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Sony ILCE-7S-B ILCE7SB ILCE-7S a7S Full Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera with Two Sony 64GB SD Card... by Review Summary ,  Jan 4, 2016

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Sony ILCE-7S/B ILCE7SB ILCE-7S a7S Full Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera with Two Sony 64GB SD Card...
Report Date: 01/03/2016
Based on 1 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 1.0
Returned or considering to return: 100.0%

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Individual Feature Rating
Service3.9   above average

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"However, Sony Precision's customer service is so completely inadequate, it's their Achilles heel and the fatal flaw in the a7 line of cameras."
"I thought it was weird that Sony didn't have their own service department like Canon and Nikon."
"This scheme is common with companies who contract their customer service to other companies (usually in other countries), hoping their customer complaints go away instead of providing customer service."
"After two conversations with low level people who answer the phones, I was finally able to speak with Mia, a manager on Nov. 11.She said that the service department saw internal corrosion and that they were not going to fix the camera."
"I've been a Canon user since my first digital camera and Canon has always stood behind their product, giving good customer service."
"Sony and their contracted service provider, Precision's refusal to service equipment out of warranty falls well short of general industry wide customer service practices."
"When my equipment needs adjusting or repairs, I depend on the manufacturer to stand behind their products and give good customer service."
"When there is an issue, Canon has stood behind their products with good customer service."

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