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Law of Thermodynamics by alexey ,  Nov 21, 2012

Law of Thermodynamics

According to the law of thermodynamics, one calorie is the energy that must be expended to heat one gram of water 1 degree C. Do not take a genius to realize that on heating 200 grams of water (drinking a glass of water) at 27 degrees, say from 10 degrees to 37 (body temperature), the body will need 200 x 27 = 5400 calories. 

The only source of energy in the body are fat. In other words, the human body "burns" fat to maintain body temperature. This implies that the person who had been drinking a cup (500 grams) of cold beer (10 degree) burns 500 x 27 = 13,500 cal. to maintain body temperature. Given the fact that the glass of beer adds body to 1000 cal., It turns out that the drunk a mug of cold beer will burn 12,500 calories. Thus, it is obvious that drinking very cold beer is much more effective than jogging, biking and other activities (aerobics), which is burned in the best case, around 1000 cal. an hour of heavy loads. 

Waiting for you in the bar, my friends! And give the thermodynamics make it work.

(Google Translated, sorry)