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Fostex HP-P1 Headphone Amplifier by Review Summary ,  Sep 13, 2015

You are considering to buy this product but can not go over hundreds and thousands of reviews? This is just because there are too many of them. Would you like to have review summary with all positives and negatives presented on a single page? Here you are! We have developed a unique algorithm summarizing thousands of user reviews and presenting you with a product report. We hope this report will be useful in your decision. Enjoy!

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Fostex HP-P1 Headphone Amplifier
Report Date: 09/13/2015
Based on 15 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.7
Returned or considering to return: 0.0%

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"Very good sound with AIFF files."
"Especially impressive sounding with Classical chamber music, choirs, baroque orchestras."
"great clear honest sound sharp bass, clear highs and the vocals are crystal clear."
"i did not know my i pod could sound this good."
"The gain is adequate and gives a noticeable difference to the sound, making everything seem 'tighter' and clarifying the soundstage, at the expense of drowning out the very subtle audio cues in the background."

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