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Crimea Dreams. Demerji by edward ,  Feb 15, 2013
Demerji is a fantastically picturesque mountain located in the vicinity of Alushta, the second largest South-Beach Crimean resort. Word Demerji in the Crimean Tatar language means a smith. There are North Demerji (1356 m.a.s.l.), South Demerji (1259 m.a.s.l.) and Demerji Yayla (plateau). Demerji is mainly known due to its Valley of Ghosts, the territory on the western slope of the South Demerji that is full of bizarre rock formations of natural origin. The mountain is often shrouded in clouds. Climbing the mountain at such a time is especially exciting: stone idols are bearing down on you out of the fog. The top of the mountain is imagined to be a dragon's castle with idols being its defenders...

Demerji in clouds. October.

Stone chaos, the result of the earthquake in 1927.

South Demerji. Fragment.

These residents can be met at the foot of the mountain.

Ruins of medieval fortress Funa.

Valley of Ghosts at some distance. "The profile of Catherine the Great" (at the top) is blurred with clouds. Tiny white spots at the left are nothing but grazing goats. The sculpture that resembles two conjoined phalluses, one bigger and one smaller, is at right.

Phalluses-like sculpture at closer view.

The sun broke through the clouds.

In the company of stone idols.

"Catherine the Great".

"Head of the Georgian" at the top of the mountain. Thick clouds.

Magic hornbeam trees.

Wild rose after the rain.

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