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Outdoor Christmas Light Decorations by alexey ,  Dec 10, 2017

This seasons outdoor Christmas decorating ideas

When it is time to start decorating the outside of your home for Christmas, the best place to start is at your front poor and door. Outdoor Christmas decorating ideaare pretty easy to find images of online so if you need a visual picture to help you pick out the perfect idea, use them.

The front door should always be the focal point when it comes to decorating the front porch too. How elaborate you want your decorations to be will always determine the idea you go with because they range from pretty simple to full out extreme. One of the most beautiful sights in winter is a snow covered from porch with decoration, but even if you live somewhere where snow doesn?t come, you can make your own. Decorate the railings, posts and front door and the whole porch will pop out.

When you are browsing through outdoor Christmas decorating ideas you may notice that red is a popular color. Not only is this color popular because of the Christmas season but also because it really pops off of snow and other light colored decorations. Decorations are meant to be seen so pick out colors and designs that are unique and also eye catching.

Wrap some ribbon or other items around posts, mailboxes and even garages to make your home standout from the rest of your neighbors. Lights are always a necessity when it comes to decorating the outside of your home. Christmas lights usually hold up pretty well during the snow and icy season but there are some covers you can get for plug ins to help keep out moisture. While lights are typically put up on the roof and porch of the home there are other places they can really make pop out. Mailboxes, garages, playhouses, nativity scenes and even do it yourself décor can all benefit from some extra Christmas lights.

Another great way to find some unique outdoor Christmas decorating ideas is to simply drive around your neighborhood or another. Seeing what other people do is a good way for you to figure out your design plan. You do not have to copy their design all together but it can help you to create your own idea.

If you have enough room on your front porch you can even put up an outdoor Christmas tree, fully decorated. You just want to make sure that the tree is secure so that way it doesn?t blow or knock over. Making your own garland from leaves, pinecones and bay leaves can also be a fun project for the family that creates a unique outdoor décor idea. IN the end the way your home looks on the outside during this holiday season should fit your needs 100% as well as your personal styles. Even the most unique outdoor Christmas decorating ideas have been done before too so always keep your eyes open for the next big thing.

Set Of 200 Blue Christmas Icicle Lights By GE - White WireDuring the holidays decorating kicks up to a frenzied pace and sometimes getting the house decorated takes up all your energy. All you can be bothered to do is string some lights outside and call it a day. If you want to do more than put up a few lights for your outdoor decor this year then you need some new ideas.

If putting up lots of holiday themed lawn ornaments is not your thing then you might have some trouble even thinking of any decor for your garden. Some fairly simple ideas will help you to make your home look tastefully decorated for the season.

How to Make Christmas Wireframe Sculptures

X Jennifer Terry

Jennifer Terry has worked to promote self-determination for 10 years. She has been writing since 2004 and has been published nationally and in local publications. Terry has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in counseling.

Wire frame sculptures are a popular display option for people to put in their yard, on the porch or indoors. These larger wire sculptures are usually outside and have Christmas lights along each wire. Kits that have the sculpture already created are available. However, it is a fun and rewarding process to create your own sculpture. You can make an economical and personalized wire frame sculpture by using common household clothes hangers.


  1. Make the Frame

    • 1

      Bend heavy duty clothes hanger wire into the shape of your choice. Some popular sculptures are wreaths, snowmen, reindeer, and candy canes. To help form the shape use objects found around the house. For example, to bend the wire in a circle for a wreath wrap the wire around a coffee can. To make a square shape use the outside corner of a wall and push the wire over the corner. A Star of David can be formed using two pieces of wire shaped into a triangle then joined together. Christmas trees can be made by spiraling the wire with a large spiral at the bottom working each spiral smaller until you get to the top.

    • 2

      Secure the ends of the clothes hanger wire by cutting three inch sections of floral wire. Wrap the floral wire around the hanger wire and twist like a bread bag tie.

    • 3

      Solder the joints and ends of the wire to permanently hold them in position. Follow the directions on the solder packaging. For example, the Christmas tree can have a straight rod of hanger wire soldered in the center of inside of the spiral. The end of the rod will be longer than the tree. One end will be left free to stick into the ground. The other end will be soldered to the small spiral at the top.

    • 4

      Add other parts to the display by tying and soldering pieces together. Again with the Christmas tree example, you may add a small star at the top, or other wire formations.

  • Add the holiday lights to the wire frame sculpture. Secure the lights to the frame by wrapping crafting wire around the lights and the frame.

  • 6

    Add pine garland, pip berries, or holly leaves by attaching with the floral.

  • 7

    Balance the decorations on the sculpture. If your sculpture will be standing consider the weight distribution of the decorations. Too much weight toward one side may cause the sculpture to overturn.

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