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Ugliest Species of Fish by Priyanka ,  May 3, 2013
There's always more fish in the sea, or so they say. Unfortunately some of the fish are tremendously ugly. So ugly, that I cannot help but admire how nasty looking some of these fish are. Here are 10 of the nastiest, nightmare inducing fish that I could find.
#1 - Blobfish - If you've seen this picture, you would've known immediately that it was going to be #1 on this list. It looks like a depressed Ziggy with Down Syndrome. The best part is that there's a good chance that we know a human or two who resembles the #1 ugliest fish in the world.
The blobfish looks like a gelatinous mass of frowning flesh. The pressure where it lives is about a dozen times the pressure on the surface, so the fish has adapted. Also known as Psychrolutes marcidus, the blobfish appears to propel itself without moving a muscle, dining on whatever floats its way. In fact, the female blobfish will float right above its eggs — and eat any hatchlings that happen to bob by.Further, the blobfish may be one of nature’s most energy-frugal fishes. Its flesh is only slightly denser than water, so it does not expend any energy on swimming. It mostly lives off the deep waters of Australia and Tasmania and until recently was rarely seen by humans.
StonefishStonefish This versatile gentleman camoflouges really well in rocky surfaces, sandy surfaces or Limbaugh family portraits.

If I was holding that monkfish, I would definitely have a similar expression of disgust. (image via NOAA)

Also known as the goosefish, a monkfish is a species of anglerfish. Expert lurker with a giant mouth and tiny lure. These fish are generally bottom dwellers that snap up any unsuspecting prey that get within reach of their ridiculously large gaping jaws.

Moray Eel

This fish is ugly because it looks very sinister. Its slimy skin and dark complexion accentuate its razor sharp teeth; its blue eyes look bent on doing evil deeds to any living thing that comes too close to its filthy hole in the coral. Their very aggressive nature doesn’t help their aesthetics either; they are known to attack divers and tourists exploring tropical waters. Moray Eels won’t be winning any beauty pageants any time soon.
StonefishSnakehead Fish Luckily the cameraman caught this guy while he was jumping out of a closet to scare his friend. He was doing the move where you stick your tongue and shake your head back and forth while saying, "blaaahhhhhhh" so your tongue waggles.


This fish looks as if someone chopped a regular fish in half and then placed the extra fins from one half onto the top and bottom of the other half and set it adrift in the ocean. It is difficult to tell if this fish is coming or going, and which way is up and which way is down. The fish itself looks confused. Its blunt forehead and bugged out eyes give it the look of sheer stupidity. The sunfish is probably not the empty-headed moron of the sea, but it certainly looks like it is.
StonefishSeawolf He gives land wolves a bad/ugly name.

Goblin Shark

It looks exactly like it sounds. Take the shark from the movie Jaws and give it a weird, mildly sinister, and profoundly mischievous face and call it a goblin shark. It has a very distinctive nose that sticks out way too far, even farther than its crooked teeth (some of which stick straight out). The goblin shark is by far the “special-looking” child of the shark world.
StonefishFrilled Shark Due to the presence of gills, this seldom seen specimen is technically a shark. With Frills. And due to the presence of ugliness, it's ugly.
Angler fish
#4- Angler Fish -You've likely seen many different types of this species, but the one I'm talking about is the deep sea ones that are just about the scariest damn things in existence. They have the lure that pretends to be a dying fish to lure other things right into it's mouth. How much uglier can fish really get??
This fish is the stuff that nightmares are made of. It is perhaps the most sinister looking creature in the ocean that looks determined to bite off a finger or chunk of flesh. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it also has a diabolical adaptation to catch its prey. It creates its own light. That’s right, it generates its own source of light to lure other fish out of the darkness and into its mouth full of teeth. If you can catch the angler fish it is actually good to eat. But would you really want to eat something that has its own light bulb dangling in front of its face?
#2 - Batfish - Finally we have a fish that's most 'female,' and as such we give the batfish points for at least trying to look attractive. But the fuzz totally ruins the lipstick, not to mentioned its other ungodly deformed features. Take your ugliest girlfriend and enhance the ugliness to the max and this fish is what you get.

Human Face Fish

Have you ever seen a human being who mildly resembles a fish?
StonefishLumpfish I'd love to be present for the naming of this fish, as it is easily the most uninspired (or is it "least inspired"?) animal name ever. "Holy crap, Ned! Reel that sumbitch in! What in the tarnation?? That fish looks like a lump. Well let's not think any more about the name and take it immediately to a scientist and make the name official."
Curiously enough, these fish are also nicknamed Stonebiters, but not because they eat rocks, but because they suck on it so hard that it becomes almost attached to rocks. Despite their grostesque tumorous appearence, they are a tasty fish when prepared correctly.