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SeresRoad CXHOBBY CX-20 Professional 2.4GHz 4CH 6-Axis Auto-pathfinder RC Quadcopter UFO Aircraft Toys with Gopro... by Review Summary ,  Jul 29, 2015

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SeresRoad CXHOBBY CX-20 Professional 2.4GHz 4CH 6-Axis Auto-pathfinder RC Quadcopter UFO Aircraft Toys with Gopro...
Report Date: 08/12/2015
Based on 55 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 3.2
Returned or considering to return: 34.5%

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Individual Feature Rating
Flying3.6   below average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"I was using this with my GoPro Hero 3 Black attached underneath one day and when it was about 50' up I noticed it drifting away from me and it failed to respond to my commands to level out and fly towards me."
"This is what will cause this drone to fly away or crash (Worst case) it will at least cause you to lose control of the quad6.)"
"Hello my name is Daniel Hernndez and I recently purchased a CX-20 Cheerson drone from you, but unfortunately I was only able to fly it on 2 different occasions."
"After about 2 minutes, it started to glitch out and fly itself so I turned on return to home and it came back, no problem."
"I then went to fly it again, and it started to glitch out right away so I turned on return to home."
"I was getting ready to buy a Phantom but was worried about the reports of fly away problems, then I saw this."
"I calibrate it before every time I fly and the battery in the Cheerson CX-20 was fully charged as well as a new set in the transmitter."
"It is very easy to fly (As long as you know how), it's return to home has worked GREAT for me and I found it to be 100 % as advertised.."
"Please don't purchase this if you have never flown a quad.."
"Well...Where do I begin lol very intimidating product had quite a few bugs I can fly my $50 drone better than this one it needs a lot of room and you have to buy a bunch of other parts for it would have been great if those parts were included but I guess that's the way they make their money anyways nice drone very strong just don't fly it in any wind."
"I see videos and I did think that is easy to fly....and it is not......"

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