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HW301N Apla-na Binaural Noise Canceling Wideband by Review Summary ,  Nov 4, 2015

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HW301N Apla-na Binaural Noise Canceling Wideband
Report Date: 11/04/2015
Based on 28 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 3.9
Returned or considering to return: 3.6%

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Individual Feature Rating
Sound3.6   below average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"Terrible sound quality."
"The EncorePro offers no advantage in sound quality nor noise reduction over the SupraPlus, however the few folks who tried them with me felt the EncorePro was incrementally MORE COMFORTABLE at the start, though most felt over time that it was too WOBBLY INSECURE on the head and switched to SupraPlus."
"The microphone sound adjustment after being made is hidden away behind a case wall so NO ONE CAN ACCIDENTALLY ALTER IT."
"Even though it's wideband it didn't sound as good as a narrowband set with music (i. e. Jabra)."
"I would have liked something over the ear that would cut off more sound, but they are very well made, will probably outlive me, and the sound quality is excellent."
"This binaural headset is very comfortable and has great sound quality."
"NOTES:-------- There are no wired nor wireless Plantronics headsets with better noise reduction (source: support).CONCLUSION:-------------Plantronics positions these headsets as having the best sound quality of the their models with noise reduction."
"That said, these two headphones are considered to have the BEST SOUND QUALITY OF THE PLANTRONICS LINES WITH NOISE-CANCELING."

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