of chemistry who can assist you with having an understanding on forming of new types of chemical compounds, the properties and structure relating to matter and also with regard to their chemical reactions, behaviour, and composition. When you book with us, you work with subject experts.

Chemistry assignment structuring and formatting

Chemistry assignment structuring and formatting are two primary features which tend to make your assignment to stand out from the rest. Nonetheless, for both of these, one must be familiar with the acknowledged standards; or else the effort would be in vain. ‘Quality Dissertation’ offer proper referencing according to your requirements. Also, our team ensures that your assignments would follow proper use of grammar.

All Topics & Areas covered

Description And Nomenclature, Coordination Compounds, Cluster Compounds, Bioinorganic Compounds, Alicyclic and Aromatic Compounds, Aliphatic Compounds, Ain Group Compounds, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction, Chemical Laws, Chemical Bond, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Arithmetic, Inorganic Compounds Characterization, Organic Substances Characterization, Colloids, Atom, Acidity And Basicity, and much more.

Plagiarism free assignments

We offer plagiarism free assignment writing help and also provide free plagiarism check reports. In case you are one of those who need plagiarism free assignments, get chemistry assignment help from ‘Quality Dissertation’.

Follow deadlines

‘Quality Dissertation’ ensures that we strictly follow deadlines. However, short your deadlines may be, our team will make sure it is much ahead of your deadline, giving you ample time to ask for any changes if required. All alterations and additions could be made without any additional charges. 

Reasonable rates to guarantee you minimum A-pass

At ‘Quality Dissertation’, our main goal is to offer efficient assignment  help and ensure students understanding of contents relating to the subject of chemistry. Our charges for writing assignments are generally less to reduce the burden of the students and to help them get a minimum A-pass or to get high marks in their assignments. You can also pay in instalments as the work progresses.

To book, simply contact us now

Note : Instalment Payment Option available

Education Assignment, Essay, Coursework Help Service UK

Education Assignment Help, Education Essay, Coursework Help &  Writing Service UK

Are you finding it difficult to write your education studies assignments? Then it is important to find an academic writing help provider to remove your stresses with respect to completing your education studies assignments. ‘Quality Dissertation’ is readily accessible to ease all your worries in writing education studies assignments.

Each of the student have desire on getting high marks or grades, however, as a result of inadequate knowledge about the subject, lack of time, ignorance about the guidelines of universities, absence of concentration, and so on., they end up in failures. As a result, they look for help from our education studies assignment specialists for excelling in studies.

The college and university students take assistance from our education studies assignment help company for de-stressing their mind. In case you are very much stressed regarding finishing your education studies assignments within the deadline specified, at that point it is important to link to our assignment experts for getting your education studies assignments being done properly.

We always stress on incorporating experienced and highly qualified education studies writers in our team to provide students with excellent assignment writing assistance. Our education studies assignment writers are experts in the industry. Our experts have several years of experience and have links with the applied areas of education studies.

‘Quality Dissertation’ cover an extensive range of topics in education studies and could assist with any topic or concept provided by your professor.

Our fundamental objective is to offer you the best writing assignment assistance at the most competitive pricing and with no compromise on quality and your deadline. Hence, do not squander your time and take the best assignment services from ‘Quality Dissertation Assignment’.

One can simply contact us to book our education essay, assignment writing help services. No matter where ever you are based in UK be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford etc. You can simply contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist .

Sociology Assignment, Essay, Coursework Help Service UK

Sociology Assignment Help, Sociology Essay, Coursework Help &  Writing Service UK

Do you think that finding information or data for your sociology assignment is challenging? Or the wide range of themes in the diverse subject of sociology is giving you restless nights? All things considered, to end your issues, we  ‘Quality Dissertation Assignment‘ can help you.

It is always suggested that in case if a student is not in a position to keep with the pressure of writing sociology assignments, then it would be better to look for assistance from academic experts. This would help to free some time for students like you to concentrate more on your other aptitudes and capacities.

At ‘Quality Dissertation’ we are totally devoted to assist students in different types of sociology assignments. We offer sociology assignment and essay help to upgrade the thinking capacity of the students and enable them to score higher marks or grades.

With regard to sociology assignment writing, we have an expert team which has several years of professional academic knowledge. Our writers have learned sociology all their lives and they wouldn’t fret to impart their knowledge of the subject to students. Our sociology writers comprehend that sociology is a wide subject and that is the reason why our assignments are made with care, which guarantees 100% accurateness. Our assignments are constantly precise and composed with cognisance. We ensure that you would get a minimum of A-pass but you can even end up scoring a distinction when you seek help from our sociology experts.

With each order which you put with us, ‘Quality Dissertation’ offers a free plagiarism check report to prove the quality of our work. We have comprehension relating to the limitation on the budget of students and that is the reason we always provide sociology assignment help at reasonable costs. Take advantage of our online sociology coursework writing help and be prepared to get world-class writing assistance.

Are you worried regarding how writing of your sociology assignment is advancing? You can approach our sociology assignment writers for an immediate update on the advancement of your sociology assignment to ease your mind. So do not be worried on whether you can keep track of your assignment order. The majority of our experts are accessible 24X7 for your help.

Our writers make sure you are much ahead of the deadline. In case you are of the view that you require any changes later, you would have a lot of time to request for the changes, which would be done free of cost.

One can simply contact us to book our sociology essay, assignment writing help services. No matter where ever you are based in UK be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford etc. You can simply contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist .

Sports Science Assignment, Sports Science Essay, Coursework Help Service UK

Sports Science Assignment Help, Sports Essay,  Sports Coursework Help &  Writing Service UK

Are you fed up of your sports science assignments? Do you fear to choose a theme in writing your sports science assignments and are you searching for sports science assignment or essay help? We at ‘Quality Dissertation Assignment’ can help you in completing your sports science assignments, essays or coursework.

Sports science is related to the study of the functioning of various parts of the human body amidst different activities. It is additionally concerned about how the human health gets advanced by means of various physical exercises and sports. With the increasing competition among various students, it is important to have an understanding regarding the complexities of the sports science subject. But in case you are finding it difficult to understand the details of the subject of sports science, use our assignment help services. Nobody comprehends the needs of the students better than how we at ‘Quality Dissertation’ does.

Sports science assignment writing takes a great deal of time from the schedule of students. In reality, without having to write assignments, students would have a lot of available time. This time when used well could make sure that the students would pass out as more qualified experts having improved aptitudes in their particular fields. This is why ‘Quality Dissertation’ has brought out a platform which offers sports science students with proficient assignment help which would ensure that they would have sufficient time to cater to the other prerequisites of their course.

What makes ‘Quality Dissertation’ to be successful against our competitors is our dedication to offer assistance with 100% unique, original, accurate and plagiarism-free sports science assignments which is based on extensive research and assessment.

We have a large team of expert writers who are committed in assisting students in writing sports science assignments. Our writers have a Ph.D. or Masters Degree and are highly experienced and competent writers.

As an academic writing assistance company, we understand the significance of time, and hence our writers submit all your assignments within your deadline specified. Further, our sports science assignment help is provided at the most competitive price.

So if students need to get the most out of their sports science assignments and make their life simpler, you could use sports science assignment help from our ‘Quality Dissertation’.

One can simply contact us to book our essay, assignment writing help services. No matter where ever you are based in UK be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford etc. You can simply contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist .

Social Work Assignment, Essay, Coursework Writing Help Service UK

Social Work Assignment, Essay, Coursework Help &  Writing Service UK

Do you require online social work assignment help? Social work assignments could be a challenging and confounding task. Try not to worry about it now as we are there to help you. In case you are looking for social work assignment or essay help then you have reached the best academic writing company you could ever find. After you have reached us for social work assignment writing help, you would gain an in-depth understanding on the subject of social work. Success would then all be yours.

Quality Dissertation‘ occupies a very much pre-eminent position in offering high quality social work coursework help across UK. Guaranteeing a high quality is our initial priority and we ensure that we accomplish it no matter what. You would not have to worry regarding the nature of the results which you would receive from our social work assignment help since we ensure that regardless of the quick turnarounds, accurate research is done preceding the written work.

‘Quality Dissertation’ is a pioneer in social work assignment service and we precisely comprehend what students require. Regardless of the level one is presently studying or the academic background, we would locate an appropriate writer who would match your requirements and would have the capacity to render services what you are seeking for. They would take responsibility of your social work assignment and would put in the effort and would ensure that the assignment is finished as it ought to be, following the guidelines carefully.

Our expert team of writers has several years of experience in writing assignments. Hence, in comparison with other writing companies, they would conduct profound research according to the topic given and would make sure its original content which is non-plagiarised. With creative work and strong ides provided by our writers, we would enable you to get improved grades or marks—at least a minimum of A-pass is guaranteed. There would not be any grammatical errors and other subject errors since it goes through thorough checking before the assignments are being delivered to you. We do this because we trust in high quality work and we keep our earnest attempts to offer you the best quality content.

‘Quality Dissertation’ offer option to make payments in instalments, so that students can save themselves from the hefty burden of getting an assignment done. When you have done with your payment, you could just relax. Your social work assignment would be sent to your email along with the free plagiarism check report if requested. We offer best customer support services round the clock.

One can simply contact us to book our social work essay, assignment writing help services. No matter where ever you are based in UK be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford etc. You can simply contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist .

Psychology dissertation help Service UK

Psychology Dissertation Help & Writing Service UK

Planning to write a psychology dissertation? Writing a psychology dissertation is a difficult task. Psychology is a wide and intriguing subject of study. You would certainly require assistance in successfully finishing your dissertation. ‘Quality Dissertation’ would be the best academic writing help company which you are looking for.

We at ‘Quality Dissertation‘ has a wide knowledge with regard to drafting psychology dissertations. We have made our psychology dissertation help in such a way wherein there is something for each student. Students, who require help with drafting a psychology dissertation, could certainly use our help. We offer various advantages to students if you decide to use our psychology dissertation help services.

‘Quality Dissertation’ is considered as most-trusted psychology dissertation help company in the academic writing help industry. Compared to other psychology dissertation writing help companies available online, ‘Quality Dissertation’ comprehends the needs of the students much better since we have a long experience in offering psychology dissertation writing assistance. Having over 10 years of experience in the field of psychology dissertation help, we offer best psychology dissertation service to students in UK, making sure their work is of high standard, plagiarism free and is properly structured and referenced.

Along with a PhD in psychology, our writers have attained a specialisation with their years of experience in this field. They offer students high quality psychology dissertation assistance on any topic in the subject. Our writers ensure that your deadline would be adhered to at all costs.

Our dissertation experts will do their best to make sure you score not just a pass but best of grades and their years of experience in assisting students in Psychology dissertation writing make them feel confident about it. From selecting the write topic till the completion stage our writers are able to assist with anything that you might need. 

One can simply contact us to book our Psychology dissertation service online. No matter where ever you are based in UK be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford etc. You can simply contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist .

Social Work dissertation help Service UK

Social Work Dissertation Help

Are you searching for high quality and affordable dissertation helpservices which you could rely on for writing your social work dissertation? ‘Quality Dissertation’ is the correct choice for you since we are the only academic writing company which offers best quality social work dissertation help.

When you require assistance for writing a good social work dissertation for successful completion of your PhD, you could focus on our academic writing company to cater to your requirements in a time bound way – to follow details, and regularly have complete contact with your expert writer.

When you use our services, your social work dissertation would not be left over to few days of sporadic searches in library, inadequate application of theory, or tired incorrect spellings and grammatical errors.

There are several websites that provide free samples or examples of social work dissertations. However, you would easily find that all such social work dissertation samples would be plagiarized and would not be in a position to use as your own dissertation work. Try not to use such free dissertation services when you can get customized and plagiarism free social work dissertations at affordable costs.

You would pay only a reasonable cost to complete your social work dissertation and even get consistent and reliable feedback from your expert writer who would closely function with you to address the requirements of your instructor and your committee.

While doing work on your social work dissertation there would be a 24/7 customer support team which would be accessible even during holidays.

Do not hesitate to place your social work dissertation writing order at ‘Quality Dissertation’