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TIPS: How to Travel with Babies by alexey ,  Nov 21, 2012
Planning to travel with your baby? suggests some tips:

Extra Outfit for Mom

“Don’t forget to pack an extra change of clothes for yourself, not just for the baby. If the baby gets dirty, whether through spit up or a diaper explosion, chances are you’re going to be messy, too, so find an easy outfit that you can roll up and stick in your diaper bag for those icky moments.” - Lisa T.

Pack Snacks

“Snacks are crucial for my toddler on flights and car trips. Bananas, apple slices, Goldfish crackers … you name it, I’ve got it. Bananas are great for the little ones because you can mash them up easily if they aren’t eating food in solid pieces yet. And while you’re at it, don’t forget multiple bibs!”- Sarah S.

Slip-On Diapers

“Right now I’m loving the pull-up diapers for babies. Not the kind that are meant as training pants for toddlers, but the ones that come in smaller sizes for wiggly babies. I’ve found that many planes don’t have changing tables in their bathrooms, so it’s a lot easier to slide on those slip-on diapers that are already fastened together than trying to mess with the regular kind. It’s just one less hassle!” - Carine S.

Travel on Baby's Schedule

“I live on the west coast but my family is on the east coast, so we make the cross-country trip several times a year. A friend suggested taking the earliest flight out when traveling from west to east. It’s no fun waking up at 4 AM to head to the airport, but I find my daughter is way more likely to nap on the plane when she’s still a bit tired than if we travel later in the day.” - Katie R.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

“As a way to break the ice with our airplane neighbors who may be wary of sitting next to a family with a baby on a long flight, I bring a bag of ear plugs and offer them out. It’s more of a joke, fortunately no one has actually needed them yet, but at least they know I’m doing my best to keep everyone comfortable!” - Cheryl C.

Special Screen Time

“Our portable DVD player has saved us on many a flight! We try not to let our son watch too much TV at home, so he thinks it’s the best treat ever when he can watch unlimited Little Einsteins on flights.” - Jennie R.

Sketch Session

“Believe it or not, the old school Etch a Sketch is what keeps my 20-month-old the most entertained on planes. He loves to mess around with it, clear it and start over. We bought a smaller version that’s perfect for traveling.” - Stacy D.

Supplement the Sippy Cups

“Bring extra sippy cups. I don’t know how, but ours always disappear mid-flight, leaving my husband and I covered in water, apple juice or milk by the end. We’ve learned to carry at least one extra just in case.”- Danielle K.

Take Cover

“I always carry those disposable changing pad covers with me when we travel. They come in handy for adding an extra layer of protection when changing diapers, and more than once I’ve had to use them for cleaning up spills and things in our row. I also have plastic bags with me to collect our garbage as it piles up throughout the flight.” - Jill H.