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JBL MS-8 MS Series Digital Processor by Review Summary ,  Jul 23, 2015

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JBL MS-8 MS Series Digital Processor
Report Date: 07/23/2015
Based on 36 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.0
Returned or considering to return: 8.3%

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Individual Feature Rating
Sound3.7   below average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"Or, since it basically just blasts a sweep signal from three stages, then adjust, it might not tune so well in a luxury car with good sound deading that would affect the sweep signal differently than a speaker or human ear."
"Months later you'll still be tweaking and won't believe you're able to still get better and better sound - it becomes an obsession."
"I also was expecting to get exceptional sound quality after setup and calibrating, however am disappointed by the over processed sound which makes the sound stage sound awkward as if the vocals and tweets are coming from the center of the car and out of thin air."
"Not to mention its actually kind of hard to get the sound quality to sound good on aftermarket systems."
"These are good quality speakers too, powered by good amps and with sound deadening materials where needed."
"Installer said it was the best sound he ever heard in a sports car."
"Jazz might sound pretty damn good with it setup, but then rock sounds AWFUL."
"Using the dual microphone mounted headset it listens to your speaker configuration and test tones to pert-near perfectly set the signal and eq to what natural sound should be."

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