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Life Lessons by Logan Lynn Roberts by Logan Lynn Roberts ,  Dec 7, 2016

I made this graphic quote using a photo I took from my window seat as my plane took off from Las Vegas following a month long business trip over the summer. 

I had enjoyed the several weeks of travel to different cities up & down the west coast & while almost every second of the trip was in some way related to business, I was blessed as an entrepreneur to say that my business was also a huge source of pleasure in my life.

I work from the heart, even when creating a simple graphic quote to share with my friends on Facebook. However, because my heart & soul is in everything I do & say, sometimes I get hurt in the process of life & love & work. 

In the past I thought that life was all about perserverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. I thought that obstacles were inevitable, that being hurt was part of the journey to achieving your dreams.

But then I heard this one sentence while watching a YouTube video by Abraham-Hicks & everything about how I thought about life changed almost instantly, he said: 

When you study the Law Of Attraction or "The Secret" you realize that if you believe there will always be obstacles that you must overcome to be successful then THERE WILL BE. However, overcoming obstacles & perservering through hardship on the long & hard road isn't helpful or important UNLESS YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT ROAD. Now I understand clearly that the road or "The Path" is never long & hard if it is the right one.

Clarity & Alignment are EMOTIONAL.

Unless you have ever achieved these principles you can't understand how incredible it feels to have them. The lack of clarity & misalignment is downright PAINFUL, it actually hurts to continue along the wrong path & you will be met with new challenges every single day if you "don't stop until you get there." And even though it's true, "you WILL get there every time," it won't be the place you were truly meant to be & neither the goal nor the path you perservered along will be Truly Yours. 

And so I wanted to pass along this important message, because once I understood this principle my LIFE changed forever. I didn't feel hurt, angry or betrayed any longer because, simply, I'm not. 

I always seek less turbulent skies. I choose to fly above the people, places & things that cause me feelings of hurt, anger or betrayal. I realized that I'm flying my own plane & I get to choose what conditions I fly in & I'm the only one who can bring this plane down. I'm going to land exactly where I want to every time. 

Life is LIMITLESS & it's all smooth sailing from here.

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