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Towel Cakes -- The latest trend when it comes to giving GiFtS!! by Priyanka ,  Jan 22, 2013
A towel cake is a decoration for a wedding or bridal shower. Towels are rolled to look like a tiered wedding cake, and they serve as a gift to the couple. Wedding cake towel crafts don't have to cost a lot to make, and they serve as a centerpiece for the shower as well.
This "wedding cake" made out of rolled-up towels, hand towels, and washcloths is a creative centerpiece idea that is sure to be the hit of any bridal shower. It also makes a thoughtful gift for the bride-to-be...the towel set can be unrolled and used by the bride and groom in their new home!

Gather Your Materials

  • Choose some towels that you think the couple would like and can use. White is common for a wedding shower; however, you can choose any color or design you'd like. You need two large bath towels, three hand towels and three washcloths. You'll also need large safety pins, long straight pins, ribbon and any decorative items you would like to include.

Roll the Towels

  • Take the two large bath towels and lay them out flat. Fold each one lengthwise into thirds then again in half. Pin the ends of the two folded towels together with two large safety pins. Start at one end and roll the towels tightly. Poke a couple of straight pins into the edges to secure. Repeat this process for the hand towels as well as the washcloths so that you have three separate rolls.

Put the Cake Together

  • Set the bath towel layer on a flat surface. Place the hand towel layer on top. Then place the washcloth layer on top of the hand towel layer so that you have three tiers. Insert straight pins between the layers, connecting them, all the way around the base of the layers.

Add Embellishments

  • Wrap ribbon around each layer to add a striped-cake look as well as to keep the towels rolled together. Tie it into a bow, or just secure with straight pins, depending on the look you desire. You can also wrap ribbon from top to bottom so it crosses over the entire cake and meets in a bow at the top. Then add any embellishments such as beads, bows, small trinkets or gifts. You can attach these items with straight pins along the sides of the layers or set them on top of the layers.

Wrap It Up

  • Use clear or colored cellophane to wrap it up. Scrunch the cellophane at the top and tie a ribbon around it to secure.

Wedding cakes made of towels are popular and inexpensive gifts for both bridal and wedding showers, and offer a wide variety of options for those of you who are creative.

Towel wedding cakes are not hard to do and don't take a long time to make, but to be successful, you need to be careful in folding the towels during the assembly process.

When you fold your towels, please keep the proportions of your "cake" in mind.  Length and width should be "roughly" the same--that is, if the base measures 10", the height should be 10" to 12" tall.

You can enhance the stability of your "cake" by buying cardboard rounds in the cake section of your local crafts store.

If you click on each picture, you can see a larger picture of the same thing

Step 1

Wedding Towel Cake - View 1Wedding Towel Cake - View 2

Start with the two bath towels.

Lay out one towel lengthwise, and fold the towel into thirds along its length.  Make sure the folds are even throughout the length of the towel.  Make sure the ends are even as well.

Step 2

Wedding Towel Cake - View 3Wedding Towel Cake - View 4

Fold the towel that is now in thirds in half, again along its length, right over the previous folds.  Make sure that the ends are even throughout the length of the towel; the neater the folds, the better your wedding cake will look.

Step 3

Wedding Towel Cake - View 5

Repeat the same folds with the second bath towel.  If you have folded carefully, the ends should be the same.  Pin one end of each of the folded bath towels together with two safety pins.  Your two towels should now be end to end.

Step 4

Wedding Towel Cake - View 6

Joining edges of the bath towels

Starting at one end, carefully roll the towels in one long roll as shown on the left.  Try to roll as tightly as possible.

Step 5

Wedding Towel Cake - View 7Wedding Towel Cake - View 8

Top of the rolled bath towel

Notice that the top of your finished roll has a right and a wrong side.  The edges of the towel show on the wrong side; the edges don't show on the right side.  Place the finished roll so that the right side is up as shown in the left picture.  Make sure that the top of the roll is relatively flat.  If it is not flat, the next layer won't lay nicely on the top, and you have not taken enough care in folding and rolling your towel.

Step 6Wedding Towel Cake - View 9

Rolled bath towel

To fasten, either tie a satin or organza ribbon closely around the roll, or use regular or decorative straight pins to fasten the ends.  If you are using straight pins, make sure to use at least three long pins (quilting or pearl-headed hat pins are nice), and put them firmly in place.

Step 7Wedding Towel Cake - View 10

Unrolled hand towel--

fold differently than bath towel

Repeat with the hand towels and the washcloths, except use three hand towels, and only fold to between 1/2 way and 3/4 to the opposite edge as shown.  You are roughly trying to match the height of your base--the bath towels.

Place the roll of hand towels on top of the roll with the bath towels, again remembering that there is a right side and a wrong side, and place the roll with the washcloths at the very top.  You're almost done!

Step 8Wedding Towel Cake - View 11

Finished towel wedding cake!

Here comes the fun part!  Take your ribbon and wrap all three layers to keep them together.  Tie a decorative bow at the top.  You can also use straight pins to fasten appliqués, other bows, and even "tuck" things in the top and sides of your "cake."  Kitchen utensils and small baby items for baby showers fit beautifully!