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64GB KingSpec 2.5-inch PATA-IDE SSD Solid State Disk (MLC Flash) SM2236 Controller by Review Summary ,  Oct 10, 2015

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64GB KingSpec 2.5-inch PATA/IDE SSD Solid State Disk (MLC Flash) SM2236 Controller
Report Date: 10/10/2015
Based on 55 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.2
Returned or considering to return: 7.3%

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Individual Feature Rating
Speed4.1   below average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"I had upgraded the laptop to Windows 7 Pro - 32bit which runs fine on the laptop but boot times and such were painfully slow."
"--------------------------------OS UPGRADE:I decided that even though there's absolutely no driver support for Windows 7 for the little Acer (which has an old-school Intel 915GM graphics engine, and various other ancient and non-W7-supported HW bits and pieces're not going to find W7 support for the 3002WTCi no matter how good your mad googling skillz are lol), it was still worth it to me to try a fresh W7 install, just to avoid the lack of support for TRIM in XP ...especially as TRIM support is kind of vital for an SSD, for longevity and performance, making a W7 attempt was worth a shot."
"But part of this review is *definitely* going to be generally useful to anyone contemplating upgrading an older PATA based machine (including, lol, probably at least one reviewer who reported performance problems with his XP install after a few months had passed).I figure that almost anyone even thinking about doing something like this is probably pretty technically adept already, so my primary purpose here is less in recommending the drive itself (and, I do recommend it) than to detail specific details of my own machine upgrade."
"I have an older laptop that has been pretty slow as of late."
"I installed it a few months ago and I have been VERY happy with the performance."
"This drive has performed perfectly and will be used in another old laptop in the future."
"Works pretty well and is as fast as advertised."
"For the price, I am very happy with this SSD and the performance boost."

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