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Kids’ Favorite Hobbies by Priyanka ,  Mar 4, 2013

Not so long ago, the word “hobbies” brought memory of colleting stamps, rare coins, and memorabilia. Today, however, it seems kids have ditched the passive collecting route and are exploring hobbies that develop self-expression, with a healthy dose of technological (online) inspiration.

According to Everloop, where our kid users are posting information about their favorite hobbies daily, dancing, drawing, football and singing were among the most popular hobbies that children enjoyed in January, which was National Hobby Month. From playing sports after school to sketching fashion designs, kids are putting their talents to good use with hobbies that foster self-expression.

Technology certainly has had its affect on hobbies too; many kids also named tech-driven activities as their hobbies of choice. From using their Wii Sports to playing Animal Jam online, kids are enjoying their digital activities and putting the newest technologies to good use.

They may have the temptations of computer games, TV and the internet, but it seems children's favourite hobbies haven't changed much in a generation.

Swimming, riding a bike, kicking a football and collecting things all ranked highly in a list of boys' favourite leisure time activities.

Similar pastimes were named by parents who were asked about popular childhood pursuits a generation ago.

Still fun: Children still love riding a bike despite the distractions of modern life, a study revealed

Still fun: Children still love riding a bike despite the distractions of modern life, a study revealed

The findings suggest that not all boys are drawn in by the lure of computer games, DVDS and the internet.

While time spent sitting in front of screens has soared in recent years, there is still room for less hi-tech activities.

Some 51 per cent of boys enjoyed playing football, 39 per cent cited bike-riding, 37 per cent reading and 18 per cent collecting things.

The survey of 2,000 boys and 2,000 parents, carried out for a boy-focused TV channel, also uncovered a widespread belief among parents that hobbies are linked to career success.

Eighty per cent of parents insist their children take up hobbies, while nearly 70 per cent consider them helpful in building future careers, for example as a sportsman, chef or musician.

Being a sportsman emerged as boys' preferred career choice, closely followed by running a business.

Still a big favourite: Having a kickabout in the park, with jumpers for goalposts of course

Still a big favourite: Having a kickabout in the park, with jumpers for goalposts of course

Wayne Rooney, Usain Bolt and Andy Murray were named as key role models for would-be sports stars, while Jamie Oliver and Lord Alan Sugar were inspirations for budding entrepeneurs.

A career in the forces - inspired by Princes William and Harry - was boys' third choice.

Other desired careers include becoming a policeman, teacher, actor, vet, doctor and fireman.

The survey also showed that nine in ten (91 per cent) of boys agree hard work is crucial to career success - almost three times as many as believe good looks is key.

Emma Kenny, a child psychologist, said: 'In the short term, these hobbies entertain, educate and encourage your child; in the long term they can literally transform their experience as an adult, helping to develop key traits necessary for a successful working life.

'Moreover, having a positive role model in our youth is considered throughout psychology as a requirement for good development.'

The poll, for the Disney XD channel, was carried out to mark the launch of the channel's 2012 'Aim High' initiative, which gives children the chance to be mentored by successful professionals, with Arsenal player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain joining the line-up this year.

The good news is that kids aren't just glued to computers all day! They're getting back to nature, according to Laura Payne, Assistant Professor of Leisure Studies at the University of Illinois. Payne says hobbies that bring kids into the great outdoors as well as art-related hobbies are getting popular again.

Fiber arts, such as knitting and crocheting are becoming wildly popular these days, especially with elementary-aged school children, according to the Craft Yarn Council of America. And, remember collecting stamps and baseball cards? It's as hot as ever.

Here's a rundown of the current "hot" hobbies:

Nature-related hobbies

  • Making birdfeeders and birdhouses. This remains a popular nature-related hobby, according to family activities expert Dr. Bra Vada Garrett-Akinsanya, a guest expert on Kids love the idea that they are positively impacting the natural world.
  • Gardening is also something kids seem to take to like a cat to catnip. Kids are rarely averse to getting muddy, and seeing sprouts grow to seeds is pure magic.
  • Insect interest Several popular products on the market also allow kids to grow butterflies from larvae.
  • Geology remains fashionable among kids. Collecting rocks is interesting and finding out what makes those rocks geologically interesting is even better. Kids love to recognize patterns in nature.

Read more fun ways your kids can help protect the environment.

Science-Related Hobbies

  • Astronomy remains a fascinating science for children. Learning to identify constellations will never go out of style and mobiles of our solar system will always be fashionable bedroom accessories (and they're fun to build too!).
  • Meteorology, or the study of weather, is booming. Gone are the days when the weatherman on your local news program just reported the weather. Meteorology is about science and weather events! There are quite a few weather gadgets out there of varying costs that allow kids to predict the weather for that day.

Film and Photography

  • With the digital revolution, videography and photography are easier than ever to master.
  • Software allows kids to edit their pictures and videos. If you are cash-strapped, your local public access TV station or library often has video equipment that kids can use.


  • Traditional stamp and coin collecting is still a favorite with young kids. It hasn't gone out of fashion!
  • Collecting as a financial investment that will reap monetary rewards in the future should not be the point of encouraging your child's collecting impulses.
  • According to antiques and collectible expert Terry Kovel, the point of having kids collect is to have fun with them, to share in their enthusiasms, and to teach kids how to properly care for the things that are precious to them.

Crocheting, Knitting, Needlepoint and Other Fiber Arts

  • The Knitting Guild Association reports that it has seen a resurgence of interest in knitting among young people in the last six years or so. Everybody is talking about "fiber arts" these days, a term that was previously known only to folks studying tapestries in art history class. Books on knitting are also gaining popularity.


  • According to MoneyCentral, The Food Network is now a very popular destination for many kids. Chefs are becoming celebrities and many of them (like Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, Jamie Oliver and Bobby Flay) are appealing to kids, offering positive role models in subjects other than sports. The fact that cooking is currently a major hobby for kids may have something to do with the celebrity chef trend.
You generally as kids will have a natural interest in everything. At the same time depending on the genetics and general pattern you will be bound to certain activities that you feel more interesting than others. Such a thing is called a Hobby. Hobby is a great way to keep you focused and busy. In fact good hobbies will heightened your academic acumen, general knowledge as well as your interpersonal skills. Having one particular hobby will develop your skills like patience, management, determination and accomplishment. It also helps you to get new friends. It is a joy of source. Hobbies will take you to a world that is beyond video games, TV and DVD. You can practice your hobby either in a group or alone. As a kid you can spend lot of time in your hobbies.

Good Hobbies for Kids:

Some kids have their academic performance as their interesting hobby. Each time they want to increase their performance.

Stamp Collection

Stamp collection is a great hobby as it improves your skill and memory. It also improves the geography based knowledge. It helps to associate symbols and colors of the countries. With stamp collection you will be an able to remember the country name and their currency easily.

Coin Collection

Different countries have different currencies so collecting the currencies of the countries can also be an interesting hobby. This makes you to become aware of the value of the money. You will also able to know the importance of the money.

Cool Hobbies for Kids

Some hobbies for kids are humbly a great way to make them social: Music Dance These cool hobbies will take some time for you to practice on your own. You must keep in mind that you need some space and some guidance to follow these hobbies.

Fun Hobbies for kids

Some hobbies are really fun for you that make you to rethink those are: Scrapbooking Drawing and coloring Crafts work These hobbies will need you parent’s supervision in the beginning. At the same time you need their permission. Time to time discussion with your parents about your hobbies will help them to understand better.

Nature-related hobbies

Gardening Geology (collecting rocks) Making bird feeders and bird house All the way hobbies are a great idea to keep you busy. They help in their growth and development in an extraordinary way. Have a fun and nice time with your favorite hobbies.
A hobby can work wonders to the overall personality of the kid. Having a particular, consistent hobby can help in developing skills like patience, management, determination and accomplishment. The greatest hobbies always teach skills like knowledge that is crucial in every sphere of his life. Hobbies can also help children in making new friends thus enhancing their social skills. Hobby is a great source of joy. Hobbies take a child beyond the mundane world of video games, TV and DVDs. A kid can practice hobby either in a group or alone. The prime purpose of having any hobby is personal fulfillment and self expression. It does not lead to any sort of financial gain. Children can afford to spend a lot of time on their hobbies and enhance their skill. For some of the kids, it could be a sport like cricket, tennis, football, badminton or any other sport. Many kids love to indulge themselves in dancing, singing, playing musical instruments or play acting. One of the favorite hobbies of many kids is cooking. Not many know but cooking has highly therapeutic effects. Even net surfing or computer games can be hobbies. It is up to the parents to discover what their children are interested in and subsequently encourage him/her. If a child is interested in craft work, motivate him to do better. A kid could be interested in activities like puppet making, stitching, finger painting, painting, vegetable painting, book craft, string painting, collecting stamps, origami, making paper and cloth dolls etc. Many children have also transformed their hobbies into their professions when they grow older.